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  1. R

    Solved! How to record into my computer via the USB?

    Again, HOW do you "make sure the external USB device is set as the input"??? My device manager simply shows all devices. I can't change anything there. How do you get your computer to recognize audio inputs from the USB ports? I have a new Windows 10 HP laptop.
  2. O

    Problem with USB ports on laptop

    I have ASUS x5520ld with windows 7 64 bit oS, and of course as many laptops mine too has 2 usb ports, so i bought the cooling pad with usb connection but it also has that external usb port to compensate for occupied one. i have mouse and keyboard too, but whenever i put mouse or a keyboard into...
  3. DrHerbst

    Solved! Which affordable external soundcard can I use for the beyerdynamic dt770

    I got the Beyer dynamic dt770 (80ohm) for at least 1 month now and now I am starting to get motherboard interference noise. I have a cheap external usb soundcard for my microphone but that one I am ashamed of using since it destroys the sound experience I am used to. So, does anyone know of a...
  4. P

    W7 - Backup plus clone. How does this plan sound?

    My intention is to: a) First, clone my C (system) drive to an external USB drive. This will quickly provide a 'last resort' backup. b) Then, I'll image my C drive, again to an external drive, and set it to do periodic incrementals. My question: I thought of using Macrium or Acronis for the...
  5. B

    keyboard does not work

    my lenevo laptop keyboard does not work neither the external usb keyboard works. i don't know what is the problem.i am now working with my onscreen keyboard. Whenever i used the keys in the keyboard it gives a sound like (tak tak tak) and sometimes the shift button get pressed automatically...
  6. G

    Solved! Will a laptop work with an external USB keyboard with the onboard keyboard physically disconnected permanently

    Will a laptop work with an external USB keyboard with the onboard keyboard physically disconnected permanently?
  7. K

    HP laptop will not read CD's/DVD's

    HP laptop running Windows 10 will not read any CD's and when I connect an external usb cd/dvd drive it won't read that either. The first noticed the problem after installing Ashampoo Burning Studio 18. I have used Ashampoo for years and have never had problems before but I can't seem to get any...
  8. B

    Does a USB hub drain more battery?

    I have a laptop and it doesn't have enough USB ports for what I want it to do... Would buying a an external USB hub drain more battery? For example: a. -Mouse connected to laptop native USB port -Wifi stick connected to laptop native USB port b. -USB hub connected to laptop native USB port...
  9. J

    Toshiba laptop keyboard and the external USB keyboard not working. Thanks

    Keyboard on laptop and the USB keyboard not working. Replaced battery in USB board and mouse. Cleaned crumbs. Took out laptop battery for 24 hour. Rebooted 3 times it worked. Safe turnoff every time I close and next am keyboard not working. Rebooted 4 times it worked. Turn off at night and it's...
  10. J

    Aclatel pixi glory lte photo transfer

    I have an alcatel pixi glory lte phone., It does not have an external USB or SD connector only a charging connector. How do I transfer my photos to my computer or some other device?
  11. V

    Internal touchpad and keyboard lag/skip charaters, external usb work just fine

    Hi guys, I have a laptop, ASUS X550L. I put the laptop to sleep in the morning and ever since I woke it up the keyboard and the touchpad have been lagging horribly. The performance of the PC has not worsened and external USB mice and keyboards work just fine. Any help would be of use. Thanks!
  12. P

    Lenovo Yoga 700 keyboard stopped working

    my keyboard has completely stopped working. I have deleted keyboard drivers and rebooted to reinstall, the screen keyboard works ok. I have plugged in an external usb keyboard and that worked ok. does this mean i have to open up the laptop, is this a common mechanical issue?
  13. J

    Nobody actually ANSWERS the question: Can Del Laptop boot from External USB Drive?

    All the suggestions I've seen so far ignore the original issue: Can a Dell Laptop boot from an external USB drive ? I have N5110 Latitude, with 3 USB ports, I've set the boot order to boot from USB, but it won't do it. ---------------- My conclusion is that the Dell N5110 I have (and perhaps...
  14. I

    External USB 3.0 HDD not detected

    I have a new Inatech USB 3.0 Enclosure containing a new Toshiba internal SATA 320GB HDD. Plugging it into the USB port on my Win7 desktop installs the driver but nothing shows up in the Windows 7 file manager. However, clicking on 'safely remove' produces 'Eject AS2115' when and only when the...
  15. U

    Solved! veracrypt external usb hard drive question

    I have an external hard drive that has a lot of movies and other media files on it and i watch them by connecting the drive to my bluray player via usb... (it is just a hard drive, non-system, no programs or operating system, just files) i want to encrypt all the files or the whole drive, which...
  16. S

    USB External Harddrive not detected

    Toshiba External USB 3.0 USB Drive troubles. On one laptop, I detect the driver, but i can't access it because the disk is password protected, but im not prompted with any password question, i'm basically unable to type the password anywhere, I've tried pretty much everything to get the password...
  17. iandcn

    Using A USB Mixer As External Soundcard

    Situation: I'm a newbie looking up to get better audio out of my computer. I'm on a low budget and there are very limited items available in my country. I'm eyeing on Behringer Xenyx Q502USB mixer. It has built-in audio interface and phantom power for a mic. I'd like to ask you guys if you...
  18. A

    Can I use external USB graphics in my laptop to extend the graphics memory?

