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  1. E

    Hysteresis (Backlash) Excessive on Synaptics Touchpads

    I have a 2018 model Lenovo Y530 Laptop. There is quite a lot of hysteresis on the touchpad (3 to 5mm). Has anyone experienced this and resolved the issue? I tried installing a new driver, but it didn't solve the problem. Not sure if firmware has to be changed too?
  2. raintop

    Solved! Accidentally Uninstalled Synaptics Clickpad Driver From My PC

    I have a hp envy (7265NGW) and yesterday I deleted the clickpad drivers (from the device aswell) and now I have no idea what to do, help please! :homer:
  3. T

    Solved! change hidden settings for synaptics touchpad

    Hello there, Sorry for making you lose time. I usually don't ask questions on forums and always search for an answer on the net but it has been 4 hours that I am on this problem and I kind of feel desperate. So here's my problem : recently for IDontKnowWhatReason the settings of my touchpad...
  4. M

    Question synaptics touchpad problem with ideapad 330

    I have been trying to find a way to disable zoom effect on my ideapad 330, but it seems like this synaptics setting is missing from my mouse properties. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers, it is still not shown.
  5. J

    Accidentally Uninstalled Synaptics driver(removed driver software from device too)

    I am currently on a lenovo ideapad 300-14ISK and I accidentally removed my touchpad drivers and also removed it from device too. Now when I go to device manager there is no drop down menu that is called mouse or touchpad or pointing devices. When I tried to install touchpad drivers from the...
  6. deepakhkadam

    Check boxes and radio buttons disappeared in touchpad settings on Windows 10

    My laptop, Lenovo IdeaPad 520, has Synaptics driver for the touchpad. It's up-to-date. Something weird happened to it and all of a sudden the check boxes and radio buttons in Mouse Properties window and the Synaptics touchpad settings window have disappeared. I am not able to make selections and...
  7. majorfoxpaws

    Synaptics keylogger on HP

    Are Toshiba products affected by the Synaptics keylogger issue affecting HP?
  8. C

    Synaptics mouse touchpad not working on toshiba laptop

    I have a wireless
  9. F

    ASUS K501U Touchpad problem

    I have a ASUS K501U with Windows 10. Gestures to zoom and scroll worked yesterday, now they don't. I updated the driver, restarted. There is no touchpad software or options in mouse settings. It's almost like the computer forgot there is a touchpad at all.
  10. P

    Solved! Disabling Synaptics touch pad

    I posted earlier but it disappeared. So here is the deal. I am trying to disable the touch pad permanently. I went to the mouse setting in cp and hit disable and apply and it stops working but when I restart it begins to work again. I went to device manager and uninstalled but it still works...
  11. F

    Solved! Mouse Pointer Jumps When Tapping or Clicking

    I have the HP Spectre (x360 13-4126nn) and I've noticed a problem with the Synaptic's touch-pad. I don't know quite why or when this occurs exactly; it seems to be when moving small distances on the touch-pad and the software is trying to over correct? Quite often the mouse pointer will jump...
  12. Z

    Sager NP8153-S Touchpad

    I have the latest driver for the touchpad installed on my Sager laptop. I have all the setting turned off for the touchpad in the windows 10 mouse and touchpad settings except that the touchpad it on. I don't like tapping the touchpad for a click to register. Whenever I use the buttons on the...
  13. M

    Random Updates and Restarts

    About 15 minutes ago, my laptop restarted without warning. I went to check if anything updated, and the only thing was a Synaptics driver that I had reinstalled a week ago. Now my touchpad doesn't support two finger scrolling either. How do I stop windows 10 from restarting without notification?
  14. raptormoonx

    Toshiba Satellite s55-a5375 Synaptics Touchpad Error Message

    Hello! I have version (latest) of the driver installed. I keep getting the following error: I've uninstalled/reinstalled the driver and can't get the issue resolved. What can I do to get this fixed? I'm leaving for a 2 week vacation on Saturday and I need the touchpad to work...
  15. C

    synaptics touchpad problems with keyboard

    hi all, back again. I had no idea where to put this so I apologize if its in the wrong place. I got a new computer a few days ago (brand new) and I've been having the all so common problem- my touchpad won't work when I'm using the keyboard. After managing to fidget around and google for...
  16. G

    Windows Not Detecting New Mouse Drivers?

