Battery replacement guide for the HP Spectre X360


Apr 19, 2016

New HP Spectre X360s shouldn’t need battery replacement as the included unit seems to be working well right now. If you do need placement, get it done under warranty if you can. If your laptop is out of warranty, follow this battery replacement guide for the HP Spectre X360.

Replacing the battery in the HP Spectre X360
The HP Spectre X360 doesn’t use a clip and remove battery. Instead you need to remove the bottom enclosure to access it. Fortunately, this is only a few screws so isn’t an issue.

1. Turn off the laptop and place it face down on a clean workspace.
2. Remove the eight Phillips screws securing the bottom enclosure. There are two different sizes of screw, so make sure you separate the two and remember what goes where. The smaller ones at the front, the larger ones at the back.

3. Gently pry the enclosure from the base of the laptop. Use something thin and blunt to gently prize the base. A knife or flat screwdriver should do the trick.
4. Disconnect the battery cable and remove the three Phillips screws holding the battery in place.

5. Gently remove the battery from the base of the laptop.
6. Reverse these steps when replacing the battery. The battery will only fit one way so replacing is simple.

Once the battery has been replaced and you have put your HP Spectre X360 back together again, boot it up to make sure the battery works. If all is well, plug the laptop into the mains to charge.

That is all there is to replacing the battery on an HP Spectre X360. Hope it helps!