Adding File Type for Automatic Download in Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is one of the best download managers available, which allows the user to download any content seamlessly in any format. The IDM supports almost all the websites to download content over the internet.

Internet Download Manager downloads almost all the files of various formats supported by the web for downloading options. It also enables the user to select which file types are to be downloaded and which are not. It contains a built-in download grabber which dynamically catches the supported file formats from the supported websites and help its users to download them on a single click. The grabber also lets you download the subsets of web sites or complete web pages for offline browsing.

Internet Download Manager also provides the option to add the web address in a list from where files can be downloaded or an exception can be made on them. Internet Download Manager weekly checks for the newer versions available which may consist of the most newly discovered file formats available over the internet and are supported by IDM to be downloaded.

Although the Internet Download Manager is pre-configured to download almost every type of file format whether it is related to audio, video, photograph, document, executable, flash content, package file etc., if any of the format is missing or is not defined in the program, it allows its users to add it manually by going to the ‘Settings’ menu of the software. This tutorial describes a step-by-step guide to add an unknown file format to the IDM

Steps required for adding files to automatically download in Internet Download Manager are:

    ■Initialize the Internet Download Manager program.

    ■On the opened interface, look for the Menu bar and click the Downloads menu.

    ■From the displayed menu, click Options.


    ■Switch over to the File types tab in Internet Download Manager Configuration box.

    ■In the given list of files supported by the downloader, add up your extension after a space. E.g. to add the VLC media video web file extension (.webm), simply add webm after the pre-defined extension types.


    ■Once done, click OK.

    ■You will be back on the previous interface. Close and restart the Internet Download Manager to allow the changes to take effect.

    ■You can now start using the IDM normally.

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