Sager NP8153-S Touchpad


Sep 22, 2016
I have the latest driver for the touchpad installed on my Sager laptop.

I have all the setting turned off for the touchpad in the windows 10 mouse and touchpad settings except that the touchpad it on. I don't like tapping the touchpad for a click to register.

Whenever I use the buttons on the trackpad to click, the allow taps on the touchpad becomes enabled for one click.
Ex. If I left click with the button on the touchpad, if i then touch the trackpad it will left click again (doing a double left click). Once that double left click has happened, tapping the touchpad no longer registers as a click.

How do I turn this off???

Thanks for all the help

Mouse and touchpad settings
Allow taps on the touchpad : Off
Press on lower right corner of the touchpad to right-click : Off
Allow double-tap and drag : Off
Use a two finger tap for right click : Off
Use a two finger drag to scroll : Off
Use a two finger pinch to zoom : Off
All off.