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  1. Halo_54x

    Missing Usb root hub driver

    In device manager one of my usb ports shows up as unknown device and says the AMD3.1 roothub driver is missing and I've tried a couple of downloads and none of them seem to get it working again. I just need help finding the right download I'm looking for.
  2. M

    Trackpad not working

    Please, i have an acer E5-511 Laptop, Windows 10 Home September 2018 update, Trackpad isn't working, i have tried almost everything; it wasnt listed in the device manager, an external mouse is working perfectly. But i am so bothered about the trackpad, i have also tried reinstalling windows 10...
  3. B

    Solved! Webcam not detected by laptop and programmes

    Hi, would like to ask if anyone knows why the webcam (called HD WebCam in Device Manager hidden devices) in-built into my Gigabyte laptop displays a code 45, i.e. "not connected" to my laptop. As such, the Windows Camera app or other programmes like Skype do not work. I have since tried...
  4. F

    Solved! HID Keyboard reinstalling itself and typing on its own

    Hi guys I've recently come across a weird issue on my desktop computer. It keeps typing "1" when I place my cursor in a text box. I have a wired keyboard and a wireless mouse. I found that the automatic typing stops when I plug the wireless receiver out. It starts again when I plug it back in...
  5. A

    Frankenstein Asus and Toshiba Issue With Graphics Card

    I had two old laptops laying around and decided to see if I could Frankenstein one together because the specs on one are better than my current laptop. I've been tinkering around and have just about everything working properly except a few things. The graphics card is saying "This device cannot...
  6. Z

    Solved! Headphones device missing from "Playback Devices" and Device Manager

    When I plug in my headphones, (regular apple earbuds), sound still comes out of the speakers. I have tried plugging in a different set of headphones, with the same result. As mentioned in the title, there is no "Headphones" device in the Playback Devices thingy... even with the "show disabled...
  7. R

    Solved! How to record into my computer via the USB?

    Again, HOW do you "make sure the external USB device is set as the input"??? My device manager simply shows all devices. I can't change anything there. How do you get your computer to recognize audio inputs from the USB ports? I have a new Windows 10 HP laptop.
  8. C

    Subwoofer to C/Sub in motherboard not working

    I have an Infinity "Entra Sub subwoofer" to connect to my PC for some bass. I already have two speaker which is plugged into my Line Out port and my "Infinity Entra Sub" plugged into my C/Sub port with a 2 male RCA to 1 3.5mm audio adapter. I'd tried a few things. I went to Device Manager and...
  9. D

    Solved! Permanently Remove DVD Drive from Laptop with Commands

    My DVD Drive stops running on my Dell laptop. Dell diagnostics say it should be replaced. I want to replace it but a small screw on the back panel of the pc is worn and impossible to remove. So I think of removing the dvd drive from system by commands. I used Device Manager with Uninstall, also...
  10. R

    Solved! Laptop's keyboard not working and showing up in device manager

    A few days ago my keyboard was working perfect, but now it's not working anymore and it's not showing up in device manager, but a usb keyboard is working perfectly, what can i do so my laptop keyboard works again?
  11. K

    MS-1763 laptop motherboard BIOS problem

    Hi, I have an MS 1763 model motherboard laptop. The GTX870M video card installed on the motherboard but does not normally appear in the device manager, it appears as a hidden device. I installed graphic card driver and restart laptop but however in the device manager it says "this device cannot...
  12. E

    Solved! I built a new PC and my audio jack doesn't work, it's not detected

    So basically the audio jacks won't work, the one on the case and the line out on the motherboard. I've been in the device manager and the sound playable thing and it's not there. It's like they don't exist. I've been trying to fix it for a week now but nothing I find online is working. I can...
  13. Quinco

    Toshiba Touch Screen

    Toshiba Touch screen in laptop not working. Does not appear in device manager. Display OK, just not the touch function. PSPQLA-005002 Satellite S50Dt-B Serial No:- 5E327606C
  14. D

    Solved! laptop, wifi adapter,

    hello everybody, I'm running the ACER Predator Helios 300 G3-572. Been a great laptop for about a year now. just today I was playing the Black ops 4 when I lost connection to the internet. my wifi card stopped showing up on the device manager, network sharing options and was not able to...
  15. S

    find audio device

    how to find audio device on realtek audio device manager ?
  16. G

    Solved! "Plugged in, Not Charging" SCHOOL LAPTOP, SHOWING 3 BATTERYS?