    I have acer aspire 5740g laptop which has inbuilt 1 gb AMD graphics but I want to extend it.
  19. D

    Need help with my 5.1 surround sound system

    Hello, I bought the Auna XCess 5.1 and in addition to that an external usb soundcard, the CSL - 7.1 Channel USB Soundbox. I configured on my laptop the sound to 5.1 surround sound over the usb soundcard settings. From the auna system I plugged three times 2 cinch to 1 aux in the soundcard (both...
  20. M

    Background Copying Software

    Hi guys I am a 14 years old Student and i was looking for a software to copy thing from my teachers pen drives (flash memory) to mine The problem is that when i ask them for doing so the refuse because of the short classes time So is there is a software for this task maybe programming a power...
  21. S

    Problems when installing Windows 7 in MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 6QE Skylake

    Hi!!! I recently bought the laptop MSI GS60 6QE (Skylake version). It has Windows 10 pre-installation included as factory settings. However, I bought this laptop for using it with Windows 7, as my job demands to use this OS. When trying to install Windows 7 from a booteable USB pen drive in...
  22. S

    Hi Res Audiophile External Sound Cards or Audio Interface For Music on Mac

    Hi, I have a budget of $200 and wanted to ask what is the best high-res external USB soundcard or Audio Interface to buy for a old Mac to sound better? I listen to high-res 192khz/24bit music. I have looked at the Shiit Modi Multibit, is that a good buy for external soundcards or is there...
  23. watrhous

    External Drive Virus/Malware

    i'm looking for a antivirus / malware software (free) that I can point to scan external usb drives.
  24. C

    Inspiron 1545 black screen

    I have an Inspiron 1545, screen stays black, but I have been able to install a second external usb screen. The PC is working fine. It looks like the 3mm fuse is okay. Backlight from the screen broken? Do I need to replace the power source to the screen, or replace the screen? If you buy another...
  25. A

    Pavillion DV9700 does not have external USB DVD reader as boot option

    I had to replace a bad hard drive in my Pavillion DV9700 lap top but when I put in my Win 7 OS install disc, the DVD reader would spin up but the ready light would not come on and would not boot. I bought an external USB DVD drive but noticed that USB DVD is not a boot option. What can I do?
  26. A

    Acer laptop won't boot or go in to advanced setup options

    I've tried doing it with a USB. I'm sure I've done what I am required to do in order to launch from the USB that is. It will enter the Acer loading screen and start loading, then go to a black screen. I'm not sure what to do.
  27. M

    laptops internal keyboard not working

    My samsung r528 laptop internal keybords tab or both shift key not working . Whel it work by useing external usb keybord , Having windows 8
  28. S

    i plugged my external mouse on my laptop and is not working ..why?

    i plugged my external mouse on my laptop the light under the mouse is working but the pointer is not moving..what to do? pls help
  29. M

    Chrome virus where I cant exit a pop up page

    Hello, i recently noticed I have an issue with my Google chrome. When i click a link that takes you to an external page, it takes me to a different one instead and the page cant be closed, and the browser stays on it. It doesn't do this always, its very random which makes it even more...
  30. B

    Backing up an external portable HDD efficiently

    I have an external USB HDD all data to be used on multiple PCs. These data backs up for security reason. Now I do it manually, the other usb disk, in a way which is quite useful, but quite inefficient and laborious. Mainly because data size of about 400GB. These are photos, xls files, documents...
  31. L

    USB Blu Ray Player under $50

    Im looking for an external usb blu ray player for $50 or less. It doesn't need to burn blu rays, but it would be nice if it burnt to dvds. Any help would be appreciated.
  32. T

    Can't boot Linux from external USB HDD with Toshiba L305

    Have removed internal HDD for it has bad sectors. Can load Linux from jump drive. Installed Linux to external USB HDD and now system will not boot from the external.
  33. P

    Affordable USB multiple output soundcards?

    Hey everyone, I'm having trouble finding exactly what I'm looking for and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I run a small internet based radio station. Currently I use RadioDJ automation software to run my station. In tandem with that I have a presonus firepod...
  34. V

    Laptop keyboard failing.

    I noticed that some of my laptop's keyboard buttonr have started to have a "weird" feeling when pressing. I have removed them with a screw driver and put them back and the problem gets fixed, however, I was wondering whether there are any alternative solutions? Would an external usb keyboard...
  35. R

    Keyboard doesnt function properly

    When I press the backspace button on my laptop keyboard instead of deleting it puts in "]" when i type the letter "i" it puts in "4i", the "enter" button puts in "5," I am not sure why this is happening and would really like to have this resolved. I am able to use the keys by using the on screen...
  36. A

    Connect USB headset to external USB hub? | Equalizer question.

