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  1. W

    Simple Editable Page?

    Hi! I currently own a Minecraft server that is growing in community. Is there any way to create a webpage that anyone could edit? I would give it to my server admins and put up searches for users and such. The domain would be kept secret so no users could see it. It would simply just hold text...
  2. P

    Windows Live Mail popup notification upon new mail?

    When I receive new messages in Thunderbird, a popup notification appears in the lower-right corner of the screen. Is there a way to make Windows Live Mail do this?
  3. O

    Mouse moves on its own and closes all open IE in Wndows 7

    Hello, when I open IE and am browsing the web, my mouse moves by itself to either the bottom right of screen (prompting the desktop or someimes the clock to appear) or to the top right of screen (at which time it closes all IE tabs I have open without clicking anything). I have foloowed all the...
  4. O

    Windows 7 mouse moves by itself and closes all windows

    Hello, when I open IE and am browsing the web, my mouse moves by itself to either the bottom right of screen (prompting the desktop or someimes the clock to appear) or to the top right of screen (at which time it closes all IE tabs I have open without clicking anything). I have foloowed all the...
  5. P

    Video doesn't work on skype

    When I video call someone on skype my video is on then when I connect to the other person it turns off. Then when I click to turn it on it goes on for a second then goes off. I'm wondering if this is a connection issue with the other person. Have only tried it with one person.
  6. C

    Which is Better.

    What is better for everyday use an AMD Radeon HD 7660g or an i7 current laptop is very slow and I am looking for a new one that runs around $900 or less. Thanks
  7. E

    Recovering deleted facebook messages

    I desperately need to restore deleted messages from Facebook. Can anyone help me?
  8. S

    Problem uninstalling and updating Java

    Hello tomshardware community members, I am having trouble updating to the latest version of Java. I have windows 7 64-bit and Java asks me to update to Java 7 Update 13. When I do so, it says this: "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to...
  9. J

    All my downloads say it will take hours

    I have tried everything I can find on the net to fix the download issues I am having. I have Comcast DSL 20Mbps and every attempt to download Adobe Flash Player 11 times out. When I go to Microsoft for ANYTHING it shows it will take hours. Sometimes I can cancel the download and start it again...
  10. A

    Fire with Google problem solved

    Hi, I have been using Firefox for many years with Google as my default browser. Had to reload Firefox and now for some reason I can't get Google to stay as default browser. Have written about this subject before and got some great advise from "aford10"and others. It worked wonderful but now...
  11. E

    HP Envy 4 with 2 SSD

    Hello, I have replaced 500 HDD with 256 SSD, initially second 32GB mSATA was used as a cache drive and 500GB HDD as system. Now a have system on 256GB SSD and 32GB mSATA as storage.... Please advise how to enable back Intel SRT technology as when pc wakes up from sleep my email is not updated...
  12. I

    Youtube problem

    I am using youtube for a while and never faced a problem the last days while opening my video manager I noticed that some of my videos containing Matched third party content and can't be played. (my videos are gaming videos ) so I needed more explanation in this , am I allowed to upload...
  13. E

    Flash problem in Firefox

    Hello, I have a problem with flash that I can't fix. First my specs: CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.06 Ghz GPU: ATi Radeon HD 5450 RAM: 2Gb OS: Windows 7 If there is any more info necessary, please ask. On Chrome using (integrated) flash, Youtube works fine, but in Firefox using newest flash...
  14. C

    Error 1067 the process terminated unexpectedly for application service

    Hello, When i am trying to strat a service i am getting error 1067... what may be cause
  15. J

    Differnce in google/google chrome

    Can anyone tell me the difference in Google and Google Chrome? thanks
  16. P

    Google chrome problem solving

    my google chrome does not starts
  17. X

    Online videos load extremely slow (firefox 18)

    I have high speed cable internet and a gaming PC I built (Gigabyte Z77Xud3H; Gigabyte GTX 660; i5-3570K; 250gb Velociraptor @ 10000rpm; 2x4 GB ram). I use Firefox 18. But when I want to watch any type of video on any website (youtube, vimeo, IMDB, or any website what so ever that has videos)...
  18. G

    Site to remotely control a PC?

    Some time ago i knew a site which i have forgotten the name and i need help to find.. The site that worked the same as teamviewer or VPN, it lets you control a remote computer, basically it generates a unique link which you give to the person that you want to control their PC they paste it on...
  19. C

    HP app store

    Hello, Why won't my HP app store open up ? It keep telling me to retry.
  20. I

    How many tabs till firefox crashes?

