HP Omen 15 vs Acer Aspire Nitro


Mar 16, 2013

I really didn't want to make a thread like this but here I go anyway..
HP has a "back to school"-offer right now on their Omen 15 ce002no laptop, and it has amazing specs. 120hz IPS panel (G-sync support), GTX 1060, 7700HQ, 250GB m.2 SSD + 1TB HDD and it seems to have a decent battery. The price of this thing is about £1450. The reason I haven't bought this yet is that I read that it's noisy and the display has a poor response time (despite being 120hz). I have been gaming on a 120hz display these past few years and I don't think I want to go back to 60hz..

I also visited my local computer store and he recommended the Aspire Nitro and the Zenbook Pro UX550VE. The Aspire nitro is cheaper than the Omen and comes with a 60hz IPS panel, probably without G-Sync, an i5 7300HQ and without the 1TB HDD. However, it is slimmer. The Zenbook Pro is really slim, but comes with a 1050ti and the maximum amout of RAM is 8GB (onboard, no empty slots).

I will be bringing the laptop with me occasionally to my university so the Omen is probably not the best alternative since it's pretty thick and heavy (the charger too), but that 120hz display is just begging me to buy it.

Which one would you go for? Do any of you have any experience with the newer Omen laptops? Are they noisy and can you notice the slow response time?

If I don't get the Omen then maybe I could get the Nitro and add a 1TB HDD and more RAM if needed. Any other suggestions?




Oct 25, 2014
If you want the most performance, go for the omen. If portability is a concern, go for the ux550. The i5 7300hq wouldn't be worth in any laptop over 1k, so the nitro is out of the question (for me at least).


Mar 16, 2013

Thanks for the reply. This turned out to be really difficult but I think I finally found a good alternative to these two. I wasn't really happy with the specs of the ux550 because the max. amount of ram is 8GB and it only had the 256GB ssd with no room for a mechanical drive. HP's pavilion power 15-cb012no on the other hand..

16GB of RAM (Maximum 32)
1TB mechanical hard drive
GTX 1050
70Whr battery which supposedly lasts for a really long time
And it's pretty lightweight, 2,2kg

I think this is the ideal laptop for me. I realise that the 1050 is only about half as good as the 1060, but to be honest I won't be gaming every day. Another thing that I love is that it doesn't have the "sci-fi gaming laptop"-look. The downside to this laptop might be the display. Unfortunately, I can't test this because none of the local stores sell it.

Edit: Oh and I forgot to mention, the Pavilion is £500 cheaper than the ux550
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