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    Question DVD player for new laptop

    I have a new laptop and like most mine doesn’t have a disc drive inbuilt. Ive a huge collection of CDs (audio) and DVDs (films) that I would like to access via my laptop. Question is: which should I buy - a portable DVD player with USB connection OR a CD-ROM drive? Forgive my ignorance in the...
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    Solved! DVD drive fell out of my laptop

    Hey there fellows, I am trying to sell my ASUS R510JK-XX062D and I have come upon a problem recently when I was handling it, the dvd drive fell out of the laptop. I then took a look inside and noticed that the DVD caddy doesn't have any attaching part to it that would stick it to the motherboard...
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    Solved! CD/DVD drive not working

    My DVD suddenly stopped being able to play on my laptop. I read various articles onliine, and one of the suggestions was to uninstall the CD/DVD drive then restart and Windows 10 will automatically reinstall, but, i have restarted several times and i can no longer see my CD/DVD drive in the...
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    Solved! Remove DVD drive

    Hello, I want to remove the DVD drive so my laptop get's a little more lighter, but my concern is what to do with the 'hole' on the left side of my laptop once is taken out. Is it ok to block it with duct tape? Has anyone else done this before?
  5. Z

    Solved! how can i add a cd/dvd drive to toshiba satellite c55

    It didn't come with one but has the space plate. Can i install a CD/DVD writer
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    Solved! Permanently Remove DVD Drive from Laptop with Commands

    My DVD Drive stops running on my Dell laptop. Dell diagnostics say it should be replaced. I want to replace it but a small screw on the back panel of the pc is worn and impossible to remove. So I think of removing the dvd drive from system by commands. I used Device Manager with Uninstall, also...
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    Replacing the DVD drive with an SSD - is there a limit to how much storage I can have?!

    The DVD in my late-2011 unibody MBPro stopped working a while ago and I don't need it. The machine is pretty slow at present, so I would like to put a 500GB SSD in its' place. I currently have a 1TB hybrid drive (750HDD/250SSD) in. My plan was to put the 500GB SSD into the main SATA slot, move...
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    HP G42 458TU Battery Drain

    My hp g42 458tu laptop is always in powered condition( i mean its shutting own ,but dvd drive harddisk etc are working) . If I kept battery in laptop full charged it will be drained with in 1 day and its a new battery. At first I thought it would be related to windows 10 ,so I checked removing...
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    Solved! DVD Drive fault

    my dvd drive is not working on my Acer Inspire Laptop , just making a clicking noise when i try to use it
  10. R

    Solved! LENOVO Z51-70 replacing DVD/CD drive with SSD with caddy not recognised by BIOS

    I've had this laptop for 3-4 years rarely used the dvd drive . Found out about the whole drive-ssd replacement to boost booting speed and some programs while still having the good old HDD as bulk storage . Anyway , I got the crucial mx500 and decieded to embark upon a journey of messing around...
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    i am rety to format acer aspire es1-331 but when i install it therer were error says " a Required CD/DVD drive device driver i

    i am rety to format acer aspire es1-331 but when i install it therer were error says " a Required CD/DVD drive device driver i
  12. B

    how can i open dvd tray without button on hp 645 g1 laptop pls. help

    no eject button tray dvd rom
  13. W

    Problem with my laptop's DVD drive

    Hello. I have this laptop (Olivetti Olibook S1530) and the DVD drive works, but some DVD's get a good run andf others won't go ahead. I tried selecting the DVD drive in the Bios but to no avail. Does anyone know a trick to make all DVD's run properly? I am only an amateur. Thanks a lot and best...
  14. B

    dell 17R disappearing DVD in win 10?

    the dell had win7 and everything was fine. went to win10 and the DVD disappears. in win 10, i start with a fresh boot, then, the DVD drives shows up in explorer. eject the dvd, it disappears in explorer. put in another DVD, it doesn't re-appear. i've gone through device manager and uninstalled...
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    External DVD Drive Not Showing on Windows 10

    I am using Windows 10 on a Toshiba laptop. I have an external DVD drive. When I plug it into the USB port it beeps to let me know that I have utilized the port but never connects to the DVD Drive (No drive letter for it in Explorer) In addition if I plug my phone into the USB port it will charge...
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    What does it mean when someone says dvddrive

    What is a DVD drive will it write dvds
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    Cant find my dvd drive in bios to set up primary boot.

