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  1. N

    PC Veteran Desires for Tune-up / Virus Removal / Diagnostic software

    I'm reposting this because it was recommended to me that I would get more traffic in this forum for the idea. Hello all! I've been using this site for years, yet have never made an account due to the fact I've been selfish and only wanted questions answered rather than giving back. I've been...
  2. Zarok Aleon

    Secure way to get portable programs.

    Hey Thanks for taking to take the time to read this. I have been getting more and more into computers and want to start helping other people with things, but in order to help them like with malicious software I need to have an external copy of it, Like on a flash drive, To plug in and be able...
  3. G

    RAR file is corrupt- The messages says that while opening the file

    It took me a good enough time to download this heavy RAR file which is about 2.5 GB but to my utter shock it came out to be corrupted. I am no tech but I can follow as step by step solution if anyone can provide in an easy manner. I have already search over lot of internet pages but I couldn't...
  4. Q

    First Things To Do To A New Laptop

    What are the first things you do (or have to) do when you get your new laptop? I'm getting my first and new, Lenovo y510p SLI laptop soon and want to know what others usually do before they start downloading and messing around. Also, would it be advised to downgrade to Windows 7? I heard...