Solved! HID Keyboard reinstalling itself and typing on its own

Jan 11, 2019
Hi guys

I've recently come across a weird issue on my desktop computer. It keeps typing "1" when I place my cursor in a text box.

I have a wired keyboard and a wireless mouse. I found that the automatic typing stops when I plug the wireless receiver out. It starts again when I plug it back in. This means that something is connecting to the wireless receiver. That receiver came with my Logitech Gaming mouse (G602). It is not

I went into Device Manager and realised that there were 3 HID keyboards listed under "Keyboard". So I uninstalled all of them and the issue disappeared.

The issue has since reappeared and when I checked the Keyboard list in Device Manager, I realised that 2 HID keyboards had appeared out of nowhere. I uninstalled them again and the issue disappeared.

What is going on? Am I being hacked? I have done a virus scan with Bitdefender twice and it has not picked up any malware/virus.



does the 2 extra keyboards get added if you leave the wireless receiver out of PC at startup? Its possible the drivers for mouse include a virtual keyboard function to be used with making Macros - you will need a wired mouse to test this of course.

Tested mouse on another PC?
Jan 11, 2019
I've just tried to unplug the wireless receiver and plugged a wired mouse. When I click "scan for hardware changes", 2 HID keyboards appeared. I tried uninstalling them. After clicking "scan for hardware changes", they reappeared. Sometimes I get 2, sometimes I get 3 HID keyboards.


I have 5 of them in device manager/keyboards, all from Microsoft. All driver dates are 2006 which is the dumbie date for any driver that comes with Windows 10 which explains why they keep coming back.

what devices show in Human Interface Devices as that is where my KB/Mouse show up. I have a Logitech G910 and Steelseries Rival, they both are listed here.

I think kb & mouse headers in device manager are for old devices that expect them to exist.

So you get 1's still even if different mouse used?

Does it happen in safe mode?
on login screen, click on the power button on bottom right of screen
while holding shift, click the restart button
this loads windows in windows recovery
choose troubleshoot
choose advanced
choose start up options
click the restart button
choose a safe mode (it doesn't matter which) by using number associated with it.
Pc will restart and load safe mode

does same behaviour happen here?
if not, it could be drivers or it could be a startup program.

Lets try the startup programs first, read these instructions carefully and make sure not to disable any Microsoft services or windows won't boot right. This can be done from in safe mode

if this fixes it, it is possible cause is one of your start up programs, to figure out which I would slowly add a few to startup, restart PC and see if it happens, repeat thsi process until you find the cause. MIght be an option in one of the programs
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