how to find DVD drive size and info?


Dec 22, 2016
Hi, I have an Acer laptop Aspire F 15 (F-573). I would like to replace my DVD drive with a blu ray internal drive. I have been trying to find the spec of it but can't find. I need to find the size, 12.7mm, 9.5mm or 7.5mm? SATA? slim type or stand type? Can you guys please tell how to find that info? Thank you.
Turn the laptop over and look for a screw on the base about two inches in from the edge where the optical drive is. Remove that screw and the unit will slide out with slight pressure from your fingernail.

It's best to take it with you to the store or measure it carefully all ways round, particularly thickness and the size of the missing triangle on one side.

When you get your replacement, you may need to make sure the bracket into which the screw fits is the same way round as the old one.
LOL. DIY and figuring it yourself is always a good option.

An aesthetic point to consider, the eject button, activity LED may not match your current bezel. What is jmishtepa babbling about now? The plastic piece (cover) on front of your DVD needs to be removed and transferred to the new drive and if it doesn't fit..... you may end up with an ugly hole.

Another point (man that jsmithepa is chatty) did you know Windows can't play BR on its own? There maybe an extra expense for playing software.
Purely aesthetic - you can do without that bezel. You will still have an eject button and LED. You can eject in Windows software anyway.

jsmithepa, doesn't a drive come with any software other than a driver? It can be bought on the UK e-Bay site for under £2.