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  1. V

    Screen shot for my bb

    I want to downloada screen shot for my blackberry torch 9800 but when I click download here and it says thanku for downloading what happens next? Why don't I get it in my phone? Bytheway I don't have blackberry service as because am in iraq
  2. J

    Hello all!

    Hello, I cannot get the internet to connect from ANY software. I have no firewall or antivirus preventing the connection. I am pretty compueter literate although this issue eludes me. I cant even get my internet security to install. Is it possible its a port problem? Please help? Any comments...
  3. J

    Godaddy hosting and custom coding your own site?

    Hi guys, I used to be a user on toms hardware, but forgot my account and the email attached to it, silly me. So my question is; Godaddy provides hosting, and a website builder. but with that website builder can I custom write code? while using/over or with the sitebuilder? I ask this because I...
  4. K


    Hello everybody, I have found a very strange thing in my gmail account. One of my friends told me that he sent me mail to my gmail account 15 days before from his gmail account. Unfortunately, i didnt find the mail in my account. He again send the mail to my same gmail account from his gmail...
  5. J

    How so i remove 50 Search Engine from my computer

    The website www.49searchengines keeps popping up on my computer. How do I dasable it or stop if from showing up?
  6. yokazuma0

    Online videos run slow on one computer, but not my other.

    I have two computers, both fresh OS installs, both SAME install, and both have had the same install in the past. Both have windows 7 64 bit. Youtube will load videos a bit quicker than other websites such as But, the other computer will buffer 10X joke. This just started...
  7. 9

    Flash player and Windows 98?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to install Flash Player on Win 98SE and it simply won't work. There is no version of flash on it now, and no antivirus to block installation. I'm running KernelEx with both Opera 10.10 and Firefox 3.6 and I've tried using both to install flash versions 8, 9, and 10.3 all...
  8. G

    Who to get rid of alot search tool bar from google

  9. A

    Internet Explorer Won\'t Start

    Internet explorer wont start
  10. R

    Why cant i get java to download

    why cant i get java its in control panel but it doesnt work
  11. X

    Slow Internet browsing/buffering

    Now I have a 2mbps Internet connection(still living in the stone age I guess) and my buffering and browsing speeds are low, really low. I read couple of other articles and some said I need a faster pc other said to tweak my Firefox and said to change my DNS. So here I am I did everything I could...
  12. D


    Hello,help me sign up for 2go,i need an account not had one
  13. I

    Gmail Email Notifications Without Browser?

    im looking to see if theres something i can download that will give me INSTANT new email notifications for gmail whether im in a browser or not anyone know of anything i can download to accomplish this like i said must be instant and must work within windows not browser dependent
  14. A

    In need of help!

    Hello, paltalk freezes at sing in. i I think i down loaded it to many times, and now won't work. can you help me?
  15. C

    Opera Freezes Computer (when visiting certain sites)

    Hello, I've been having a small problem recently that causes my Opera browser as well as my entire computer to stop responding for a few seconds before unfreezing while visiting certain websites. I've tested another browser, Google Chrome, and the problem doesn't seem to happen with that one...
  16. Z

    Netfear Wireless usb adapter wna 1100

    I purchased a Netgear G54 Wireless router and a Netgear N 150 Wireless Adapter. I downloaded the proper software and it simply does not work. The wireless router seems to work fine as I can use it while on the internet. But when I hook up the adapter is simply does not work. I tried using the...
  17. S

    Update application

    Hello, can i help my mobile application samsumg gt-c6712.
  18. L

    Youtube videos are distorted

    I have XP and this just started after a flash player up date. I did a system restore as far back as 11/29/12 and I still have the problem. I only have this problem with youtube. How can I fix this problem to restore the youtube the way it was before?
  19. K

    Every time I click a link I am logged out.

    Hello, I frequently use a local auction company's website and have recently ran into some trouble. Every time I lick a link or click a link to refresh the page I have to log back in. If I click refresh in the browser it pops up a message and I click retry and it will load without logging me...
  20. R

    Youtube copyright question

    Hi, im wondering if its copyright uploading PARTS of a movie, like scenes because i want to do movie reviews. If it is how can i get the rights to use parts of movies