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  1. G

    App or a Script to open programs in fixed size

    So e.g. when I'm streaming or doing something else I usually have a way how I wan't windows to be laid out. Is there anyway of doing this? Here is an example what I want when I stream:
  2. G

    Microsoft Project Alternative for Mac - Need Recommendations

    Good evening, I'm working with a user that has a Mac and apparently Microsoft does not make Project for OS X. Does anyone know of a free alternative software that can view .MPP or any other project files? Thanks, David
  3. T

    i need an application to keep track of giveaways (and things that i want to remember)

    hi , i have seen my self in a problem each time that i join a giveaway , and it's that i always forget to check who won the giveaway or when it ended , i would like an application that reminds me whatever i want like for exame , the giveaway ends in 12 days , i want the program to remind me in...
  4. po6pwn

    How to compress a large number of photos

    I've accumulated a lot of photos over the years on my HDD. Most of these are backups from my phone. I have literally 1000's of photos which I don't really want to delete. How can i compress these photos efficiently so they take up as less space as possible. I don't really need the photos but...
  5. M

    Is there anyone here facing issue with Opera Neon?

    I've been using Opera Neon browser since many days, it was working fine till now but now it crashes immediately when I open it. Is there anyone here facing the same problem? Any help would be appreciated :)
  6. M

    internet download manager

    Hi every1, I'm facing problem of idm crack version, any1 share proper link ( and steps ) of idm wheres I could properly installed internet download manager.
  7. R

    how to stop and block the tenminutestokill website to pop up ?

    tenminutestokill annoying pop up after every few minutes how to stop this i m using google chrome :/ plz help
  8. bbatmmann

    Sony Vegas 13 chroma key

    I try to apply the chroma key green screen plug in and it doesnt work for some reason ..
  9. B

    Poor movie quality

    despite the fact that I have a high end pc with a high end video card, my movie quality is still crap. The blacks are pixelated and weird and the color looks bad. What am I doing wrong? My games look amazing.
  10. C

    Youtube won't load subscribed channels

    I can view all non subscribed channels, and very few subscribed channels. If I try to view one, lets say jayztwocents, I get a error has occured, please try again. This happens on most channels, yet I can search for said subscriber and still watch their videos fine, but I can't load there...
  11. E

    Good VHS to DVD or Digital Software.

    Any recommendations? Specifically for windows 7. I already have a capture card but it was a cheap one on ebay. My problem with the included software and/or hardware was not being able to get sound during recording as I could only sound during direct playback. I see most online have pretty crappy...
  12. F

    Watching movies remotely...

    Hi Again, I am resorting to your great expertise folks. Here is my situation: I have two desktop computers here at home. One PC that we will call Desktop A (my own main PC) and one that we will call Desktop B which is a second desktop computer. Both are powered by Intel chips--A is a...
  13. Marius Hagen

    App wont open properly

    Hi. I need help during a new app I installed today. It's an online casino app (like betsson, unibet, betsafe etc.) It's an app for CasinoSaga, an online casino that released an app for their mobile users. But every time I try to open it, it just stucks itself on the loading or launching screen...
  14. ZeusGamer

    Good OSD Software

    Hi guys, like the title says, I want to download a software that I can see the actual usage of my CPU and GPU while playing games. Are there any good software that can do this? I used to have an AMD card and used RadeonPro. Now I've upgraded to GTX 980 SLI and I'm not sure which one is good...
  15. S

    Looking for a software to practice c++ programing language in windows 7 64 bit

    please help, code blocks doesnt run the program after typing anything.
  16. B

    Should you use Google Chrome 64-bit BETA

    Is it safe to use in terms of privacy and exploits? Also i know its in beta and it seems faster but does the latest beta build crash or have any bugs? Thanks.
  17. W

    Hamachi and skype crash when i host a lan world in minecraft

    Hey guys, My friend and i like to play minecraft together. Before I discovered hamachi, i would always have to go to my friends house to play with him. Then i discovered hamachi and we both got it and use skype to talk to each other while we play. For somereason, however, I cant host a world...
  18. kaushik37