    I have a friend who opens up tabs like no other. 15, 20, 30 in a window. Then she complains that firefox crashes all the time. Does having way to many tabs open increase the risk of the browser crashing and maybe even with it your entire environment? Also, at what point does opening too many...
  21. A

    How to make Google my default Search Engine

    Hi, I have Win7 64bit on my laptop and I have been using Firefox for years. Google has always been my search engine. I'm not sure what or when it happened but suddenly I can't get Google to stay as my search engine. Have read through many posts about this subject but all of the suggestions...
  22. O

    Kaspersky wont let any traffic inbound

    I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, and today it started giving me a fit. It won't let any traffic inbound, and only a little outbound. This happened just after it did one of its many daily updates. I didn't do anything to change any of the settings, they are all set for default. I...
  23. P

    Program to tell what programs are using the internet?

    Is there a program that will tell you all programs using the internet, however miniscule the amount they are using may be.
  24. kciwart

    Internet Explorer 9

    I appologize if this problem has been beaten to death, but a search yelded no results. Anyway, a friend of mine has just purchased a computer preloaded with Windows 7 professional. When he loads Instant messenger, IE will (at some point) shut down. He has RMA'd one system only to have the...
  25. C

    Firefox and Google Chrome Troubles

    So as of today Google chrome has started to come up with an error that states preferences cannot be saved or something like that. So i have been trying to fix my broken firefox from long ago. I cannot get Firefox to load any websites and I am looking for a fix to either. Firefox hangs and wont...
  26. W

    Acer troubleshooting

    Hello, I am having trouble with my javascript My laptop says to enable but javascript is already enabled. How do I fix it
  27. T

    Need advise plz

    Hello, i bought a used computer from a pawn shop with windows xp and windws 7. I boots up 7 but is to slow. windows xp has a password needed to open that i dont know. how can I dump 7 and open xp without the password.
  28. S

    PCMark7 Benchmark too low

    I downloaded the free version of PCMark7 just to see how my computer was doing on benchmarks and it gave me a score of 5682 with a gtx 580 and i7-2600k is this low or is it ok? Only reason I ask is because I'm seeing people with a 6k+ benchmark with around the same computer......... Kinda making...
  29. T


  30. M


    Hello, How can I sign up 2go account
  31. T

    Wi Fi

    I received a new Ipad how do I get wi fi for it. We have Verizon Fios for our phones and internet.
  32. Schlect

    Yahoo hijacked my browser homepage

    I have been using my computer for several months and I prefer to use Google chrome as my browser. With that being said, I like my homepage at but now, ever since installing a program (I think it might be Skype) my homepage is Yahoo! Web Search. does open, but in a new...
  33. D

    Www facebook com login

    Hello, i can not get back on facebook why
  34. S

    Online conference meeting tools

    Hi Friends, Can anybody suggest me the better free application for online meetings with clear audio, video, chat and screen sharing. I know about skype, google+ etc.. Satish
  35. A

    Certificate error

    How to disable certificate error in intenet explorer please help):
  36. S

    How to disbal network in Lan using Server 2003

    Hello, i have need to stop internet access in particular time pried for client PC Please give me guide
  37. L

    Elder learner

    Hello, Husband wants to learn how to use my toshiba laptop. Where do we start?
  38. B

    Www facebook com login

    I cannot get into my facebook account. I have an old account of several years, but after deleting some history, it took me to log In instead of direct to my facebook page as usual. So I had forgot my password, and in an effort to get in, I thought I could just give a new password and my current...
  39. M

    How can i find the country of smtp id

    If I have the SMTP ID from an e-mail, can I dind the country and city of origin? Michael Young
  40. The Stealthinator

    How to speed up internet in VM

    I run Windows XP mode using Virtual PC and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using VirtualBox. I know that virtual machines are not as fast as the host machine, but i'd like to know, how do I speed up the internet connection within the virtual machine? Would I have the allow the VM program through windows...
  41. wtfitsfeisty

    Youtube loading issues

    Hey all! Basically I have decent internet speed (11 mbps up), and no matter what I do the videos I try and load,they take forever and often stop 5-6 times. when I open the info in the video it ranges from 63kbps to (if I'm bless by the gods) 800 kbps. I've cleared my cache and I'm not sure what...
  42. D