    Hello, I've been trying to re-install my windows but I've failed to. I got a copy of win7 on cd ( it works fine tried it on another pc ), so i got into BIOS to change the primary boot option but i can't find the dvd drive there. One of the options is my HDD and the other one is "disabled". I'm...
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    Challenging DVD Player

    Daughter's Toshiba Satellite (Windows 10) C55D-B5308 DVD drive stopped working. Device manager shows no errors. uninstalled and reinstalled with no results. This PC shows as (D:). Have tried several disks. Ran Iobit Driver Booster. No results. Pulled CD tray out and placed in my Toshiba...
  19. C

    My DVD ROM Player is not working on my RCA 10 Viking Pro Tablet. What should do?

    I have a LITEON brand DVD ROM player that used to work on my old laptop, but why isn't it working with my new tablet?
  20. S

    I need a SATA 2nd HDD SSD Hard Drive Caddy for CD/DVD-ROM Optical Bay for an Acer Extensa 5620z laptop

    I have an Acer Extensa 5620z laptop. I want to replace the CD/DVD-ROM Optical Bay with a sata hdd ssd hard drive caddy for laptop adapter, so that I can install a solid state drive. Can you tell me or suggest one that is compatible with my laptop? The outside dvd slot on my laptop is 13.5 mm...
  21. W

    DVD ROM stopped working, HELP!!

    I am having issues with my DVD ROM. When I put a DVD in, it makes 4 clicks and stops spinning. Media player says there is no disc inserted.
  22. S

    Replase ssd with DVD drive.

    Hi guys i buy an ssd drive with a caddy to replace with DVD driver. My question is: 1.is it ok? I mean there's no issue with DVD driver power to damage ssd or something like that? 2. I installed the Windows on ssd and format my old HDD. when i turn off my laptop ssd and hdd both making a short...
  23. N

    Old laptop opens the cd tray when powering it on.

    It's an old Compaq 1245. I want to restore it just for fun. I've replaced the CMOS battery, cleaned it and reinstalled WinME (will swtich to 98SE later). But this is driving me crazy. Whenever I power the laptop on, the cd drivers opens automatically. There doesn't seem to be any other...
  24. J

    reboot from factory settings

    How can I reboot from factory settings. I had a Microsoft problem and my only option was a factory reset. My laptop (Satellite) doesn't have a DVD drive.
  25. L

    samsung laptop not recognizing DVD drive after replacing HDD

    I recently had to replace my laptop's HDD, because the old one died unexpectedly. now I cannot get the drivers to install for my DVD player, and it's driving me nuts. laptop is a samsung brand running windows 7, the model number is NP-QX411-W02UB and the driver in question is listed as TSSTcorp...
  26. P

    How do I use my DVD player to be my external DVD drive to install Hardware on my laptop

    Can I use my DVD player as an external DVD drive for my laptop to install Hardware
  27. A

    Macbook Pro 13" 2010 HUGE problems

    So my macbook from 2010 stopped recognising my 128gb samsung 830 series SSD. I plugged it into my desktop computer and it sees it just fine so the SSD appears to be okay. I put it back in my macbook and tried booting it dozens of times, a couple of times it actually saw the SSD and booted into...
  28. C

    dissassemble toshiba laptop

    i got my dvd stuck behind the dvd drive but it still opens and won't come out. how do i get it out do i need to disassemble the laptop if so how do i?
  29. L

    Can I use a external cd/DVD rom on an android netbook

    Android netbook want to use external cd rom to play DVD and cds
  30. M

    My Acer Aspire E14 Dvd drive won't open. and the installation of it in my laptop was missing. How can I open it my dvd drive?

    My ACER ASPIRE E14 laptop dvd drive won't open and the file of the dvd drive was missing.. Do I have to install again the drive? How can I open it. or how to install? Please help me.. Thank you.
  31. S

    HDD will not appear

    Hi. I have an Acer E17 laptop and I swapped out the dvd drive for a 500 gb disk . The operating system is on a internal ssd. The problem is the hdd does not appear in the bios. How can I get the 2nd disk to appear on the bios? It is shown in disk management. Any assistance will be...
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    I need best free program for checking cds/dvds for errors?

