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  1. R

    Acer 5742Z occasionally constant rebooting.

    This Acer 5742Z laptop, occasionally, constantly restarts or reboots. It not a overheating problem. Because it does it from a cold start. It boots to the Acer logo; shows the "F2 to setup" notice and then reboots. During this boot cycling, the F2 does not work. Somethimes it boots up normally...
  2. D

    connect dvd player usb to non-usb tuner

    my new dvd drive has usb but my old tuner has no usb port
  3. B

    I have an acer Aspire E 15 ES1-512-C1PS does it have a cd/dvd drive

    Need to know if my acer laptop has a cd/dvd drive ... there's a spot for it but no button to open it . . . does that mean there isn't one?
  4. A

    Win 10 / Optical Drive

    Hello. So I would like to buy a laptop on Amazon soon but I have some questions. 1. If laptop description says - Operating System: Windows 10 - does it mean it has windows 10 already installed on it? Or should I install it myself? Also if I should install it, how can I do that? Because: 2. This...
  5. S

    CD/DVD drive on HP 650

    Hi. :) I have HP 650 ProBook, Windows 10 Pro. There doesn't exist button to open CD/DVD on my laptop. Also, in My Computer I only have Local Disc C, not DVD drive so I can't find Eject. Does my laptop support CDs at all? Thanks!
  6. T

    My laptop had a non removable battery and no DVD drive. It says no bootable device

    I have an hp 11 stream laptop with a non removable battery and no dvd drive. My laptop says no bootable device--insert boot disk and press any key. Help [Moderator's edit: OS = Windows 7]
  7. A

    hello my dvd drive is not working...

    My dvd drive is not working... Whenever I put the dvd in dvd rom... after some time some noises sounds hear but dvd is not play...
  8. fantasma64

    Help to choose these two laps?

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01578ZKPO/ref=twister_B018KGK3XO?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 ASUS ROG GL552 $969 15" 6 i7 6700hq Gtx 960 2gb 16 gb ddr4 1tb hybrid hdd [Dual slot hdd, but not ssd m.2] r&w Dvd ROM 5.6 pounds 2xUsb 3.0 ------------...
  9. S

    Toshiba Satellite BIOS not listing CD/DVD drive as a possible boot device

    On my Toshiba Satellite C55-A5281, the BIOS does not list the CD/DVD as a possible boot device. (The CD / DVD drive works fine). Under Advanced - System Configuration in the BIOS, I noticed that the Boot Mode was grayed out and set on [UEFI Boot]. But not sure if this would have even helped...
  10. S

    CD/DVD Drive makes noises, can't use RDP or shut down laptop

    Dell Precision M4700 Windows 7 Pro 64-bit Strange issue that's been intermittently happening with 4 laptops in my company (all the same model) including my laptop. Every so often (sometimes a few times in a week, sometimes just once or twice a month) the CD/DVD drive will start making noises...
  11. S

    ThinkPad E550 - DVD SATA capabilities

    Hi everyone, I own a ThinkPad E550 whose HDD interface is SATA III. My question is: can I deduce that also the DVD-ROM Drive connection is SATA III (even if the drive itself is, of course, SATA-I)? I'm asking this because I'd like to replace my DVD-ROM with a caddy, in order to install a SSD...
  12. M

    Laptop DVD REPLACEMENT options

    My Asus A54c laptop dvdrom isnt reading the Disc good enough to Install Windows from a Disc and i need to replace it fast. I have the samsung toshiba DVD SN-208bb/asbfz removed from the Laptop and i am searching online to replace it. I can find a few that state the model is sn-208bb but not the...
  13. B

    Samsung DVD drive problem

    Hi all My Samsung NP-350V laptop drive has started playing up (not being seen) I got a replacement CD/DVD drive and the same thing is happening ...I think it all started when I decided to use the dvd drive caddy for a second SSD ( that too is only seen randomly) I update the bios and reinstalled...
  14. C

    still have no DVD Rom on 7551-7422 all fixes are a no go

    still have no DVD Rom on 7551-7422 all fixes are a no go
  15. S

    how to open DVD drive on asus laptop

    Don't know how to open the DVD drive on laptop
  16. T

    can i make my dvd drive into usb

    hi thanks for reading this... my laptop usb ports died out on me i got a new usb borad and nothing worked so it is possible that i can take out my dvd drive and replaced it with usb ports?
  17. J

    Can someone help me??!!

