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  1. O

    Internal drive connected with sata in laptop

    I need a DVD drive for my laptop,( http://shop.lenovo.com/gb/en/laptops/lenovo/flex/flex-15/ )but i'm wandering if i will be able to connect an internal drive (http://www.asus.com/Optical_Drives/DRW24F1ST/) via a usb to sata cable?
  2. M

    DVD player error

    My DVD player on my laptop stopped working after i tried burning a dual layer DVD not knowing that it does not support the DVD. It starts reading but after a few seconds makes a vibrating/screeching sound and stops. I have tried uninstalling the DVD drivers and restarting and also deleting the...
  3. A

    laptop without cd/dvd drive built in

    I've been told that I can purchase an external cd drive and plug it into a laptop in order to listen to music and watch DVDs. - can I store my favorite collection of cds on my laptop like I would have with an internal CD drive? How easy is it to do? - can I easily use other software I would...
  4. K

    Acer Aspire m5 Cd/Dvd drive broke, replacement part?

    Hi Everyone, I have an Acer Aspire M5-481PT-6644, Which I bought refurbished a year ago. It works perfectly but it was recently dropped and the CD/DVD driver popped out completely. So what I did was remove the disc drive from the ribbon and now I think I will be needing a new part since I...
  5. I

    In a hurry! Looking for a thin and light laptop!

    Hello! I am looking for a laptop that my brother can take wherever he travels. Below are all the little details. Budget: $300 or less. I am buying this laptop for my brother today, his birthday is tomorrow. - 11.6 Inches - Thin and light - 6 or more hours of battery life - Good keyboard for a...
  6. G

    dvd drive reads iso very slow & stucks

    Hello i have sony vaio pcg-71312M.the last two months my dvd drive has difficulty to read/write any cd and especially iso (live cd) .i observe that starts and stops ,starts and stop for a long time..sometime success ,sometime fail..i have tried a lot of cd burn programms .but nothing change.I...
  7. S

    Need help IDing compatible replacement DVD drive

    After searching the forums, I asked this in an old thread a week ago, but got no bites so I'm going to throw it out there by itself. I have a Lenovo 3000 C200 and my cd/dvd drive has stopped working. First, is there an easy way to test it? If not, looking to replace it. I searched for the model...
  8. J

    All lights on but Black Screen

    I have a Acer Aspire 5530. When I power the laptop on. All lights come on. Screen is black. Dvd drive makes a short buzzing sound. When I listen at the bottom there are two short beeps then silent than two short beeps again and so on. When I open the dvd drive the beeping stops. I have tried...
  9. S

    Satellite C855D won't boot from external USB DVD drive

    I have tried everything to get this laptop to boot from an external cd drive to no avail. Windows will recognize the drive but the BIOS won't boot to it. I have the newest BIOS version. I already have secure boot off with the boot setting to CSM. I also have the 1st boot priority set to USB. The...
  10. B

    Adapter for TS-L632 DVD Drive?

    Not sure where to put this post (sorry if it's in wrong area), but I have a question. Does anyone know if there is an adapter so that I can connect a Samsung TS-L362 DVD Drive to my laptop through USB? My laptop doesn't have a disk drive and this drive was in an old laptop I took apart. Just...
  11. J

    Query about Lenovo Y510 laptop. Plz help..

    Lenovo Y510 comes with a swapable ultrabay. In my country model they are shipping with dvd drive. Can we remove the dvd drive ourself and swap with a Graphic card or will I need the help of a lenovo technician to remove it? Do all models irrespective of the country come with SSD? Anyone owning...
  12. D

    asus g750, can you take out dvd drive and add 3rd hhd?

    I'm wondering if I can get a hhd bay to replace my disk drive in my laptop? I'd like to get a second Samsung evo 1tb, and a 256gb pro for os. That way I can have os/programs on one disk (840 pro), my original files on another disk (evo 1tb), and finalized files on another separate disk (2nd 840...
  13. E

    how to detect or boot external cd/dvd drive in HP Pavilion dv2000? please help me thanks!

    how to detect or boot external cd/dvd drive in HP Pavilion dv2000? please help me thanks! need to reformat my notebook need to use the external cd/dvd drive.. but in bios there is no usb cd/dvd drive in boot order.. pls help me... ty
  14. D

    How come my dvd drive does not show up??