    Hello, So I just bought A brand new Acer Aspire s 13 s5-371-52jr and I'm having this really odd issue where windows 10 is stuck on the default windows driver for the touchpad and not detecting the newly installed synaptics driver. When I try and install the synaptics it says its installing for...
  17. G

    Need help with Synaptics

    For some reason, some of the options in my Synaptics Control Panel are grayed out, thus preventing me from configuring their settings. Not all of them are grayed out, but the ones that I want to change are grayed out. Imgur 1: Imgur 2...
  18. S

    Synaptics Driver Won't Take

    Hi, I want to disable the touchpad on the HP G3 250 Laptop with Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit, but I can't seem to install the synaptics touchpad driver. I have downloaded the driver from the HP support website, I install the driver and then nothing happens. It does not ask me to reboot nor does it...
  19. S

    touchpade freeze in dell inspairon 11 3000

    i have dell inspiron 11 3000 (3148 model) every time a close the lid or switch it to tao stand mode or tablet the touchpad f
  20. S

    Touchpad Does Not Respond

    So yesterday my touchpad stopped working properly. Now it stops responding every now and then and I have to wiggle it around a lot to get it to work again, its worse when I have typed for a while or when i haven't touched it for a while. I have tried to update the Synaptics driver and i have...
  21. P

    Keyboard stopped working - Synaptics drivers not working

    Hello! I am having nightmare with these synaptics drivers :/ 1.A few days ago, my touchpad suddenly wasn't working (keyboard was still fine) 2.I went to the MSI support pages and downloaded the latest drivers 3.When I restarted after the installation, my pc suddenly wouldn't boot. Tried...
  22. M

    Can I install new touchpad driver?

    I have had the ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS71 gaming laptop for about 5 months now. However, the trackpad is absolutely horrible and has a massive delay. I was wondering if it is possible to install the Synaptics ClickPad driver to the laptop instead, because I have a HP Envy touchscreen laptop and the...
  23. T

    Newer version of Synaptics touchpad driver has no 1 finger scrolling

    Hello. I have a Lenovo G50 running Windows 8.1. A few days ago when my system booted up, I got the message the Synaptics device could not be found. So I had to download the driver recommended on the Lenovo site. The download will not install. So I downloaded from Synaptics, and although I...
  24. P

    multitouch, touchpad, smart gesture, drivers, scroll

    I bought 3 days ago an Asus Q302L with Windows 8.1 x64. The first 2 days the scroll option worked fine and the enlarge and reduce screen too. After several automatic windows updates it stopped working. In the mouse options in the control panel I've uninstalled the drivers. Now, when trying to...
  25. M

    Dell no longer outputting video through dell e-port dock.

    my dell laptop is no longer outputting video through the dock after some driver updates. I tried to revert the driver (synaptics) but now it says it "cannot find synaptics MST DP hub IC" so it won't install. If I connect the monitor directly to the laptop, it is ok, just not through the dock...
  26. M

    Toshiba Satellite C55A Synaptic touch pad not working

    Toshiba C55A Laptop, with genuine OEM windows 8.1 4gb ram with Celeron dual core processor.The Synaptic V7 touch pad stopped working. It stopped working when : Windows update failed Did a system restore Re-installed updates Touch pad still not working Microsoft tech suggested windows...
  27. S

    I can't install Synaptics

    I can't install Synaptics driver actually i can install it but it doesn't appear on the mouse settings in control panel so I can't scroll with touchpad.
  28. D

