Godaddy hosting and custom coding your own site?


Jan 19, 2011
Hi guys, I used to be a user on toms hardware, but forgot my account and the email attached to it, silly me.

So my question is; Godaddy provides hosting, and a website builder. but with that website builder can I custom write code? while using/over or with the sitebuilder?

I ask this because I know my html, but I do not have the skill to write in asp php or java script, but I want scripted functions and user accounts/forums but with my own template.

any help is greatly appreciated


Oct 20, 2009
I did not go with GoDaddy for my website, but they should have a load of things to choose from as far as forums, scripts, software, and anything you want really. My website host is CookieHost, and they use CPanel. Softaculous is an installer for CPanel which allows for installing a forum on your website in 2 minutes.

I've messed around with a forum before. There are a bunch of good ones Softaculous provides as there is tons of freeware out there for all sorts of tasks. You said that you wanted your own template. If you just want to change colors and that sort of thing, a lot of the software will allow you to change everything to your heart's content. I personally use Piwigo to easily display picture albums on my website. Piwigo and the forums I tried out let me make color changes and some might have more customization. You should have a list to choose from. For the forum, you should start as the admin and get all the privileges you need.

One thing to look out for when you are getting your website: public and private domain registration. Private registration costs more. But when a WHOIS look-up is performed, your contact information (name, address, phone number) will not appear for your website. Instead, only your registrar's name (such as GoDaddy) will appear if you get a private registration. Public registration will display all of your information for the WHOIS look-up. Make sure to register your domain, and then you need a host for your website.