    Ok so I have a dell Inspiron 15 3521, and early today I broke the dvd drive , don't ask how, anyways I pulled the dvd drive out of the laptop, made sure not to damage anything, but once I got the dvd drive out I had to mangle it all up to get the dvd out of it, now when I start my laptop it just...
  18. J

    Laptop DVDs drive problems! Plz help!

    Ok so I have a dell Inspiron 15 3521, and early today I broke the dvd drive , don't ask how, anyways I pulled the dvd drive out of the laptop, made sure not to damage anything, but once I got the dvd drive out I had to mangle it all up to get the dvd out of it, now when I start my laptop it just...
  19. M

    Mode_Exception_Not_Handled on my partitioned Macbook Pro.

    Windows 8. Do have a program disk or DVD. No DVD drive. How can I get around this. Why would Microsoft disable the work around?
  20. M

    Will it fit

    Hi guys just wondered if the dvd drive form a toshiba C70-A-13D will fit a Toshiba Satellite C50D-B-120 Laptop. Cheers
  21. S

    Dell Inspiron 5559 - Replace DVD Drive with SSD

    I am looking for a new laptop and will probably buy the Dell Inspiron 5559 (6500U), which has a DVD Drive tray. The laptop has most of what I want except a better display (Which I can live without) and an SSD. Can I replace the DVD Drive with an SSD I will buy separately? (I do not need the...
  22. P

    Laptop dvd drive isn't reading disc.

    Recently I have changed Dell Laptop 15 3537 DVD drive with new one and that new one wasn't reading any disc. But sometime drive is working but if i ejected the disc and insert again it isn't working again. When i inserted the any CD DVD, Windows loading bar is progressing but nothing is shown...
  23. G

    Acer Iconia W510 - Help with a Factory Reset

    I have a number of Acer Iconia W510 notebook/tablet systems that I'd like to just start again with - a full reinstall of the Windows operating system and an 'as new, out of the box' user experience. To do this, all I need to do is reconfigure the BIOS of the W510 so that it will boot from an...
  24. K

    3F0 BootDevice Not Found put SSD into Dvd Drive Bay

    Hey all been a reader of Tom's Hardware for a few years but this is my first post as I haven't found this particular question answered before. Laptop Model: HP ENVY 17-J111TX Intel Core i7-4700MQ 16Gb DDR3L GeForce GT 740M Samsung Evo 850 120Gb SSD As the title explains I have been getting...
  25. S

    Doubt regarding replacing DVD slot with SSD

    Laptop Model: Acer Aspire E5-573G-56RG Notebook This model does not have the dvd drive, im looking to replace the empty slot with SDD, I have no idea about specifications like, which HDD caddy to buy (9.5mm or other sizes) and connector type. Lastly, is it easily install-able or not, I heard...
  26. grimlockPH

    Optical Drives and Battery Life

    Well, I've been wondering if turning off the DVD Drive of a laptop would improve battery life. I know at some points it can but I just don't know how much. If there's a way to completely turn off the optical drive (powered off not just disabled) without opening the chassis, that'd be really...
  27. g-unit1111

    Possible to replace an optical drive on a laptop?

    I have a Lenovo Y500 and the tray DVD drive occasionally becomes ejected at very random times, I want to replace it with a slot-loading BD-R drive like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA7BJ35N2839 Has anyone done something like that? Is it possible?
  28. D

    2nd Drive and Drive Cloning?

    If I install an ssd into my macbook with an adapter bay for the dvd drive, can I clone my original drive onto it and then format the original hard drive so that I do not need to purchase a sata to usb adapter?
  29. T

    DVD drive not reading DVDs or games

    Hello, this is my first time asking on these sorts of things but here goes... A couple of days ago I undated my Lenovo laptop to windows 10 and when I first downloaded it, it was working fine. I am an avide player of the sims and decided today I was going to download all 16 of my sims 3 games...
  30. D

    Dell inspiron 1545 dvd drive usb 3.0

    I have a Dell inspiron 1545 and I wish to add usb 3.0 port using the dvd drive since I dont need it, would anyone know a way to add usb 3.0 in the dvd drive space. I wouldn't mind cutting a few hole in the dvd cover.
  31. Andrew Mc Glone

    New laptop with no DVD drive - future installation of windows ?