    It doesn't show under my computer!
  15. AtrixRewind

    Weird Mobile SATA?

    Okay. So I have some broken laptops that I decided to take apart. I took out the DVD drive (which I was gonna use as an external DVD drive), and there were the SATA connections. There was a standard SATA data cable slot, but then there was this smaller, SATA looking connector.
  16. M

    dvd drives (ide)

    Are laptop dvd drives swappable ? I have an older Dell Vostro 1500 and the dvd drive sometimes just sits and makes noises. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I am setting this up for my kids, since I have a new Asus g750 for myself.
  17. A

    Laptop for Journalism? Help me!

    Hi guys, i start university in a month (im in New Zealand) and would like a laptop for my course which is 4 years. I am also going to be carrying it around most of the time. I am doing Journalism so lots of writing is to be expected and also video editing. This is my first time choosing a laptop...
  18. Essej Sniggoc

    Do you save money by buying striped down laptops?

    Can you find laptops with missing hard drives, RAM, or DVD drives? If you did find one, could you save money by getting your own hard drive, RAM, or DVD drive?
  19. S

    Looking for a touchscreen laptop durable enough for the family.

    I am looking for a reasonably priced touchscreen laptop for the family. Has to have DVD drive for homeschool work. Also would be used for word processing, videos, surfing the web and Minecraft. At the same time I am in the market for a personal computer to use in writing a book, checking email...
  20. U

    dvd drive and deamon tools are not detected in windows explorer while they are shown in device manager with yellow notificatio

    dvd drive and deamon tools are not detected in windows explorer while they are shown in device manager .tried (default settings,updated motherboard bios,jumper)nothing resolved the problem any suggestion will be helpful
  21. G

    My charger on lap top will not charge, but the lap top runs fine on power cord. The DVD drive stop working too.

    Charger stop chasrging up battery, new Battery but computer works fine on charger . DVD drive stop working too. Is there a board that the two are on, beside the mother board? Gale
  22. L

    dvd no longer shows up

    dvd drive no longer shows up in my computer acer scan does not show dvd drive what can I do to resolve problem?
  23. S

    Need help with my laptop

    There is no external eject button for the cd/dvd drive so i dont know how to open it. The laptop is a Gateway SE series- please help :(
  24. T

    how to insert disk on windows 8

    I have an inspiron 15 that I bought on December 3, and there is no button to open it, computer is not sensing the drive, but it is working properly. I was looking forward to playing some MMOs
  25. Nabeel Farooqui

    Sony Vaio DVD ROM not working, can It be repaired?

    So the laptop is more than 2 years old. the exact model is E-VPCEH26EG. The ext problem is unknown (I dont know whether this is a hardware problem or a software one.) So it all started around 6 months after the Laptop was bought. It start to give me slight problems in reading DVDs, (and CDs...
  26. 3

    dvd driver not found !

    hey guys I have a problem with my acer 4520 the dvd rom driver not installed can someone help me to find this driver plzz help x__X
  27. D

    good laptop brands

    It's been a couple of years since I have replaced my laptop,Who is making a good solid laptop these days?I read amazon reviews and other ones and seems some brands are getting really cheap on the manufacturing process.flimsy DVD drives,keyboard and touch pads that fall apart etc.I would go with...
  28. Watrevir

    DVD Drive not detected

    I tried to update the firmware for my DVD drive in my Dell 1545 which is an Optiarc AD-7560S SD05. It said it would take two minutes. Half an hour later I decided it had crashed (maybe because the firmware I was trying to install was the same as what I already had) and I shut down the process...
  29. P

    DVD drive doesn't work on my HP Probook 4530s XU015UT#ABA

    Okay, so my DVD drive doesn't recognize DVDs when I insert them. When I click on the DVD drive icon in "Computer" it just ejects and tells me to insert a DVD. I tried this with many DVDs, but the same problem persists. Also, when I try to write DVDs, I would normally see a 2x, 4x, 16x, 24x...
  30. S

