Solved! "Plugged in, Not Charging" SCHOOL LAPTOP, SHOWING 3 BATTERYS?


Oct 24, 2017
Okay basically, I've had 8 broken laptops because the kids at my school are autistic and can't keep there hands to themselves, second of all i got a new school laptop by the school it place and now two days later my laptop is not charging for some reason, it just says "plugged in, not charing" and its at 5% charge also for some reason it shows 3 battery (Looks like this)
Battery 1: 5% and not charging
Battery 2: Not present
Baterry 3: Not present

I've searched online, went into device manager reinstalled battery drivers, removed battery and done other things. Still nothing is working.
Please help, THIS IS MY 9TH LAPTOP.
I would really appreciate if theirs a fix.
(btw i can't update my laptop because its locked by the education department)


Oct 24, 2017

But i have full admin rights? If there is no other solution then i think i will just have to go to my school IT department and also is there a reason why my laptop is showing 3 batterys.



A) If the laptop is issued and locked by your school then they are the ones that provide all tech support
(btw i can't update my laptop because its locked by the education department)
B) You do not have 3 batteries, you only have one, with additional slots for 2 more (note the use of the words "Not Present")
your error can be a few points of failure. the first is the data chip in the battery may have failed or there a bad cell in the battery. the second point can be a bad ac brick. twisted wires or the bricks output is lower then it needs to be. on your laptop the power plug can be broken off or a bad solider joint. on the laptop system or power board there a chip failure. the laptop can run from ac power but the battery charging part of the power board is bad.
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