    Hi, I am thinking of getting a new laptop (Dell XPS 15). It doesn't come with a DVD drive like my existing HP Pavilion. I was going to get an external DVD drive but I was wondering would that work when installing a future version of Windows from DVD ? Say I had Windows 10 Preview on the...
  32. C

    DVD RW won't work

    My Studio 1745 got to where the dvd drive won't work at all,it won't burn or play,it sounds like a clicking sound as if it has a disk in but doesn't,.and now it won't download,Any ideas?Thanks.......
  33. englandr753

    Boot from CD issue on ASUS G60vx lappy

    This laptop was having issues booting up and freezing. I just got it back from shipping it off for repair and I now want to install windows 7 on an SSD drive. The issue is the dvd drive is readable in the BIOS but doesnt seem to spin up or read any type of disk I put in it. I'm wondering if...
  34. P

    size of optical drive 12.7 or 9.5

    where can I find the size of my optical drive. I have a HP g71 400 series laptop
  35. D

    My laptops not working

    Hi my Toshiba satellite c850-f0202 won't work. The power and led light keep flashing and the dvd-ROM light is flashing as well
  36. cha11enger

    Wil an external CD/DVD drive work to install Windows 7 Ultimate on a Laptop?

    Hello there, :) just a quick simple question but, would an external CD/DVD drive work to install a fresh copy of Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate Edition (I am NOT a fan of windows 'new' 8/8.1 style OS system, I can work with it but if I got some $$ to spend for a less miserable experience, I will)...
  37. C

    Toshiba satellite c50, bought a dvd drive for usb but won't play!

    I bought a dvd drive thinking i'd just pop it into the usb and be able to watch movies but when i click on it it just spins and nothing plays but loads of files pop up. :( Can anyone help me? Many thanks.
  38. H

    Optical Drive Stuck: Cyberpower Fangbook III HX6-100

    I received a new cyberpower fangbook iii hx6-100 direct from cyberpowerpc.com today. Everything seems to be working smoothly, except the DVD drive is stuck. It wasnt stuck at first, but the 2nd time i tried to open it, it wouldnt open. It is not completely closed, only about 1-2 mm open, but...
  39. Lumia925

    how to install a second hard drive in a notebook?

    I want to get rid of the optical drive and install a second HDD, and I got a new HDD as well. But when I opened the laptop, the DVD drive is much larger than the HDD. And the connections on the back of the HDD are not the same as those on the back of the DVD drive. How do I make the HDD fit in...
  40. T

    dell e1705 won't take drivers after installing clean XP

    Driver problem installing after clean XP O/S install. Built in DVD drive with DVD disc with drivers does not open file or install them. Installeld O/S with internal DVD drive. Have done this many times so I am not an amateur at reformatting my laptop.
  41. Maineman

    Anyone know exactly what new laptop ASUS is releasing soon?

    I hear ASUS is releasing a new laptop. Anyone know exactly what new laptop ASUS is releasing soon? I hear it will be a 13" or so laptop priced about $250 to $300, no DVD drive. Maybe they are waiting for Win 10 to be released. Any thoughts?
  42. M

    Looking for a good display and a dvd drive

    I need a new laptop. I'm a light user; mostly web browsing, some movie streaming, and I watch a lot of DVDs. I don't want to use an external drive, as it is much easier to use a built in drive, but if I have no other options I will. I don't need lots of memory or the fastest processor; a DVD...
  43. H

    how do i remove cd/dvd drive from my asus x-54c

    I'm trying to take my CD/DVD drive out of my Asus model x-54c. I've take out every screw I could see & I've popes the whole outer clips on the laptop. It seems there's either a screw I can't get to or a clip in the middle holding it from coming apart.
  44. A

    I can't open my CD/DVD drive.