    Google Chrome not responding

    I have download nd install goggle chrome but it is not respnding?
  43. Basil406

    Gmail: Searching with multiple Labels

    Hello, I have been able to search through my list of mails with only one label. Is it possible to use multiple labels to narrow down my search?
  44. T

    Facebook login

    Hello, my name is mickey and i have a problem with my facebook. When i log on to facebook it say my account is temporarily locked and they send me a code to verify my account because I dont have that phone or a phone at the moment some one please help me
  45. T

    Java Exploit

    Not sure if this has been posted or if it in the proper section, but if it has not been posted then here it is. If it has, my apologies. But I got a pop-up on my AV saying to disable/update Java to Update 11 and remove anyone's lower than 11. So I did, but then today I got an update saying the...
  46. B

    Some websites messed up

    Hello. I have experienced this type of issue before on windows 7 on websites like youtube. Now I have windows 8 and whenever I logon to it is all messed up. I'm using internet explored and I have tried it on the metro and desktop apps. I don't know how to describe it but I took a...
  47. Y

    Audio transcription

    Not sure if it's the right place. I am looking for cheap audio transcription. Software or site would do. Any ideas? P.S. Manual transcription
  48. zdbc13

    Chrome: Links I've browsed stay blue, not red

    All of a sudden my chrome no longer shows links I've already browsed in red. Like here in the forums I'll brows to a post, then go back to the forums area and the post I just browsed doesn't show that I've already looked at it by turning red. Neither do Articles or News I've browsed when I come...
  49. C

    How to block website

    how to block website without restarting computer? website can be blocked through hosts file entry but user need to restart their computer so is there any other way to block site without restarting computer? i have kaspersky is 2013 , it can block site without restarting computer but it show...
  50. D


    Hello, i want to know configuration & sotware about this mobile(samsung GT-s5233s).
  51. 9

    Older Flash Player .exe files?

    I want to download either FP 8 or 9 for Win2K Pro, and they MUST be .exe files; if I try to run other file types it never works, and quite frankly I'm at the end of my rope messing with them. I sure hope you guys can help...any ideas? PS; Adobe doesn't archive any of their older versions in...
  52. K

    Www wildtangent com/support

    I am canceling mt credit card and need to cancel my account effective immediately.
  53. G

    Internet for dummies

    well my mom bought a computer against my own wishes and now i have to teach her, she cant even surf the internet and she is getting really mad at me because i cant explain things down at her novice level. its starting to get heated because i told her not to get one and to just use mine because...
  54. jagsta21

    Port forwarding not working at all!!!!!!!!!!

    im port forwarding for my proxy server and i have it set up with my static ip address and i port forwarded 8080 witch i want it to be on and it is closed when i check if it is open help please i will post pictures if requested i will pick a best answer btw info: my router is a vizio xwr100 modem...
  55. rdc85

    Yahoo E-mail Acting Strange

    First I don't know if this a right category so for mod feel free to move it to appropriate one :bounce: As For Today my Yahoo Mail. cannot compose message/email, replay/forward. or attach attachment.. The Box/panel for typing simply become unresponsive, any key i tried to text nothing...
  56. O

    Sequence of keystrokes to execute an action

    Hi, I need a program that makes a sequence of keystrokes to execute an action. (exemple: ctrl+ numpad1 followed by another numpad1 keystroke to open a web page). All I could find are programs that execute(trigger) the action whit a single keystroke or a combination of : ctrl,alt,shift +...
  57. T

    How to find lost android using internet

    i had losted my android mobile samsung ace duos how could know its position over net
  58. S

    How to send mms from laptop to mobile for free

    i want to send mms to my frd, how it is possible.
  59. bjaminnyc

    File Transfer Help

    Can anyone recommend a simple home FTP server solution? I've done a few searches and most point to Filezilla Server. I'm familiar with the Filezilla FTP client but not Server. My home connection is Fios. I'm basically wanting to transfer encrypted data [PC (External)] -> [PC (Home)] via...
  60. jagsta21

    Freeproxy internet suite help

    i am trying to configure freeproxy internet suite on a windows xp laptop to run dedicated on it and i cannot get it to work i manually assigned an ip address and port forwarded and have noip installed and i keep getting google chrome cannot connect to the proxy server it wont work on any other...