    DVD drive sound on K55VJ

    I have an Asus K55VJ. When I turn it on or sometimes randomly I hear a bad sudden sound from it. It's really annoying specially when I'm at library. When I keep the DVD drive open and turn the device on I don't hear that sound.
  31. D

    laptop dvd drive service manual

    hai i need laptop dvd drive service manual please send me pdf file or link
  32. C

    Recovery disks from external disk drive

    I got a Toshiba C650 but the dvd drive broke, i need to use the recovery disks but cant seem to, i even got a external dvd drive but it wont let me boot from it, suggestions plz?
  33. viveknayyar007

    What to Do When Laptop Can't Find USB or CD Drive

    Laptop Unable to Detect Any Pen Drive or CD/DVD Drive Windows 7 and Windows 8 are configured to automatically detect any USB drive that is connected to the computer. The computer is also configured to read CD's and DVD's. On office networks, especially when security is a major concern, system...
  34. D

    Lenovo Y510P CD/DVD Drive for Ultrabay?

    I just purchased the Lenovo Y510p that only comes with the extra graphics card and not the DVD drive. The sales guy told me that I could purchase one online anywhere or Lenovo's website, but I can't seem to find any for the Y510p... any help?
  35. J

    Help with DVD Drive

    My ASUS notebook does not recognize any DVD movie.
  36. D

    Cannot get BIOS to see my external usb dvd drive

    I recently purchased a Samsung Ativ Book 4 preloaded with a virus (Windows 8). I wish to remove this and install Windows 7 but the laptop didn't come with a dvd drive, so I purchased a usb dvd drive and I have a bootable windows 7 disk inside .... I cannot get the BIOS to see the usb drive nor...
  37. P

    $700 Laptop Required in Toronto

    Hi there, I am looking to buy my wife a laptop. She doesn't require it for gaming but does need a cd/dvd drive. She will use it for normal everyday use, watching films on laptop and on tv through HDMI and making the odd short film on windows movie maker. Screen size would preferably be 15"...
  38. K

    touch laptop for rs.40,000/

    Suggest me a laptop with ultrabook features with dvd drive,i5 processor,500gb or above hard disk, 8gb ram,touch screen, ssd supported for my budget rs.40,000/
  39. B

    Toshiba Laptop dvd removal

    Can someone please tell me how to remove the dvd drive on my toshiba satellite a40-s161. thank you. Thank you
  40. S

    13" laptop, 1080p and DVD drive

    Does anyone have any suggestion for a laptop with below spec 13" screen 1080p resolution Inbuilt DVD drive No budget in mind but I know it will be expensive.
  41. C

    Business budget laptop

    I'm looking for Business Budget laptop. My budget 150 to 300 Jordanian Dinars which is about $200 to 400 at least 14 or 15 "display about not less than 6 hours  battery life with a 4GB RAM and Hard Drive 320 GB, Optical drive DVD ROM/Writer,Bluray ROM/Writer,DVD ROM/R&W.my preference is Dell. 
  42. D

    New Hard Drive and DVD-ROM Doesn't work

    I have a dilemma. A friend had his HD Die (Yes the infamous IBM TravelStar - go figure). So I ordered a replacement...fine... BUT his DVD-ROM does not seem to work either, so I have no way to load the operating system (XP). I've been thinking of tricks, but nothing seems feasible at this point...
  43. C

    Ultrabay and DVD Drive question for Lenovo Y500 Series?

    I'm just really confused on whether the Y500 and the Y580 series for Lenovo comes with a DVD Drive. On Lenovo's site, they both have an Optical DVD Drive listed in their hardware components but it doesn't seem like it comes with it. So basically I'm just asking whether either of the 2 laptops...
  44. A

    Can I swap a dvd drive for an SSD place?