    I have EasyNote ENTF71BM. There is no button to open the drive
  45. EzTec

    Corsair 350D Stealth drive - thinking about doing it

    Thinking about doing a Stealth Drive on my Corsair 350D once it arrives and i set everything up like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4dkp86Yl5o It looks so nice! I am still reading how to do it though, I thought about getting an external dvd drive and placing it on the desk or something...
  46. J

    How to open cd drive tray on my toshiba c55t-b5109 i can't find the eject button!!

    I can't open my dvd drive on my toshiba c55-tb109
  47. B

    How do I open the CD/DVD drive Model PSCBWE-0D000NEN.

    I can not open the side slot to insert a CD or DVD. Can you please advise of what the procedure is? Is there a page available to show me the keyboard to help me to understand the keyboard fully. Thank you
  48. F

    BIOS can "see" HDD and CD/DVD drives but cannot boot from either

    Hey guys, Had a friend ask to have her laptop wiped and have a fresh install of Windows done. The laptop is about 4 -5 years old. Everything seemed fine until i noticed that it would only seem to boot from the HDD or the CD/DVD drive from a cold boot, but when it restarted on it's own (from the...
  49. N

    DVD Drive makes whirring sound then clicks

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to burn some files to a blank DVD, however when I do put the DVD in my DVD burning drive, it makes a whirring sound like its trying to spin followed with 2 clicks. I haven't had this issue before and can't figure out what's wrong. I've tried multiple DVDs so it must be an...
  50. SkateArc

    trying to install os

    Hey Guys i am trying to install win xp on my old pc but when i set boot to dvd drive it will go to its pentium 4 extreme edition logo then go black, what can i do?
  51. M

    How to boot from ssd that replaced DVD ROM on Sony VAIO svf series? No such option in bios... (((

    How to boot from ssd that replaced DVD ROM on Sony VAIO svf series? No such option in bios... ((( Model svf1532p1rw, bios 1050db
  52. Ross11

    How can I rip a DVD-ROM? What software should I use?

    I bought a book for self-teaching piano that came with a dvd-rom disc with .wma audio and .wmv video files for all the exercises in the book and it said you could rip it with a media player to play the files with an mp3 player while practicing, store the videos on a hard drive etc. I can't...
  53. D

    How to install operating system?

    I am not sure if im posting this in the right category. So, i recently bought a Lenovo Y510p without operating system, also i don't have a DVD drive (i got secound graphics card in the ultrabay). I was wondering if i could get some advice. Can i use external DVD drive to install windows? usb...
  54. F

    Laptop DVD Drive not responding or found.

    I have an Asus k53e with Windows 7 x64. I have tried the regedit then delete upper and lower but upper and lower was not in the regedit so could not do that. I have updated bios. There is nothing in the bios that says cd, dvd, optical drive etc.. Not on the boot menu upon startup, hdd is the...
  55. N

    open drive asus

    I've just bought an asus x-series notebook laptop. It says that it has an optical dvd drive and there is one located on the right hand side of the laptop but there is no eject button. I have gone into my computer to find the dvd drive and open it that way but it doesn't give me this option. Any...
  56. P

    "Toshiba Satellite L40D - B" No eject button on CD drive

    I just got this as my new laptop and I cannot eject the CD/DVD drive; there is no butto to eject it from the side, but it looks like there is a visible cd tray on the side. Any way to open it?
  57. W

    Do external dvd drive/storage drive combos exist?

    Two components that certain slim profile laptops lack (mine certainly does) are large storage drives and cd drives. Are there any products on the market that combine the two? I'd imagine it would be a convenient thing to leave on one's desk when on the go, then reattach to your laptop when you...
  58. O

    Question about Asus Laptop

    Hi, I just wanted to find out whether I would be able to replace the DVD drive with an adapter that would give me the option to replace it with an SSD. I just wanted to find out whether I would be able to do it b myself or if I would have to send it off to my manufacturers for them to do it for...
  59. M

    Computer has DVD drive in it, but no way to open it.

    Hi, I just bought a Toshiba (C55T-b5109) for a great deal for $304 (tax already included) US dollars and it works wonderful. But the thing is, though, there is a DVD Drive shaped "thing" on the left side of the laptop. It won't open, it's stuck. There might not even be a DVD drive in it, but I...