RAR file is corrupt- The messages says that while opening the file

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It took me a good enough time to download this heavy RAR file which is about 2.5 GB but to my utter shock it came out to be corrupted. I am no tech but I can follow as step by step solution if anyone can provide in an easy manner. I have already search over lot of internet pages but I couldn't actually relate to that typically technical language. Can anyone give a comprehensive guide to fix my RAR file or if there is any tool that I can use but it should be more automated. I can’t take too much of stress doing all of it after already investing a lot of time on this RAR file which says its corrupt :??:


Jul 18, 2006
Was it a single Rar file or a set of rars? Rar files are sometimes accompanied by Par files which make it possible to reconstruct a corrupt or missing Rar file. If you do not have access to the Par set then I think you have no option but to download the file again. One reason it is not advisable to make a single Rar file that large is to avoid this very problem.


Mar 29, 2014

It takes lot of time to download a 2.5 GB file. You should repair corrupt file before extracting it. There is one inbuilt repair tool in WinRAR, which repairs corrupted ZIP and RAR files. steps are:

1. Open WinRAR application
2. Click on file, and then select open
3. A find archive window will be opened, select corrupt zip file from your system
4. Click on open button
5. Press Alt+R
6. Repairing File Name.zip will be opened
7. Click on browse to save repaired file at desired location
8. Check Treat the corrupt archive as ZIP box, and then click OK
9. After corrupt ZIP archive is repaired, click on close.

You need to install WinRar application on your system. Another solution is to use third-party tools, Archive Recovery from SysInfoTools is one of the best solution. It can recover any type of archive file such as RAR, TAR-Gz, ZIP, TAR. and 7-Zip. I have used it and i can recommend it you but check it by running its demo version. :)
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