Cannot get BIOS to see my external usb dvd drive


Sep 10, 2013
I recently purchased a Samsung Ativ Book 4 preloaded with a virus (Windows 8). I wish to remove this and install Windows 7 but the laptop didn't come with a dvd drive, so I purchased a usb dvd drive and I have a bootable windows 7 disk inside .... I cannot get the BIOS to see the usb drive nor can I boot from it.

I also purchased a SSD and plan to load win 7 on there ...

Please assist me. Someone ... anyone.

P.S. I have already tried disabling and enabling smart boot and no go.
First, Windows 8 is not a virus. It runs fine. Install classic shell and you'll never see the tile interface again.

Insted of using a USB dvd drive, do you have a usb stck you could try. There is the windows tool here, that would let you format a usb key and make it bootable and copy the files to for installing from there.

For your external usb dvd player, boot up windows 8, plug in the drive, is it detected and is your disc detected? first make sure the thing actually works. some external rely on usb power and some laptops don't put out enough.