    Hi guys, I have a Laptop called Toshiba L755-T15 and I was curious if I could replace the dvd drive with an SSD or a hard disk. I don't need the space so I'd really like to opt for a SSD, so I could make it run faster but I don't know much about SSD power consumption vs what my laptop is...
  45. J

    Lenovo G580 vs ASUS X501A-SI30302Q

    I am having trouble deciding between these two 15.6' laptops. Both of them have an i3-3120m 3rd gen processor. The ASUS does NOT have a DVD drive. Also, the Lenovo has 1333mhz ram vs Asus' 1600mhz ram. Is there any other difference between the two? If so, which is the better buy? Which company...
  46. D

    cd/dvd drive does'nt boot from vista cd

    hello, i hve dell insipron, i want to reinstall my vista home ,bt my drive did'nt recognize from dvd, bt drive is able to read a movie dvd, and my vista dvd is also working good in another computer it means my drive and dvd both are good,,then where is the problem
  47. L

    Need a replacement for CD-RW/DVD drive for Toshiba Satellite

    I have a Toshiba Tecra M2 notebook and cannot play cds or dvds. The computer does not recognize that a cd or dvd is inserted. As a result I cannot install e.g. Turbo Tax.
  48. F

    Trouble shooting dvd drive on a laptop

    Hello, I have inserted a dvd and I have trouble shot it with no luck. It has worked in the past. I may have cleared all the defaults but I put it on auto play. Thank you
  49. A

    Macbook Pro DVD drive has died - advice for replacement with SSD

    Hi, My DVD drive in my late 2008 macbook pro has given up the ghost (in part helped along by my trying to get it working again when it was refusing to accept discs - oops!). Rather than replace the optical drive, which I probably use about once every three years, I thought I would take the...
  50. M

    Dell inspiron 1545 dvd drive problem

    as my drive is working on and off ,some time reading few cd and dvds . when the cd is inserted most of the time it gives lot of noise and vibration also it indicates to insert the cd even it is already there. i cleaned the lens with petrol but in vain .pl reply at...
  51. M

    Buffalo External DVDRom Drive Dos drivers

    Hello, can any one help me to get dos drivers for Buffalo external DVD Drive (Model DVSM-PC58UV2B)
  52. L

    Can you format a netbook without a cd/dvd drive?

    who can help me format my netbook i cant open it...... it displays operating system not found!!
  53. E

    How to fix all CD/DVD drive issues.

    Hello, my CDRW/DVD Drive Internal drive is not being reconized on my Dell Latitude 610 Laptop. It shows yellow by the drive. Could someone help me, I just have to download CD/DVD Software, not the extras Virus software Thank You Edward. Sincerely: Edward
  54. Z

    HP Pavilion dv2700 not recognizing dvd-drive

    I can't seem to find an answer to this issue. My wife just received her sister's old HP Pavilion dv2700 Notebook pc and, apparently, the cd/dvd drive isn't being detected. I have looked in disk management: nothing. I have looked in device manager: I only see "wdc wd3200bevt-60zct0 ata device"...
  55. L

    Acer DVD drive quit working

    I have an ASPIRE 5251-1513. I don't use my DVD/CD drive very often, but now it won't recognize any disc (DVD or CD). I have tried several suggestions I saw on the Web but have not tried to "uninstall" because I really didn't know if I could re-install. What can I do to fix?
  56. J

    How to run recovery disk on tishiba lap top L 755

    can not get into bios to set start up to cd/dvd drive so I can run the 5 restore disk.
  57. C

    How to remove cd/dvd drive from dead toshiba laptop?

    My toshiba laptop is dead and I need to remove a dvd from its drive... I do not have the charger with me, so how do I remove the dvd without the laptop being charged..
  58. T

    My sony laptop does not play dvds

    Hello, dear friends.. whenever i insert a dvd in the dvd drive... n try to open it a screen pos n says that please insert a disk when the dvd is already inside... plesae help...!!
  59. B

    My 5520 wil not boot up

    hi my acer 5520 will not boot up the fan will turn the dvd drive will light up but the screen will stay black the power button will light up for about 10 seconds then it will turn off
  60. C

    Region free dvd player

    I have an acer aspire 8943g laptop with a mitshita uj 240 as dvd drive. Is there any way of making this dvd player region free. Many thanks