Check boxes and radio buttons disappeared in touchpad settings on Windows 10


Dec 21, 2017
My laptop, Lenovo IdeaPad 520, has Synaptics driver for the touchpad. It's up-to-date. Something weird happened to it and all of a sudden the check boxes and radio buttons in Mouse Properties window and the Synaptics touchpad settings window have disappeared. I am not able to make selections and ensure that correct settings are selected. Here're the screenshots:-


Today after I installed a third-party driver which came with a program called vJoy (used for gaming purpose). After that driver was installed, the Windows sounds for peripherals disconnection/connection were emitted and I noticed that the Synaptics tray icon was shown on the taskbar which caused me to suspect that the third-party driver did something to my touchpad but din't know what. Also, I'm not sure if this is the actual reason for this weird problem.

When I opened the touchpad settings, I noticed that those selection buttons had disappeared. Even after uninstalling the third-party driver, nothing changed. I also uninstalled and deleted Synaptics' driver, restarted the laptop and installed it again. Still didn't work.

What could be the issue? Is this the right forum to get solution for such a problem? Thanks.
This miht be one of those rare occasions where System Restore could get you out of the mess. Go back to the most recent and if you get an offer to see what might be affected, take that offer.