    I simply need the best free program for checking to make sure that the scratches on cds, dvds, games aren't going to cause them to skip or not work. I found a list here https://www.lifewire.com/free-disk-scanning-software-2438358 but idk which one to use. Thanks a lot in advance!
  33. P

    i have asus fx550v i7-7tg gen laptop, how to open dvd drive? i check my computer and no dvdrw can be seen

    asus fx550v i7 laptop.. how to open dvd drive? no eject button.. i click my computer , also no dvdrw eject
  34. J

    A required CD/DVD Rom driver is missing

    Hi, I'm trying to re-install Windows 7 (I know it's old) on an Acer Aspire Desktop but the recovery mode is not working. Just fails. Have now tried to a re-install from a DVD Rom with no USB device connected (not even a mouse) and I can't get pass the screen where it prompts for a required...
  35. S

    dvd not detecting disk

    My dvd drive will not always detect that a disk is in the drive or it will say that it is empty when it is not.
  36. S

    HP ZBook 15 G1

    can "HP ZBook 15 G1" support 2 hard disk like in lenovo workstation w520,w530 or w540. U can swipe out dvd drive to make way for Ultrabay 2nd Hard disk caddy.
  37. V

    how do i open the dvd drive on acer windows 10 e15

    Good day, please how do I open the dvd drive on Acer E 15 windows 10
  38. F

    Help cant watch movies on my acer aspire r 11 anymore with external dvd drive

    Laptop problems...My fiance reset her laptop to factory settings her acer Aspire R 11 , we went to watch a movie on her external dvd drive and w
  39. S

    How to make external ASUS DVD player to work with ASUS eeebook

    How to make external ASUS DVD player to work with ASUS eeebook? Both ASUS DVD player and ASUS eeebook were working yesterday. Last night the eeebook fell down. When I connected the DVD player the DVD is moving in the player. But the eeeBook is not able recognising the DVD Drive. Please help...
  40. murph456

    Hp Pavillion 14 removing bottom can't remove two silver screws once remove DVD drive what size Phillips won't work eyeglass re

    M1X98UA Model Description: HP PAVILION NOTEBOOK 14-AB154CA Removed all but two flat silver screws from bottom . Those two screws are in the bay where the DVD drive slip in . What size screw nothing I have fits those screws. I need to remove the bottom so I can replace the hard drive
  41. M

    when using dvd drive laptop turns off and on

    how do i fix my problem with my dvd drive. I even use an external dvd drive and it does the same
  42. B

    Laptop DVD Driver noise

    I'm trying to install a game from a disc to my laptop but the DVD drive is making a loud noise(loud spinning noise or like a shaver) while installing. Is this normal?
  43. W

    MSI GE62 6QD Apache Pro, Win 10 DVD drive not recognizing

    Hi, I bought this laptop an year back and was very happy, even my day to day tasks battery gaming all good. Last month i found out that the windows is not recognizing my DVD drive, i have searched everywhere and tried all the options shown , i even saw some threads posted by the owners of same...
  44. L

    Cannot boot from DVD

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite C650 and put a used hard disk in it with Windows 7 pre-installed in it. Now when I try to format it and reinstall Windows 7 fresh in it, it doesn't boot from the DVD rom and goes straight in windows 7. I tried booting from F12 still same problem. I also tried...
  45. P

    Solved! i can not play movies on my acer chrome book through my MAGNAVOX dvd player. Why is that

    my acer chomebook will not play movies from the dvd player
  46. N

    Weird drive showing up in defragmentation menu

    Hi all! So, I was going to defrag my Harddrive when i noticed a weird 3rd drive. I'm guessing it's my DVD drive(?) but I have no idea if it's anything remotely dangerous so that's why I'm asking you guys, does anyone know what it is? Link to a picture of the drive's name...
  47. D

    Removing optical drive and leaving the gap open

    I do not use the laptop's DVD drive frequently, in fact only on extremely rare occasion. Therefore, I am thinking of removing the built-in optical drive to save on weight. However, I wonder if it is OK to leave the gap open? Or a caddy should be purchased to seal the gap up.
  48. B

