Mouse moves on its own and closes all open IE in Wndows 7


Feb 22, 2013
Hello, when I open IE and am browsing the web, my mouse moves by itself to either the bottom right of screen (prompting the desktop or someimes the clock to appear) or to the top right of screen (at which time it closes all IE tabs I have open without clicking anything). I have foloowed all the instructions to update drives, uninstall / reinstall the wirelss keyboard and mouse, and have run Norton which returned no results for Malware. It has taken me about 2 minutes to type this as my mouse keeps moving to the clock which stops the cursor from being in this box, and I have to click back here to continue. Whenever the mouse pointer moves on its own - it doesn't move across the screeen, it just dissapears from one spot and reappears in the other, and when it does - it clicks without me having pressed my mouse buttons. This is how it closes my IE or brings up the clock or desktop. I have replaced the mouse batteries, and cleaned the optics. I am also close to the reciever and am using a mouse pad. This only started occurng about a month ago, and is becoming more frequent.