    Limiting touchpad's scope

    Hey, I'm using Synaptics Gesture Suite 13.4 My new laptop has the touch pad a little left than my previous one. So it detects accidental taps on the left side, and its annoying. I was able to limit the tapping scope using the "SmartSense" in the Synaptics software. BUT, the problem is the delay...
  29. J

    Asus two finger scroll not working after sleep

    Evening! I recently bought an Asus X450L. After sleeping, the two finger scroll no longer works. But my ATK driver is updated at version 1.0.0031 and my Asus Smart gesture is V 2.2.8 Also i tried looking for the synaptics in the mouse properties. But there was no option for device settings...
  30. C

    Synaptics Mousepad not working HP m6-1009tx

    Hey all, Okay, I'm fixing my friends laptop for him, his HDD was messed up to the max, couldent copy anything from it or salvage it. I've replaced the HDD and thrown a new Windows installation onto it. Now, as in the title, the mousepad doesn't work. I've installed the exact driver package from...
  31. T

    Touchpad problems after replacing hard drive and installing OS

    My laptop was repaired recently after having the hard drive in it die. The guy that did it is someone whom we know and is VERY skilled with technology and the like. Unfortunately, I noticed that my TouchPad is not registering as a Synaptics Touchpad, which it is. It did register as Synaptics...
  32. D

    Toshiba Synaptics Touchpad won't scroll up/down

    Everything was working fine but then it just stopped working. I've had this problem before but it went away but I don't think this time that will happen. I've been to the mouse device settings yet it will not let me check vertical or horizontal scrolling. I click a million times but no check...
  33. E

    Dell Inspiron 1501 Synaptics Touchpad

    I have a dell inspiron 1501 running windows vista 32 bit with a synaptics touchpad that is not responding I have tried restoring the drivers and the buttons that do the left click and right click do not work/ I was able to attach a usb mouse which worked/ Any suggestions on how to restore the...
  34. G

    Emachine e520 turn synaptics touchpad on/off

    hello, i have a emachines laptop e520 and one of my little brother and sisters have done something to my touchpad and the buttons and none of it works, it had not been damaged i think it might of been disabled but i cant figure out a way to get it working again and its really annoying me, HELP
  35. G

    Emachine e525 turn synaptics touchpad on/off

    I have a emachines e525 I need to know how to shut offthe sleep mode and how to shut off the mode of shuttig the lid so the computer won,t shut off on me My email is ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED Thankyou R Schumann
  36. C

    Erratic Synaptics touchpad

    For filve months after purchase Lenovo Idea Pad, with Synaptics Touchpad, did not work properly. The touchpad acted very erratically, the cursor jumping from text being written in email or Microsoft Word to other areas of text or to the headings in an email. An inquiry to Synaptics revealed...
  37. D

    Synaptics dll files

    I have this laptop the right click button was not working I tried updating driver I tried doing it as left being the primary none of these worked & then I tried uninstalling it that did make the right click come back but the primary is left, but thats not the problem, now if I go to control...
  38. R

    EMachines E250 by Acer - touchpad problem Synaptics

    I have netbook eMachines E250 produced by Acer. There is problem with touchpad. It was not working during Windows installation (couldn't move mouse, and couldn't click). I've installed the XP Home SP3 then downloaded Synaptics drivers for E250 eMachines. The touchpad is seen in the Synaptics...
  39. Z

    Emachine e525 turn synaptics touchpad on/off

    Hello, I have an emachine e525. I accidently pushed a couple of keys and shut my touchpad off, now I cannot figure out how toturn it back on, please help me!
  40. K

    Firefox extension for Synaptics Touchpad

    I have a Compaq Presario V2312 laptop. It has a Synaptics touchpad (identified under XP's Device Manager as a Synaptics PS/2 Port Touchpad). The touchpad has the vertical and horizonal scroll bars. The scroll bars work in Explorer, IE, Adobe Acrobat, and every other program....excapt for...