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    DVD Drive making laptop boot slower

    Greetings, I have an old Acer Aspire 4310 that I started using again recently. I remember it booted quicker than any computer I ever worked with. The initial boot takes about twenty seconds so I decided to press the ESC key in order to find out whether it was the RAM memory or the HDD that was...
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    Possible to swap DVDrom for SSD in ASUS K50IJ?

    Hi, I have a asus K50IJ that is starting to feel a bit slow. It has 3gb of mem so upgrading it an extra gig seems kinda superfluous (right?). I was thinking about trying to "hack" in an additional drive, SSD drive to be exact without giving up the space that I currently have (300gb) with the...
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    How to take backup form acer laptop to CD or DVD drive.

    how do I backup my pictures to disk
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    Cd/dvd issue

    Hello, I have a toshiba laptop. My cd/dvd drive will start up bit immediately shuts back down will not play through. But my laptop recognizes it as a working device
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    DVD pays data disks but not DVD films from store...

    I have an old computer with an even older teac DVD rom and it would be fair to say I m a novice - but learning... It palys all data discs but I cannot get it to recognize a DVD purchased from a store. It tells me no disc - I have updated the drivers as per internet forum nstructions and...
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    How to fix missing dvd drive in bios

    Has anybody ever found the answer to the DVD drive not showing up on the device manager list?
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    Laptop dvd drive not working

    Please my DVD/CD-RW drive (H:) cannot read any cd or dvd plate. I went to the device manager and got a message that the drive is working properly, yet when I insert any disk, it cannot play. I would appreciate a help from anyone please.
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    Dell inspiron 5100 dvd rom

    My dell inspiron 5100 dvd rom cant read any discs. Pls help me. Thanks
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    my inspiron 5100 recognizes the dvd rom but cant read any disk.. pls help me. :cry:
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    How do i turn on my dvd optical drive acer

    Hello, i have an acer touchscreen Pc. My dvd drive has stopped working. I cannot load a disc. Troubleshoot says your optical drive has been turned off, please reconnect. As this is inbuilt , this appears impossible... Any ideas?
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    Which brands of USB DVD drive can boot my Gateway MX6920 Laptop?

    I've gone through 6 brands of external USB DVD drive. It won't boot from any boot disk I use. I can boot from the internal DVD drive. I can boot from a USB Stick. BIOS text startup has listed the drives when they were connected. I know it sees it and the drive spins up. I have checked the boot...
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    How to take backup form acer laptop to CD or DVD drive.

    how to take back up from laptop to cd?
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    Cd dvd drive not working in windows xp

    Hello, When i insert CD/DVD into windows XP laptop , my laptop not decting CD/DVD i mean to say CD/DVD shows empty files, What can i do, please suggest me,,, Thank you,
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    Laptop wont recognize cd/dvd drive, Windows 7 issue? Or Toshiba?

    I've tried everything from updating the drivers to changing the bios, but nothing has fixed the "DVD not recognized by computer..." Is this a Windows 7 issue or is it Toshiba's glitch? Any ideas on how to fix this problem? Thanks for your help... Tamara
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    DVD Drive not working (not recognised)

    Hi, I have a Packard Bell Easynote SJ51. It comes with the dvd drive Mashita UJ-870. One day the DVD stopped working. It wasn't even recognised in Bios. On the CD ROM entry in the bios it was None, and i couldn't change it. Although the Bios doesn't detect the device it is detected in device...
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    Broken CD/DVD drive

    My HP Laptop was dropped :(. Now the cd/DVD drive won't open. I tried the paper clip in the hole, tried to gently pull it open but no luck. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance. TT
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    How to repair a laptop cd drive

    Hello, My laptop was dropped and now I can't open the CD/DVD drive. I tried the paperclip in the hole it won't open. Can anyone help
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    Can i install a program from a memory stick that was copied from a dvd?

    I have a computer that has no DVD drive, can I install a program that has been copied from a DVD to a memory stick?
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    Cd/dvd drive not reading disc

    my dvd drive quite its a matshita dvd-ram uj-850s ata device it sais its missing or corupt i get error message 39 i have been trying to fix it for two days i dont know what to do