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  1. M

    Can I upgrade RAM on my Lenovo 80QL MiiX 720-121SK

    I have 2 of these computers. Nice and lightweight. They appear to have 4GB of memory (2 2048MB memory modules). They are soldered into the motherboard. Can they be replaced? Machines are not under warranty and I understand the risks. Any suggestions or leads appreciated. Already spoke to Lenovo...
  2. non hacker

    Question Lenovo IdeaPad flex10 not starting

    when I plug it in it sometimes starts and then it starts normal but 30 seconds later it shuts itself down but mostly nothing happens. edit: I got it once to get me to the login screen but it then shut down again, I also got a blue screen error saying windows couldn't start, there where some...
  3. J

    Lenovo 100s ideapad won’t turn on!!!!!

    My Lenovo 100s ideapad won’t turn on. I’ve left it to to charge for 2 days and still nothing happens. When plugged in, the battery lights only blinks orange then it stops and switches to a white light. And I’ve read other post saying take out the battery, but I really don’t want to unscrew...
  4. J

    How much can I sell my gaming laptop for?

    How much can I sell my Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-15ISK Touch Gaming Laptop for since I want to post it on eBay to hopefully sell it since I need to catch up on bills and whatnot? I hardly ever use it since I rely more on my Surface Pro that's company provided. Tech Specs Processor 6th Generation...
  5. S

    Asus VS LENOVO

    The features are similar and the price isn't that far apart but for someone who will be using it to program, animate and edit images, between these two which would be better: Asus Vivobook A542UR-78A93CB2 or LENOVO IP 320-15IKB-454 ?
  6. S

    On button wont work

    So about 1-2 months ago, i spilled chocolate milk on my laptop and the on button wont work. I thought if i left it, it would eventually work but as expected, it didnt. When i charge it, the light still turns on so the laptop still works but the on button wont. I just wanna see if there are any...
  7. B

    Can I easily downgrade to windows 8.1 on IdeaPad 110?

    I have the Lenovo ideapad 110-15ACL. 64bit. 4gb ram. 500gb HDD. Preinstalled with windows 10. Since November my experience with this laptop has been poor. It takes forever to boot up or shut down. It takes about 2-5 minutes to open the browser or other programs. It lags when I try to use...
  8. deepakhkadam

    Check boxes and radio buttons disappeared in touchpad settings on Windows 10

    My laptop, Lenovo IdeaPad 520, has Synaptics driver for the touchpad. It's up-to-date. Something weird happened to it and all of a sudden the check boxes and radio buttons in Mouse Properties window and the Synaptics touchpad settings window have disappeared. I am not able to make selections and...
  9. B

    Help me choose one of the following laptops: (PC vs Laptop)

    I'm going to buy a new laptop for college, and I'd like to try gaming, so it should have a dedicated gpu. I'm on a budget of 13000 EGP which is about 750 USD at the current time. 1st option: 12200 EGP DELL Inspiron 5567 - core i7 7500U - R7 m445 2nd option: 13300 EGP HP probook g4 450 - core i7...
  10. BryGuySaysHi

    Lenovo Ideapad Y700 - BSOD after launching Adobe Apps/Intensive Games

    Here are my Specs: Windows 10 Home Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60Ghz 16 GB Ram GTX 960m Samsung 850 Evo 500 GB SSD 1TB 5400 HDD BSOD states: Driver Power State Failure I've updated my drivers and I've also done a fresh install. Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 will start up, but then...
  11. X

    Lenovo Ideapad 700(15) wont turn on unless the charger is plugged in

    Hello , please help me. My Lenovo Ideapad 700(15) won't turn on unless the charger is plugged in and when i take out the charger , it will automatically switched off. can't take out the battery because it is sealed , have tried to hold the power button for 20 seconds but doesn't works. Any...
  12. P

    Ideapad Y700 vs ROG GL553VW

    Hi! I am currently trying to chose which one of these two laptops to buy as they are about the same price and have pretty much the same stuff inside. I think the choice right now comes regarding cooling and battery life, but more importantly the cooling, as I've heard that ROGs usually are not...
  13. A

    Lenovo ideapad miix 310-10icr whole day charging

    I just left my Lenovo Laptop overcharged for the whole day ( I forgot to unplug it before I sleep) and I want to know if the charger has automatic shutoff when the battery fully charged because i am afraid that I damaged the battery.
  14. R

    Lenovo IdeaPad 500 15ISK. Model NT80. Blurry Webcam - no foil on the lens, poor quality with Skype and other lenovo apps

    hi, I bought a brand new Ideapad 500 - 15 ISK and i face a poor webcam quality problem. Blurry Webcam - no foil on the lens, poor quality with Skype and other lenovo apps. if anyone had a similiar problem, please let me know
  15. M

    Lenovo ideapad y700 17isk

    On my laptop are fps drops . I read that I have to change the mode of the processor to static . My CPU is i5 6300hq.
  16. G

    Can I overclock my GPU?

    I have overclocked my cpu, and need more from my GPU. Its an integrated graphics card, but is there a way to overclock it? My bios doesn't give any options to though. Thanks. Its a lenovo ideapad 15IBR
  17. Kimshiyun

    LENOVO ideapad S210 20256 Laptop mainly for Photoshoping

    Hello everyone, I'm thinking on buying a Mini-Laptop to use it for my work, mostly for Photoshopping & browsing the web using Mozilla Firefox Nightly (multi-tabbing). For the time, I found the LENOVO ideapad S210 20256 priced at $280. My Photoshop work consist generally on a combination of many...
  18. F

    Can i upgrade my CPU?

    Hello! I have a Lenevo y510p gaming laptop, but i want to upgrade my CPU. Is upgrading it possible?
  19. M

    Which Lenovo Y70 model should I Buy? Is 16gb ram overkill?

    I have made the decision to go with a Lenovo Y70 laptop for college, but am unsure which model to choose. On Lenovo's website ( three models are listed. I want to save as much money as possible, so I was wondering if 16gb ram coupled with a 4gb graphics card...
  20. C

    Need help with Lenovo Idea Pad Z710

    Hi ,Just got the above laptop and need some help please. I have already done the recovery button to get it back to how factory state.As i had pop ups and all sorts coming on , totally bewilded ! I am wondering if there is any loaded programs i can get rid of and how ? I am also not sure which...
  21. F

    Hard disk replaced,how to get OS back

    Hello,I have a lenovo G500s laptop and i got its hard disk replaced under warranty service the old hard disk had Windows 8 and the new hard disk has windows 8.1 trail version . Now how do i get my Original Win 8 back ...or just its key , because i didnt get a Win CD with my lappy. And if...
  22. J

    Laptop Power Brick Clicking/Ticking Under Low Power

    I bought a lenovo ideapad y510p sli 750m with a 170 watt power brick a week ago and i noticed a clicking noise coming from the power brick when it was next to my laptop otherwise it is too far away to hear it. It only happens when i'm using low power like browsing the web. My wattage meter says...
  23. H

    HELP! I have one day to decide which laptop to buy!

    HELP!! I have to decide between: Lenovo ideapad y510P for $790 Lenovo thinkpad x230 for 642$ Lenovo thinkpad s431 with SSD for 615$ lenovo thinkpad t430s for 697$ I get amazing corporate discounts on lenovo but only til tomorrow. This laptop will be used primarily for school. I will be on the...
  24. J

    Laptop for college!

    So I have been researching laptops and have narrowed it down to 2 choices. Asus N56VM or a Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Both are respectively good brands. I plan to use them for college, entertainment, and some gaming. I'm leaning more towards the Asus N56VM because it comes with Windows 7 and I am...