Site to remotely control a PC?



Some time ago i knew a site which i have forgotten the name and i need help to find..
The site that worked the same as teamviewer or VPN, it lets you control a remote computer, basically it generates a unique link which you give to the person that you want to control their PC they paste it on the browser and (after installing an activeX maybe) you can take control of their pc.

I need this because i work at a western union (and several other money transfer services) which have a policy of not allowing "teamviewer like" programs installed, they won't even start when detect those programs.

We have 2 offices in 2 different cities and boss totally suck with computers!
sometimes i REALLY need to control his pc, i found myself 30 minutes on the phone explaining the most simple tasks he CANNOT UNDERSTAND! :fou:

If anyone knows which site(s) i'm talking about PLEASE give me a link!