    Google webpage in Safari make look like Google Chrome

    I am using Google Chrome and Safari browsers on my PC. But on opening the Safari, the Google webpage interface looks like the one when opened in classic mode in smartphone. How to make the google webpage in Safari look like the one when opened in Google Chrome?
  19. C

    Best Free Antivirus to use?

    i'm looking for some free antivirus for my pc and was wondering what's the best antivirus to get that's free and offers the best protection? thanks :-)
  20. Y

    How to get better quality in movies?

    i need to know this? is there any way to incercase pixels,dark,(like modding)i'm using media player classic, and vlc and i got high end gaming pc(R9 290X+I7 4790k) so what should i do to get the highest quality?
  21. W

    IE not working

    I have the ssd boot drive with windows 7 installed and hdd storage with games and documents. I can't get IE to start. It just flashes. I've turned off IE and on many times even in safe mode. Any ideas?
  22. MrCanEHdian

    Is Microsoft Security Essentials enough for a strict gaming PC? Only Steam downloads, and drivers.

    So, I'm super thrilled with this PC I finished building today, it's all working right now, I almost cried when it worked because I thought I might have messed up a couple times. Anyways, I want anti-virus, and don't mind paying for one, but I want one that is good enough and will not be too...
  23. L

    youtube videos not playing for a particular internet connection

    i cannot play youtube video,when i click any video it is showing an error occured , but when i connected internet through another internet connection it worked,actually my other internet connection to which the youtube video is not playing worked fine 5 hours ago from now,youtube video was...
  24. P

    Webcam error skype

    hi, recently encountered a skype problem. 1 night everything is fine, suddenly, while using skype video, my video suddenly disappeared. Then my show video option was gone as well. When i checked device manager, it shows unknown device. Tried reinstalling but nothing happened. Then i check my...
  25. N

    My default browser opens up sites continuously.

    Hello Toms Hardware. I have Google Chrome , Maxthon , Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer installed . But my default browser is maxthon. It continuously keeps opening up sites after an interval of 10 - 15 min like top visited websites, Sports, etc. How to stop this????. I tried uninstalling...
  26. taha2001

    Gmail vs Outlook or Hotmail!!

    Hi guys!! So i got this question , that can i connect outlook account to youtube and can windows 8 be operated by a gmail account , currently i have a hotmail account, now i watch youtube alot about tech , people like AUSTIn and LINUS and more u know.. So i have no problem switching to gmail ...
  27. E

    Facebook keeps showing strange active sessions

    Facebook keeps showing strange active sessions even though I've changed my password and I have activated the setting to ask for a verification code, which is obtained by Facebook sending a SMS to my phone with, everytime a new device logs on. What is strange with those sessions is that they show...
  28. G

    RAR file is corrupt- The messages says that while opening the file

    It took me a good enough time to download this heavy RAR file which is about 2.5 GB but to my utter shock it came out to be corrupted. I am no tech but I can follow as step by step solution if anyone can provide in an easy manner. I have already search over lot of internet pages but I couldn't...
  29. D

    No email but have internet

    Our main computer is an iMac and I have an iPad as well and access the internet via wifi. Recently, when my husband attempts to access email, the computer freezes, gets that 'rainbow spin' thing.n the other strange deal is that the computer can't be shut down by any usual means, not even the...
  30. L

    LockItTight Need Info

    I am thinking of having this application installed on my laptop and android phone. I wanna know that if they steal any data or information from your PC or Mobile phone. Caz I Know few other that do these king of things. It is cheap and also have good Support that I have observed.
  31. D

    Facebook grey symbol

    Just out of curiosity, in facebook, when someone is on I know I see the mobile or web with a green dot. But I don't see it for everybody. For some I see a little grey symbol, and sometimes It will say "10m", next to it. What does that mean?
  32. Neeliyo

    Skype Account Difficulties

    Hey I am trying to make a new Skype account and every time I try to register it ask me for a Hotmail email and signs me in with that. I want to be able to log in with a Skype account and not my email. Any help is appreciated.
  33. T

    Cant connect to US Netflix using a DNS

    Hello. Whenever i try to connect to the american netflix using a DNS, netflix will just load for 4 minutes and then say "cant connect you to netflix, try again or visit" I tried doing the things there but nothing worked. I am from Denmark and the danish netflix works fine...
  34. T

    Are there any free PC benchmarks?

    Would like to see if there is a free one. I am getting a new PC and would like to see how much better it is than the one i am currently using.
  35. S

    Handful of games (and google earth) crashing my computer?

    I've had my computer (home-built) for nearly two months now. Since the beginning, every game I've thrown at it has run flawlessly at maximum settings and lightweight, general use is never a problem. However, for some strange reason, some of my games, and google earth, cause my computer to crash...
  36. W

    Installed Norton now i cant get into websites

    i installed Norton onto my laptop "Norton Antivirus" and since it was downloaded i cant get into any websites, such as google, bing, outlook email, facebook i just have a blank page but i still have my toolbars but it just wont let me into anything at all any tips please send.
  37. K

    How to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox

    How to Speed Up Mozilla Firefox Introduction In this tutorial we will be speeding up Mozilla Firefox. Please note that before you do this, you should try changing your DNS first using this tutorial. In this tutorial we will be changing some internal settings of Firefox. Step 1 In the address...
  38. viveknayyar007

    Which Network Adapter Should I Choose While Starting Sniffer in HIDOWNLOAD?

    Although the user interface of the HIDOWNLOAD application is very intuitive and user-friendly, it still uses some technical terms that may sound like French to many non-technical or novice users. HIDOWNLOAD is an efficient download manager that is also capable of downloading the files once their...
  39. viveknayyar007

    I Want HIDOWNLOAD to Download At Least Five Files at a Time

    When talking about HIDOWNLOAD, it is not the recommended setting that you are looking for. Since the application is quite smart, it consumes maximum amount of Internet bandwidth while downloading the files. By default HIDOWNLOAD is configured to perform maximum of two simultaneous downloads at a...
  40. viveknayyar007

    I Don’t Want HIDOWNLOAD Sniffer to Start Downloading from URLs without My Permission

    As per the default configuration of the HIDOWNLOAD Sniffer program, it automatically starts downloading the streaming video files as soon as it detects them on an opened web browser. Although this default configuration has been set by the developers in order to make the overall downloading task...
  41. viveknayyar007

    How Do I Set Default Download Folder in HIDOWNLOAD?

    After you install HIDOWNLOAD on your computer, by default it is configured to save all the downloaded files to the system drive of your computer. In most cases the system drive of a computer is C:\. A system drive is the volume/partition on your hard disk drive that contains all the Windows...
  42. viveknayyar007

    HIDOWNLOAD Initializes in Minimized State

    The application is developed to run in the minimized state anyways. However when you try to initialize the HIDOWNLOAD application after installing it on your computer, at first it starts in the maximized window. In your case, if your instance of HIDOWNLOAD is not able to initialize its main...
  43. viveknayyar007

    HIDOWNLOAD Automatically Opens a Box When I Copy a URL

    HIDOWNLOAD is a versatile application with many sophisticated features that are otherwise not available in any other download manager. One such feature that the HIDOWNLOAD application has is clipboard monitoring. The clipboard monitoring, which is named as Monitor Clipboard in HIDOWNLOAD, is a...
  44. ewok93

    How to overclock your GPU with Afterburner

    Most graphics cards have a bit of room to overclock with, and one way to do it is through with MSI afterburner (it does work with more than just MSI cards). First you need to download it. The main screen The first thing you want to do is increase your power offset by the maximum, which is 20%...
  45. viveknayyar007

    Prevent Orbit Downloader from Automatically Downloading Files from Certain Websites

    After installing the Orbit Downloader application on your computer, whenever you open any website link or URL that contains any downloadable file, the Orbit Downloader automatically initiates the download process without the users’ consent. Generally, this kind of default configuration in Orbit...
  46. viveknayyar007

    Why My Computer Turns Off After Orbit Downloader Completes Downloading Files?

    As per the Orbit Downloader’s default configuration, this should not happen. According to the factory settings that are applied on the Orbit Downloader, the computer remains powered on even after all the download processes are successfully completed. In your case, if you are facing the issue as...
  47. viveknayyar007

    Why Do I See Orbit Downloader Window When Windows Starts?

