Laptop fan speed increased and nvidia graphics not showing up in device manager

Mar 16, 2018
A few weeks ago my laptop was working fine but one day blue screen appeared and it showed components not connected properly something like that.and shut down then i started it again but after starting it the fan speed had increased considerably and it had started to make a lot of noise every time i boot up laptop.Even graphics (nvidia) doesn't show up in device manager but only when i tick hidden. I tried to install updated drivers from asus as well as nvidia website but couldn't evey time it said cannot install because it couldnt find graphics card i tried uninstalling drivers via ddu in safe mode and reinstalling but it just couldn't install it
Prior to the problem a few weeks ago it also said to activate windows .I have a genuine windows 10 wich was preinstalled by my vendor
Plz help me as i miss playing games
Model no
Asus a541uj
Windows 10 pro