    Hi, Is it okay to connect a USB headset (Logitech G35) to a external USB 2.0 Hub instead than back of my pc? Would the soundquality decrease? My knowledge about equalizer is 0, zero. I've tryed to "understand" it, but audio just isnt my thing... So, could anyone just say what values on each...
  37. D

    Lenovo Y510P Disc

    I want to buy a Lenovo Y510p but I want the version without the disc drive. Would it make much of a difference gaming high end games like Call Of Duty on a external USB disc drive rather than buying digital downloads for a higher price...
  38. V

    First boot and OS install from external (USB) disc drive

    Hi guys, i am jsut about to put together a pc this weekend, however the copy of windows i am getting is on cd and my pc will have no dics drive. Is it possible to boot and install the OS from an external disc drive the i can borrow from my mate? Cheers.
  39. T

    External USB Flash or SSD Drive

    Over the past say 5 years, I have had chronic issues with my laptops. I have had primarily Toshiba and now a Lenovo. Its very frustrating not knowing if your PC will boot up on any given day. My Lenovo is only 5 months old and is having problems. It is not virus or malware related. OK, that's as...
  40. S

    Satellite C855D won't boot from external USB DVD drive

    I have tried everything to get this laptop to boot from an external cd drive to no avail. Windows will recognize the drive but the BIOS won't boot to it. I have the newest BIOS version. I already have secure boot off with the boot setting to CSM. I also have the 1st boot priority set to USB. The...
  41. S

    Playing PC disc games on a Laptop

    I have bought an external USB 2.0 portable optical drive to play PC disc games on my laptop. The game installs ok but when I
  42. L

    Using external usb audio card can one with two of these run two sets of speakers 5.1

    Using this audio external card: http://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/review/creative/sound_blaster_x-fi_surround_5_1/224822/ Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Can I run with two of these two sets of 5.1 speakers, each attached to each card, and have it detected by Windows with actually...
  43. D

    Cannot get BIOS to see my external usb dvd drive

    I recently purchased a Samsung Ativ Book 4 preloaded with a virus (Windows 8). I wish to remove this and install Windows 7 but the laptop didn't come with a dvd drive, so I purchased a usb dvd drive and I have a bootable windows 7 disk inside .... I cannot get the BIOS to see the usb drive nor...
  44. S

    USB Ports not providing enough power, need a solution?

    Hey guys, I'll start from the beginning; I was asked to fix a friend's eMachines laptop because the Three pay as you go internet dongle wasn't working, after taking a look I noticed it was in a bit of a mess (he had no antivirus and I could tell it was full of adware and other viruses because...
  45. M

    Only getting half the sound through surround speakers

    Hello, I have Logitech x-540 speakers, and an external USB soundcard for my laptop. I'm using windows 7 home premium. For some reason the sound is only playing through the green 'front' speakers cable, I still get bass through the sub but half the speakers don't work and I'm only getting half...
  46. K

    Can external usb sound card work with USB ports of HD TV

  47. A

    Acer Aspire 5020

    Hello i have a acer aspire laptop 5020 and it doesnt read external usb cdrom drives!! I have the 3 rescue discs and i want to finish the rescue , but it stops after inserting the 2/2 cd. Any solution for that? Thank you very much
  48. R

    Solved! Laptop with good sound card

    I need a laptop with a good soundcard for DJing. On my current laptop I bought an external USB audio interface but it keeps giving terrible buzzing noises once or twice a day. (Installed the last 3 new updates, still same problem)
  49. jimb0b

    Trojan downloader found in F:\ system volume information

    Malwarebytes found a trojan downloader in the following location,i copied and pasted this from the log file: F:\System Volume Information\_restore{0D24A6C9-28CF-44B7-B56C-0786B0AB2D4E}\RP494\A0117786.exe (Trojan.Downloader) Its a 250gb external usb expansion drive and i have a buttload of...
  50. S


    Hello, Q: Is their any external USB gaming cards on the market to boost Laptop grahics speed?
  51. G

    How do i install Windows on a dell latitude c600 laptop using external usb drive

    Hello, how do i install Windows xp on a dell latitude c600 laptop using external usb drive?
  52. R

    Can hp laptops have external USB hard disk

    Hello,can hp Model no 530 laptop have external USB hard disk of 500gb for Loading SAP BW IDES software?
  53. P

    Windows Server 2003 shared folder permissions

    I work in a small architecture office (less than 10 people) with a server running Windows Server 2003. I have several shared folders set up for various files: - C:\Current is for all current project files - C:\Downloads is for downloaded program files or other program files that all users need...
  54. B


  55. N

    portable HDD suggestion

    Hi, I want to buy a portable external USB hard disk drive (HDD) where I'd put my photos and videos and that I could connect to a standalone DVD/Divx player. This way, I'd watch my files on my TV and not only on my PC. Easy to say, hard to find, be cause of lack of detailed parameters for...
  56. B

    Laptop Help

    Hey folks, I have a pentium 4 M, 2.40 Ghz laptop and when i plug in my external usb drive and listen to mp3s for example,after a few min of use the laptop just crashes on me, it freezes and the external drive shuts down. I tried uninstalling some software but nothing works...Has anyone had a...