    You might see the Orbit Downloader main window every time Microsoft Windows starts due to the modified configuration of the program. When Orbit Downloader is installed on a computer, as per its default settings, its main window remains hidden. The main window is displayed on the computer screen...
  48. viveknayyar007

    Total Download Speed in Orbit Downloader Is Not More Than 20Kbps

    If you are facing such issue, your first task should be to check if your Internet connection has higher bandwidth speed. If you are sure that you have high-speed Internet connection, you should then try downloading any other file without the Orbit Downloader support. If the file that you...
  49. viveknayyar007

    Orbit Downloader Settings Are Messed up. Should I Reinstall to Get Default Settings Back?

    While using your computer, always remember that reinstalling any application or reinstalling the Windows is the last resort that any professional or nonprofessional user must think about. In your case, if your instance of Orbit Downloader is behaving obnoxiously because of the messed up...
  50. viveknayyar007

    Orbit Downloader Saves Same File with Different Names after Downloading

    By default the Orbit Downloader is configured to rename the files after downloading if it detects the same file in the default download folder. The files are renamed if any file is present in the default download folder with the same name, regardless of its size. This means that if you have...
  51. viveknayyar007

    Orbit Downloader Keeps Retrying Failed Downloads Endlessly

    In fact, this is the recommended setting for your instance of Orbit Downloader if you have an unlimited high-speed Internet connection. With this setting enabled, you can leave the entire task of retrying downloads on to the program and can stay relaxed. The Orbit Downloader on its part would...
  52. viveknayyar007

    Orbit Downloader Downloads Only Two Files at a Time

    It seems that the default settings of your instance of Orbit Downloader have been modified either by any incompatible application, or by any other user who might have access to your computer. By default the Orbit Downloader is configured to support up to 5 download processes simultaneously. In...
  53. viveknayyar007

    My Computer Boots Very Slow after Installing Orbit Downloader

    While installing the Orbit Downloader program on your computer, the installation process prompts you to enable the program initialization at the time of system startup. This means that the Orbit Downloader will be initialized automatically every time the computer starts. Although you can opt out...
  54. viveknayyar007

    Make Orbit Downloader Automatically Scan Downloaded Files for Viruses

    The Orbit Downloader application has a special feature which, when enabled, automatically initializes the installed anti-virus program and scans the downloaded files for viruses. With the help of this feature, you, as an end-user, can stay relaxed and assured that any file that you are...
  55. viveknayyar007

    Let Orbit Downloader Automatically Download Files from Paid Sites

    When talking about the paid sites, almost every such site requires a secure login where the users are required to provide their usernames and passwords before they are granted access to the members area. There are many websites that allow their registered users to download the files once the...
  56. viveknayyar007

    I Want Orbit Downloader to Continue Download Processes After the Computer Starts

    As per the Orbit Downloader’s default configuration, you are manually required to resume all the downloading processes after the computer starts. This means that if you shut down your computer while any downloading process is in progress, the downloading stops before the computer finally gets...
  57. viveknayyar007

    I Want Orbit Downloader to Stop Downloading Daily at 19:00 Hours

    Just like any other decent and sophisticated Windows-based application, even the Orbit Downloader also has its built in scheduler that allows you to start and stop the downloading processes at the scheduled time. In many cases it is not required that you set the downloading start time because it...
  58. viveknayyar007

    I Want Orbit Downloader to Play Notification Sound When Downloads Complete or Fail

    By default the Orbit Downloader is configured to display a pop-up window at the bottom right corner of the screen whenever any file download process completes or fails. With the help of the displayed pop-up window, you can easily know the current status of the download processes that are active...
  59. viveknayyar007

    I Want Orbit Downloader Download Files from Chrome As Well

    You do not have to mention this. As per the default configuration that the Orbit Downloader has, it automatically integrates itself with almost all the web browsers that are installed on your computer system. This means that if your computer system has Google Chrome installed in it, the chances...
  60. viveknayyar007

    I Use Proxy in My Network. How Can I Configure Orbit Downloader Accordingly?

    If you are using the Orbit Downloader application on a computer that is connected to a local area network (LAN), and you have any proxy installed in the network, you might find it difficult to connect your instance of Orbit Downloader to the Internet with the default configurations. In most LAN...