When nvlddmkm is installed in Nvidia my display freezes and then it says it recovered. Can I uninstall this without any proble

Mar 7, 2018
Nvidia GeForce GT650 M freezes when my computer automatically updates and then enables nviddmkm. Things run better with it disabled but I want to use it.
It's been like this for a long time, even before 8.1. It just happened again tonight and when I go into device manager and check events, nviddmkm is the last event listed. It had run fine all day, but I knew when I tried to sign on tonight and my name and background were a jumbled mess, I better race to device manager and disable it before my puter is totally frozen.
Is it pssible to fix this, or delete it permanently without any problems?
Did you try a clean Windows setup? Could be a failing video card.

That file is a core driver file you can't just disable it if you want to use the video card.