    Okay basically, I've had 8 broken laptops because the kids at my school are autistic and can't keep there hands to themselves, second of all i got a new school laptop by the school it place and now two days later my laptop is not charging for some reason, it just says "plugged in, not charing"...
  17. W

    Missing 1070 Graphics card on a GE73VR 7RF Raider(Japan version)

    I just noticed this today but I don't know when it really started. I boot up my computer and try to play some Warhammer and its running on the intel driver. I don't know how this happened. I had the new graphics card update ready but I forgot to install it. I have done this before but it never...
  18. S

    Toshiba laptop ethernet adapter gone from device manager

    My Toshiba C55-B5299 Laptop (Win 8.1) all of a sudden cannot see its built in Ethernet port. I use it because the Wi-Fi works, but can be flakey, and the Ethernet is more stable. I used to be able to see it in the device manager, but now the only way to see it is to use "show hidden devices" in...
  19. Y

    Solved! asus webcam not showing in device manager

    webcam stopped working after restore. i have tried all the available suggestions but none work (ASUS X540L)
  20. P

    My Laptop is using a generic Video driver, it said HD 6700M working fine in Device Manager.

    I have tried different Drivers until Windows was happy, but the system will not use it. It shows in Device working fine in Manager. It also shoe a VGA Driver. I can uninstall the VGA but it keeps coming back. I have a AMD Radon HD 6700M In a HP Pavilion dv7
  21. J

    Solved! On device manager,there is only the wired connection showing ,no sign of wireless adapter

    My Sony Vaio laptop lost it,s wireless connection,don’t know how it happened,in devices only wired connection showing,which works,but that connection is not suitable,as I would have to run a cable along the hallway to bedroom where I have my computer.Any help would be appreciated.thanks James
  22. J

    Sony vaio E series Not Work Dvd writer & Not show Device manager & Show device manager Unknown driver issue

    My Sony vaio E Series SVE 15115ENB model not Show Dvd writer in this p.c. & Device manager i m trying Registry Troubleshooting & Other Trick but its not work I m find its model Bios update file & tool but not find in this time please help me
  23. B

    my webcam is not detectable and it's not listed under the device manager's dropdown list my laptop model number SVF14213SAB

    how to install the webcam in sony vaio SVF14213SAB?
  24. S

    I have an Acer aspire e1 431 laptop and I can't find the webcam

    I search for the imaging and ...... Drivers in the device manager but I can't find none
  25. H

    acer aspire screen flashing

    HI i have an acer aspire and the screen keeps blinking off and on . but when i go on device manager . and disable Inter(R) HD graphics 4000 it stops . can anyone help me findout what is exactly wrong
  26. N

    Solved! Nvidia Driver Help

    Cannot download Nvidia Drivers and graphics card does not show up on device manager after I uninstalled and it is not reinstalled
  27. M

    PC not recognising speakers

    My external speakers have stopped being recognised overnight. I even bought new speakers and they have they same problem. They are Logitech Z200 and connect to the headphone jack. When I go to the Playback tab in the Sound part of the control panel, the speakers do not appear. I have tried...
  28. A

    Solved! Laptop keyboard enability

    I accidently disabled my keyboard on laptop from the device manager. And my Fn Key and F1 key is'nt working anyway. Is there any way I can fix this or is there a substitute for Fn and F1 keys, so that I can enable them again?
  29. D

    Solved! Dedicated GPU undetected or is missing

    Hey guys I'm having a problem here. I factory reset my laptop yesterday. When I turned it on after resetting it, I checked the Device Manager and under Display Adapters, I only see my integrated GPU. I know this laptop has a dedicated GPU which is a Radeon R5 M330. (BTW my Laptop is a Lenovo...
  30. D

    Lenovo ideapad 330 plugged in but not charging

    I already tried uninstalling the drivers in the device manager then restart and it worked for 5 minutes then it went back to "plugged in, not charging" again. My battery is not removable and I can't find any options. I bought my laptop just weeks ago.
  31. M

    Seagate backup plus slim extnl hdd not shows in computer already tried paragon driver,seatools test good. in DM-unknown disk.

    My seagate external HDD is showing up in my computer i have some important files in it. in Disk management disk shows as Unknown, cant initialize mbr, shows io error while trying, i tried installing seatools and checked my disk, all test are passed even long generic. i tried installing paragon...
  32. L

    need help with lapptop mouse pad

    my mouse pad has been uninstalled by my friend and was joking around but couldnt get it back we tried installing it back on but hasnt worked, its been removed from my laptop and not showing up on my device manager! help?
  33. A

    no device found

    i accidentally deleted conexant smart audio in the device manager..whenever i install driver downloaded from the internet it says cannot install no device found.please help me to fix stuck
  34. H

    i hear from headphones but my mic is undetected

    so i have a lenovo ideapad 110 . i still hear from my headphones but when i go to any game the mic is not working i go to device manager and the headphone is not detected at all even on uknown devices even when i go test the mic on windows 10 nothing works so pleaase i need help
  35. S

    Challenging DVD Player

    Daughter's Toshiba Satellite (Windows 10) C55D-B5308 DVD drive stopped working. Device manager shows no errors. uninstalled and reinstalled with no results. This PC shows as (D:). Have tried several disks. Ran Iobit Driver Booster. No results. Pulled CD tray out and placed in my Toshiba...
  36. M

    I want to permanently disable the touchpad

    on my Acer laptop. I've uninstalled the touchpad under device manager, but it still works! It is extremely distracting when I'm trying to type (I'm a writer) as it moves my cursor several paragraphs from where I'm working, and will delete things, etc., because my thumb brushes it. I NEVER use...
  37. H

    Graphic card missing from device manager

    I have a XMG505 laptop, since 2015, and it was working fine until 2 weeks ago where my NVIDIA Geforce 980 M gone missing from device manager and games are not working but the laptop still working, when I go to device manager and try Action>Add Legacy Hardware, and install one of those default...
  38. S

    After installing Windows 10 in my Lenovo g580 laptop ,the webcam isn't found in device manager

    After installing Windows 10 in my Lenovo g580 laptop ,the webcam isn't found in device manager. I checked Lenovo's website for webcam drivers and i found that there is no webcam drivers for Windows 10 Lenovo G580. I had a Lenovo driver CD and was able to find camera drivers for Windows 7 ,but...
  39. S

    touchpad not working when instaleed windows 10 os

    My touchpad device isn't listed on the device manager on my windows 10 os and it isn't working. But the usb mouse works fine. The same touch pad works when booted with Windows 7 but not with windows 10 please help. Please let e know how to fix the missing touch pad device in the device manager...
  40. A

    Accidentally uninstalled NVIDIA Graphics Card in Device Manager?

    I was trying to fix my graphics card not being detected the other day and uninstalled the Graphics Card drivers. I've tried a bunch of things - installing the drivers from the website (throws an error that it can't detect the right hardware), and searching for hardware updates. I'm not sure what...
  41. R

    does probook 6450b has a built in camera?

    i cannot use my camera in this laptop and i cannot even search the word webcam in my device manager. So even if i tried to figure out whats wrong with this laptop i cannot find the solution since i dont know about this kind of matter.And im just the second user of this laptop. So please guys if...
  42. A

    Graphic card not detected

    I have Acer aspire a5 which consist Nvidia mx 150 was not detected in device manager.also I can't find graphic settings in bios....also failed to install Nvidia driver. Please help me....
  43. J

    Lenovo G50 cursor moves but won’t click on anything. There’s no touchpad driver option on device manager.

    Lenovo G50 cursor moves but won’t click on anything. There is no “touchpad driver” under device management.
  44. S

    Solved! Laptop fan speed increased and nvidia graphics not showing up in device manager

    A few weeks ago my laptop was working fine but one day blue screen appeared and it showed components not connected properly something like that.and shut down then i started it again but after starting it the fan speed had increased considerably and it had started to make a lot of noise every...
  45. Z

    When nvlddmkm is installed in Nvidia my display freezes and then it says it recovered. Can I uninstall this without any proble

    Nvidia GeForce GT650 M freezes when my computer automatically updates and then enables nviddmkm. Things run better with it disabled but I want to use it. It's been like this for a long time, even before 8.1. It just happened again tonight and when I go into device manager and check events...
  46. stefjohn2k17

    Lenovo Thinkpad L440 webcam not detected

    Hello I recently did a fresh win10 pro installation and since then my webcam does not get detected by any app or the device manager. I changed the cable for it and still nothing. I searched for about 2hrs about this problem and I found nothing. Can someone please help me? The webcam was working...
  47. B

    USB not working

    USB not working I have done device manager, USB controllers disable and enable, nothing works. Windows 7 Toshiba labtop
  48. J

    mark tick in device manager after win 10 install???

    I get a marking in display adepter/gtx450: Device manager/ event message= Device PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_13C2&SUBSYS_31711462&REV_A1\4&35d4f288&0&0008 requires further installation.After win 10 install
  49. takochako

    Fintek keyboard driver?

    I noticed a pretty shady looking driver in Device Manager today, which I didn't pay attention to until my PC started acting funny (random crashing with no error when plugging in my AudioBox USB 96). I just wanted to know if this is a legit USB driver or if it was some sort of keylogger. This...
  50. A

    Do not know out of two adapters which display the system is using

    I have a Samsung laptop model NP300 V5A. The Device Manager shows two display adapters namely Intel hd 3000 and NVidea GT 520 mx. I do not know which adapter the system is currently using. I would like to use NVIDEA GT 520 MX because it has 1 gb dedicated ram. Kindly help me to solve this problem.
  51. K

    How do I uninstall a graphics tablet driver?

    I have a Star 03 tablet made by xp-pen, and I can't seem to uninstall the driver. I've tried most of the basic things such as going into the device manager, but it doesn't even show up. Help???
  52. H

    win 10 no hdmi nd driver

    i have updated win10 plugged in my hdmi to my av unit and no sound and no hdmi driver in sound or device manager what do i do
  53. C

    I have problems with multiple devices errors

    I turned on my computer today and I could not connect to the WiFi so I went to the device manager and found multiple devices that have errors so I tried to update the drivers and they say that they are the best for windows. What should I do
  54. W

    Toshiba satellite p775-s7372 internal WiFi adapter failed.

    Toshiba satellite p775-s7372 internal WiFi adapter failed two days ago. According to Device Manager (Win10 v 1709) device "Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless Lan 802.11n PCI-EN NIC" is working properly, airplane mode is OFF but WiFi stays OFF despite attempts to switch it ON from keybord (fn-F8) or...
  55. T

    Keyboard not working after update

    Hello I recently updated my win 10 64 bit, and to my regret it turned out my keyboard didn't work anymore. We are talking about a build in keyboard on an ASUS ROG G752VS. In the device manager it has classified the keyboard as 'unknown' and says although it has found a driver, it can't update...
  56. A

    Solved! I recently installed windows 10 pro in my Acer pc. After installing that it did not show Intel(R)graphics in device manager.

    I recently installed windows 10 pro in my Acer pc. After installing that it did not show Intel(R)graphics in device manager. But was shown before I install windows 10. What can I me
  57. J

    Solved! Bengoo Kotion Each G9000 won't work on PC, Windows 10

    Bengoo Kotion Each G9000 won't work on PC, Windows 10 It works on DS and iphone6 (mic was not tested but speaker/headphone works) but when we connect it to my computer, Windows 10, we cannot find it. I have looked in device manager and I cannot find it at all. On the site where I purchased...
  58. F

    Lenovo Z50-70 Audio Problems

    hello guys this is my first question in this site , so my lenovo z50-70 just lost it sound with that red x mark on the audio picture , i tried to fix it and when reached that step that you have to unistall your driver in your device manager , after i restarted my drivers werent there actually i...
  59. L

    Solved! Realtek Audio Driver Error Code 10

    Hello, Earlier today, I bumped into my computer while it was running and causing it to freeze. I restarted it with the exterior button on the case and now my audio is no longer working. I checked some forums and tried a couple things with services and device manager, but I got nothing but...
  60. D

    My touchpad doesn't work anymore

    I open my pc one day and suddenly my touchpad doesn't work. I need to say that i've never opened the netbook to see what's inside. And i've tried to activate throught the hotkeys of my keyboard, but nothing. When i open device manager i see the ps/2 compatible mouse that has a yellow triangle...