Replacing the DVD drive with an SSD - is there a limit to how much storage I can have?!


Oct 29, 2017
The DVD in my late-2011 unibody MBPro stopped working a while ago and I don't need it. The machine is pretty slow at present, so I would like to put a 500GB SSD in its' place. I currently have a 1TB hybrid drive (750HDD/250SSD) in.

My plan was to put the 500GB SSD into the main SATA slot, move the hybrid to the secondary slot in the DVD drive space, and then use a time machine backup to rebuild the whole thing so that the vast majority of my content is on SSDs.

However, the ifixit kit for doing the conversion from DVD to HDD/SSD says 'Hard Drive Limit of 750GB' - so does that mean that my plan won't work? What's the limiting factor here - is it the SATA cable for some reason?

Here's the ifixit kit for reference: