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    Solved! Laptop for School and Light/Medium Gaming

    I have been looking for laptops recently to replace my current laptop for school. I have found some laptops which would suit my requirements but I was wondering if anyone could find better deals. Games played would be like Insurgency, CSGO and Subnautica. My budget would be around $900 - $1300...
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    Solved! "Plugged in, Not Charging" SCHOOL LAPTOP, SHOWING 3 BATTERYS?

    Okay basically, I've had 8 broken laptops because the kids at my school are autistic and can't keep there hands to themselves, second of all i got a new school laptop by the school it place and now two days later my laptop is not charging for some reason, it just says "plugged in, not charing"...
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    Amazon Back-to-School Sale: Save $100 on Echo Show

    The best deals in Amazon's back-to-school sale. Amazon Back-to-School Sale: Save $100 on Echo Show : Read more
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    school laptop recommendations!!!

    I am currently trying to get a computer that is going to last me through the remaining 2 years of college and hopefully into grad school. I am currently looking at these computers could someone give me a recommendation on what I should do. Or if you have something else you would recommend please...
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    How to Use Price Matching to Your Advantage

    Save time and money by knowing the ins and outs of price matching. How to Use Price Matching to Your Advantage : Read more
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    Best Amazon Back-to-School Deals

    Get a jump start on back-to-school season with Amazon's new back-to-school sections. Best Amazon Back-to-School Deals : Read more
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    Gaming Laptop for School

    I need a laptop with decent gaming to be able to run games with solid fps but it also has to have good battery life my budget is $2000 AUD - need 6h+ battery life while not gaming (during school)
  8. D

    How to convince my school technology administrators to give me access to .paf files?

    I want to have access to portable browsers on my school laptop. I have a 64-bit Windows 10 laptop and I need a valid reason to convince the IT technicians at my school to give me access to .paf files.
  9. B

    Looking for solid college laptop

    Hello I need a simple laptop for school usage only. I need it to run Microsoft office smooth and to download SPSS statistics software. Are these stats for a Lenovo 320 Ideapad any good? Display: 1366x 768 Processor: 3.0GHz AMD A9 dual core (A9-9420) Memory: 4GB DDR4 Storage: 1TB hard drive...
  10. J

    Best Laptop for College/Photo Editing

    1. What is your budget? -$1700 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? -13" 3. What screen resolution do you want? -Preferably QHD but I can settle at FHD if the laptop is really good. 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? -Portable 5. How much...
  11. H

    Asus 5 A515 51g vs (used)Asus g551j vs Lenovo legion y520

    Im looking forward to buy a laptop as a student, im on a limited budget so please keep that in mind and building a pc is just a no-no for a college student I have several choices of laptop that i can afford, here is the list.. Feel free to suggest anything that might suite in with my budget...
  12. J

    HP Omen 15 vs Acer Aspire Nitro

    Hi I really didn't want to make a thread like this but here I go anyway.. HP has a "back to school"-offer right now on their Omen 15 ce002no laptop, and it has amazing specs. 120hz IPS panel (G-sync support), GTX 1060, 7700HQ, 250GB m.2 SSD + 1TB HDD and it seems to have a decent battery. The...
  13. T

    Budget laptop under 500

    Hi! I'm looking for a laptop for school under 500. I need it to be under 1kg and have a small profile as the desks are small. I would prefer a windows laptop (for games during the holidays) but a chromebook that can run x86 programs in ubuntu would be fine too. If it is possible under 400...
  14. R

    Looking for a portable laptop for school and gaming. Reccomendations?

    Hi. I currently have a 2015 MacBook Pro, which I use for school. However, you just can't game on a Mac. So I think I'll sell it for about $1500-$1600, and I have about $250 I am willing to spend of the money I currently have. So $1850 is basically my budget. I need a Mac for school, but I also...
  15. I

    New school laptop

    So I'm going to High School this year and i need a new laptop for it. It needs to have an i7 cpu and a good gpu. Currently I have 2 options: or...
  16. SSGGoku

    Which gaming laptop?

    I am buying a gaming laptop for university and I am stuck between two laptops: MSI GT73VR Titan Pro i7-6820hk gtx 1080 512GB SSD Super Raid 4 1TB HDD 2400 32GB DDR4 (overkill) 17.3" 120Hz PC Specialist Octane III i7-7700(k) gtx 1080 256GB Samsung SM961 1TB WD Black HDD 2400 16GB DDR4 17.3"...
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    Solved! Portable Battery Solution For BIG Power Draw

    Hi all, I have the ASUS GL502VS-DS71 laptop and I love it. It is a sleek beast between the 1070, the i7-7700, and the 16Gb of DDR4. I am taking it with to school and planning on using it to feed my gaming addiction as well as to run CAD software, type papers, and such. Needless to say...
  18. S

    New laptop shopping

    Hi, I am looking for a new laptop for school, I am trying to get one with an AMD processor out of personal preference, and an SSD for longer battery life and less spinning components that can be broken. I have found this one online that I am hoping someone could have a look at and give me...
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    11 Best Back-to-School Tech Deals

    From laptops and phones to Bluetooth speakers, TVs and headphones, these are the best bargains for your student. 11 Best Back-to-School Tech Deals : Read more
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    Amazon Giving Away $15 for Back to School

    Another compelling reason to try Prime Student. Amazon Giving Away $15 for Back to School : Read more
  21. T

    Laptop for college (Computer Programming) 1000-1200 CAD

    Hello, I'm heading back to school this September and we are required to purchase a laptop for class. The minimum hardware requirements for the laptop are: Intel I7 or AMD A10 processor or better with chipset that must support virtualization 16 GB of RAM 1 TB hard drive Ethernet Network Card...
  22. S

    Laptop for school and light gaming.

    I am looking for a laptop, priced below $600 Australian for use at school. I have a gaming desktop at home, so it doesn't need to cover that, but it would still be a nice bonus if it could run simple games on low to mid settings at a manageable frame rate. Also, it's a school laptop, so it needs...
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    These Kindle Deals Are Another Great Reason to Join Amazon Prime Student

    Amazon's most popular Kindles are on sale for Prime Student members only. These Kindle Deals Are Another Great Reason to Join Amazon Prime Student : Read more
  24. canadianvice

    Something portable, ideally w/ stylus, for low cost? (Canada)

    I was just wondering if there are any units I should be taking a look at. My brother is heading back to school and needs an ultraportable for note-taking. At minimum, he needs typing, but if possible a really nice extra would be a stylus pen for use with OneNote with Chemistry. To put in...
  25. C

    When do the biggest discounts on laptops happen?

    Looking to buy a general use laptop (light gaming) over the next half year - when do you think the best discounts happen for laptops? Back to school? Black friday? Xmas? Post-xmas?
  26. R

    Need ultrabook recommendations

    Ok so i Have a idea for a gaming and school hybrid. There idea is to get a ultrabook for school; something with good battery life ,a decent display for content creation and at least a 13.3 inch display (also is 8 gigs of ddr4 ram enough for content creation?). The reason I'm calling this a...
  27. S

    Macbook Air(New Model) or ASUS 2-in-1 Q524UQK

    I'm going back to school soon and I need help choosing the right laptop. I would like to do my schoolwork efficiently while also playing minecraft and league of legends. I currently have the ASUS Q524UQK and it reaches high temperatures while gaming. I'm not sure if the Macbook Air would be a...
  28. AllMightySean

    Need Second Opinions for a University Programming Laptop

    I'm a student going into University fall 2017 for Computer Science/ Game Development. I need a laptop to work alongside my beefier tower computer. I've got a list of possible laptops and I just want feedback about what laptop you would choose and why. Here's what I'm looking to use it for...
  29. P

    Going to school for IT

    I'm going back to school and I need some guidance on a laptop to purchase. I know I need it capable of handling Linux and virtual machines. Budget is max at $600.
  30. A

    Solved! Gaming laptop help

    Hello everybody, A friend of mine is looking to buy a razer laptop, but he doesn't know which one to choose between the blade and the blade pro. He would bring this laptop at school, but has a big backpack. He likes to play games on the go with good graphics and framerates. Unluckily for his...
  31. X

    Students needs hardware? In terms of mobility and presentation.

    Hi folks. I am a student, currently looking for hardware that will ease my needs when I am on the university. The hardware I am looking for must have the capability of mobility and presentation. I will move around and do detailed presentation along with live presentation too, a lot. I am...
  32. S

    Help please, laptop needed for school

    I'm trying to go back to school but you have to have a laptop I've terror s million and1 ways and had no luck once I'm in i can get a new laptop long my grades stand but that's not a issue if i fall under95% I'll flip is just getting there. anyone know were to pick up a laptop even if you get...
  33. E

    Look at purchasing a high-end/gaming laptop for school.

    I am looking at purchasing a high-end/gaming laptop for school. I will be doing a variety of tasks on the laptop, but I'm predicting that I will be taking notes/watching videos while on battery and using resource intensive programs like Autodesk or Photoshop/Premier Pro while plugged in. I've...
  34. G

    Laptop for college

    Hey guys, I have been researching alot for a laptop to use at college. I need one that is going to last a good few hours but also know that I can't trust the ratings that sites such as PC World, Dell, Hp etc give me (I live in the UK). Can someone help me as to how I can calculate/estimate...
  35. G

    I need a laptop for college

    Hey, I am doing a computer programming course where we wil be learning things such as "C" and using microsoft office etc. However, I also plan on doing some very light gaming (nothing that requires a dedicated GPU), and may be using adobe indesign + photoshop etc. I have recently (beginning of...
  36. C

    Need suggestions for back to school laptop

    Hi all, i am here speaking on behalf of a friend, he needs a laptop for school work, nothing for gaming but photoshop and design. His price range is £350-£500, for the more expensive option i was thinking of the ASUS X556UA. Any help would be highly appreciated. :-)
  37. P

    Which laptop should I get for WoW (and some other games) and school work?

    The title explains what I'm looking for in these two laptops. I am currently playing WoW so I'd like one of these two to be able to play it quite well, as well as some other games. I'd also like something that's fine for word processing, mainly. I'm thinking that it won't really matter since...
  38. davidarad02

    Help me choose a laptop

    so, it's back to school season and I need a new laptop, and I do have some computer knowladge and I do have a budget, so I narrowed it down to two laptops that will fit me perfectly, and I need your opinion on which one is better for me. I will start learning programming so keep that in mind. I...
  39. G

    Macbook pro 13" 2015: Buy cheaper now or wait?

    I'm getting a new Macbook Pro 13 inch 2015 for £900 ($1190) after student discount. That's £100 ($132) cheaper. I'm also getting a Beats Solo2 Wireless as part of Apple's back to school program. I intend to sell that and get around £150 ($200) for that. So the Pro 2015 will cost me £750 ($990)...
  40. I

    Laptop for University Software Engineering (800-1k CND)

    Hey guys, My girlfriend is going back to school and she's looking for a new laptop to do her school work on that will last her the four years of her degree. We're really not looking for anything fancy, it should just be able to do the following: - Visual Studio for medium sized projects -...
  41. M

    Fanless Windows 10 laptops

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, Laptops are not really my forte, but recently I found myself in need of one due to going back to school. And being a 0dB PC enthusiast, it would certainly be fitting to go with a fanless laptop. Since I am not well informed on the latest laptop trends, I thought this...
  42. Plexonator

    800€ Laptop for Gaming/School

    Budget: ~800€ Form Factor: 15.6 inches or smaller. Resolution: 1920x1080. Purpose: Some Gaming and School Work. Battery Life: Not specific. Storage: Preferably an SSD, doesn't have to be big, 256 GB would be nice. Retailers: Amazon DE, or just somewhere in Europe with European pricing...
  43. ScottAD

    Laptop for School $500-600 Budget

    Last time I asked about a laptop it was super helpful for me. Now my fiancee needs one. Shes going back to school to complete her RN to BSN online. It's main uses are web browsing, document writing and video viewing. The isntructors will also be using GoToMeeting for weekly meetings online...
  44. D

    Laptop for High-End Gaming, Engineering, Computer Science and Automotive Diagonostics

    Good Evening to all, I'm currently looking to buy a new laptop(s) that will meet and exceed the requirements of the above fields. I've been looking at different companies and whether I should get a consumer GPU or a enterprise GPU. I've been looking mostly at the desktop replacement range...
  45. P

    Laptop for College HELP

    1. What is your budget? Under 900 CAD $ 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Preferably 13 inch but max to 15.6 inch 3. What screen resolution do you want? Anything, preferably HD 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Portable, already have a beast...
  46. D

    Best laptop option for Architecture School?

    Hello. I'd like to request a bit of a consult on laptop options. Thank you in advance to anyone/everyone for any assistance. I've looked through a few of the other threads of this nature, but they seem to be a few months to a year or two out of date so I'm posting to get more recent...
  47. A

    Please help me find a laptop :)

    Hello all! I was wondering if you guys can help me choose a laptop? Here is my completed form... 1. What is your budget? 600 - 1300 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13-15 inches 3. What screen resolution do you want? The nicest one out there. 4. Do you...
  48. G

    An Easy Skype Guide for Parents

    Are your kids heading off to college? There's no easier and inexpensive way to stay in touch than by using Skype. Here's how to get started with Microsoft's video and audio calling app. An Easy Skype Guide for Parents : Read more
  49. C

    Best Laptop for School and Other Tasks?

    Basically, I need a laptop that I can take to my classes, although it won't be on for the entire 7-ish hours. Probably, about 3 or 4 hours, but maximum 5 hours. This isn't for stuff like hours and hours of note-taking, BUT I WILL NOT BE PLAYING ANY GAMES ON IT EITHER. (But I will develop and...
  50. C

    How is the Asus GL502 Strix for school courses and getting work done?

    Basically, I just want to know if the GL502 is a good choice for stuff like Computer Science courses. I will also be coding and running programs that may be graphically-intensive. (kind of vague right now) I will also be doing cyber-defense related stuff. (Of course, I will also do all the usual...
  51. G

    Do College Students Still Need to Buy Their Own Printer?

    If you're packing up for college, you may be wondering if you need to take a printer along. Here's what you need to know to make that decision, along with some student-friendly printer recommendations. Do College Students Still Need to Buy Their Own Printer? : Read more
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    Amazon Inspire Aims to Help Teachers and Underfunded School Districts

    Amazon Inspire, a free online marketplace for teaching materials, may help underfunded schools give kids a better education. Amazon Inspire Aims to Help Teachers and Underfunded School Districts : Read more
  53. P

    Back to school laptop purchase help! Thank you!

    Hello! So I'm starting college over at Pennstate soon, couple of months actually. I've been looking for a great "all-round" laptop. Some people's definitions of all-round can be different so let me clarify with what I am sorta looking for (but not strictly). Price range we are dealing with...
  54. E

    which one is better for school a macbook air or a msi laptop

    I need a laptop for school and it should cost lower than 1000. I would like to use it for gaming too. I am going to be using it for world of Warcraft and league of legends. But, I will also be using this for school. I will keep this laptop at home and use my Chromebook for school. But, the...
  55. S

    Good Laptop for Gaming and School

    So currently I have an decent desktop with I use to play games but I'm out a lot and at school I need a laptop that I can carry around with and take notes on. A question about my current desktop, it's a mediocre desktop I bought because my old one broke and I needed something to work on. Should...
  56. T

    Best laptop for my cash?

    So I'm heading back to school soon and I need a new laptop. My current crappy Asus one is well.....crappy. My previous computers have also been from Asus and unless they can make a god laptop for the money I wont buy from them. My budget is 1200$ but the more I save the better. As a engineering...
  57. iliffreing

    Buy a Mac, Get Free Beats Solo2 for School

    Apple is giving away free Beats Solo 2 headphones as part of their Back-to-School promotion. Buy a Mac, Get Free Beats Solo2 for School : Read more
  58. G

    Best Gifts for Grads 2014

    Equip your favorite graduate with the gadgets and gizmos they'll need to survive in college and/or the real world. Best Gifts for Grads 2014 : Read more