Laptop DVD REPLACEMENT options


Jan 6, 2013
My Asus A54c laptop dvdrom isnt reading the Disc good enough to Install Windows from a Disc and i need to replace it fast. I have the samsung toshiba DVD SN-208bb/asbfz removed from the Laptop and i am searching online to replace it. I can find a few that state the model is sn-208bb but not the rest of the number asbfz. I dont know if i get one without that ending asbfz that it will insert in the laptop or what difference that number makes. Also I am trying to find one shipped from within Canada to avoid the DUTY FEES.

Are there any other DVD roms from a different manufacturer that would FIT??? I cant find many choices where to buy the Original in Canada for a Good Price. Obviously i can install it if i find the rightone to fit but i don know anything more than that except to be careful to get the rightone when buying it. It takes a real techy to understand what other models would fit , i would like one faster than the original dvd.


You may be able in install Windows from a USB drive. If that works external drives will most likely work as well.

If this is the ONLY thing you will use the DVD drive for it may be an option(why replace it when a cheap flash drive has more use after).

Some slim drives may fit, but either be sunk into the notebook(most times since the notebooks have plastic to match the notebooks outer shell) or stick out depending on the drive design(most times it is a fancy face plate).

It may be enough to the install, but not ideal for a full time install. That still relies on having the same interface and keeping that mounting hardware from the stock drive.


Jan 6, 2013
I tried using windows download tool to make a usb windows install flashdrive but the system just bypasses the flash at startup even if the boot is set to flash. Also i just bought a new windows install disc so i may as well buy a dvdrom drive and use the disc.

THANKS, my questions were answered. "Only the exact model should be used as a replacement."
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