Solved! Permanently Remove DVD Drive from Laptop with Commands


Jul 29, 2016
My DVD Drive stops running on my Dell laptop. Dell diagnostics say it should be replaced. I want to replace it but a small screw on the back panel of the pc is worn and impossible to remove. So I think of removing the dvd drive from system by commands. I used Device Manager with Uninstall, also devcon.exe remove, also Device Remover program. They all work fine. The dvd drive does not show up when I issue Device Manager. But if I do a Restart for the pc then It comes up again. That would not be a real problem but when the pc restarts, it produces a series of beeping noise (5 beeps each time, 4 times) before Windows 10 can display. It annoys the heck out of my family. Is there any way to stop the beeping noise (by making the system thinks that the dvd drive is not there anymore). I have an external removable dvd drive so the dvd drive inside the PC is just dead weight. Thank you and appreciate your help.


No screw is impossible to remove. Try a rubber band: