DVD drive not reading DVDs or games


Aug 11, 2015
Hello, this is my first time asking on these sorts of things but here goes...
A couple of days ago I undated my Lenovo laptop to windows 10 and when I first downloaded it, it was working fine. I am an avide player of the sims and decided today I was going to download all 16 of my sims 3 games onto my laptop. After three hours of doing it I had 12 downloaded and 4 more to go, this is when my problem occurred. The sims downloader said there was an error so I kept having to stop it loading it and begin again. Long story short, soon after, my DVD drive just stopped. It began making these weird noise, almost like a printer printing a picture with lots of ink (like a clunking sound) I didn't panic but then after this noise had finished I waited for the 'what would you like to do with this disk' and nothing appeared. I thought I might have not noticed it so I went onto 'my PC' and on the DVD/CD disk drive said there was nothing there. I tried again, still nothing. I thought it might be the disk, so I tried the next game, still nothing. I then tried a normal DVD with some hope. But as expected the noise happened again and still nothing, I have not yet tried CD, should I do so?
Now I have a feeling that I shouldn't blame windows 10 and Im not, I did install 12 games one after each other in 3 hours. But because it is such a new upgrade and there is little help online with it, I'm kinda stuck. I've tried doing things people do on windows 8 and no luck. Like I said I never do this and I'm not 100% sure this is the right site for my questions, my apologies if so and can you direct me to a website that can help if this is the wrong one? But I would quite like, if anyone had any, tips or ways to correct it, I'm just hoping that it will sort itself out and if turned off for a while it will, but that just sounds silly. I'm sorry if this is kinda all over the place but I would quite like the help.
Thank you in advance
A very confused and worried 16 year old
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