    Asus G760jm black screen on startup with clicks dvd drive

    Laptop won't start up. I get a black screen with no bios, logo or other image. The fans are running and I can hear the hard drive running. It did this a couple times before but after a restart worked fine. This time restarting doesn't help. The dvd drive (not hard drive) continually makes a...
  49. R

    cd/dvd rom not showing acer aspire 5920g

    I format my Acer Apsire 5920g laptop and i use windows 10 32 bit. I have 1 problem only with the cd/dvd not showing up. I found 1 solution but when i restart the pc the cd/dvd rom wont show up again and i have to do the solution i mention down again in order to make my cd/dvd rom appear again...
  50. C

    DVD Caddy/Optical Drive Caddy questions for Acer V3-571-6447

    I just picked up this laptop with a dead harddrive, popped in a working harddrive and we're up and running. I'm looking to add an SSD for booting and will literally never use a DVD drive. I'm trying to find the right caddy, or if I can use something generic that would fit properly I'm all for...
  51. B

    Laptop Disc Drive Replacement

    I would like to replace my DVD drive in my laptop with a Blu-ray disc drive. Any recommendations on what to get? This is my laptop: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01DT4A2R4/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1482644455&sr=8-1&pi=SX200_QL40&keywords=acer+aspire+e15&dpPl=1&dpID=41HfDkXXyeL&ref=plSrch
  52. G

    how to find DVD drive size and info?

    Hi, I have an Acer laptop Aspire F 15 (F-573). I would like to replace my DVD drive with a blu ray internal drive. I have been trying to find the spec of it but can't find. I need to find the size, 12.7mm, 9.5mm or 7.5mm? SATA? slim type or stand type? Can you guys please tell how to find that...
  53. B

    DVD drive not working on a Toshiba Satellite laptop.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop and the DVD player is not working. I have used a laser lens cleaner and the player is still not reading a DVD. Need assistance is resolving problem.
  54. H

    Where this white rubber ring should go on DVD writer?

    My SH224-BB DVD-drive didn´t read discs anymore and I decided to take this thing apart. Now when I got the case off, some white rubber ring just fell out and I can´t figure out if it´s the right place for it: http://i.imgur.com/9K30iXi.jpg? I have tried it like that and it just fells off again.
  55. K

    dvd drive fails to work

    my laptop dvd drive is not working, the indicator light also fails to glow,when inserted any disc i dont hear any kind of spinning sounds which i had heard before.
  56. okrobie

    Dell Latitude E5510 Can't boot from USB or DVD Drives

    I have a bad hard drive on this machine so I'm trying to boot from a Win 10 PE ISO USB or DVD. When it boots it says to hit F12 for boot options. It brings up a nice menu of boot devices which in the Legacy section includes the USB drive and the DVD drive. If I choose the USB option, it just...
  57. S

    Hi I'm looking at a lenovo ideapad

    Hi I'm looking at a lenovo ideapad and I was looking to know if I could play sims 4 on it. It has: Graphics: AMD a6 Ram:8gb Hard drive:1tb Screen:15.6 DVD ROM:yes If I can play sims 4 what settings would it be? Plz tell me thank you
  58. G

    How do I remove the empty DVD drive slot cover on Acer Aspire V5-561P?

    Acer Aspire V5-561P I have searched everywhere, but cannot find any information on removing the plastic cover that conceals the empty DVD bay. The laptop did not come with an optical drive, but does have a slot for one that I am now utilizing with a blu ray player. I have tried prying it off...
  59. S

    HP Pavilion g6-2210sa help in upgrade

    Hi so I need some help in picking 120gb ssd for this laptop. I plan on replacing the os drive with 120 ssd and then mounting the exiting hard drive in the CD/DVD-ROM Optical Bay. I need help in picking the ssd and also HDD CD/DVD-ROM Optical Bay that fits fits laptop hard drive 2.5. Can any one...
  60. H

    Looking for 2 in 1 / convertible with BLU RAY

    I'm looking for something specific. I'm realizing that optical drives are on their way out, however, I still want one. I also like the 2 in 1 / convertible form factor. I want both. I've found a few ASUS models that have DVD drives. Here's the kicker, I want a BLU RAY drive. So, are there...