Are you on a limited broadband connection? Or you have Mobile Internet on a limited data plan?
While most of us have mobile Internet and we from the ways and ranges we use it, sometimes data usage can become an issue if you are on a mobile data plan which is not unlimited. In our case having mobile Internet is needed to not just to keep guests online in the vehicle, but to have a reliable Internet connection for the phones.

In my case we have vehicles with mobile Internet (Similar to that of OnStar, just with a different setup) - Yes WiFi is in the bundle.
Guests want to take a long trip, they have phones, tablets, and laptops. But we are facing a problem when we have more then a few devices online.
Oh yes, Changing the password is fine, but telling people over and over again isn't. And you cannot simply just pull cell phones out of peoples hands and apply parental controls either. Not only that, If you are driving, you wouldn't be able to watch over everyone else.

Snapchat uses data alot - Videos/Pictures are the worst for using data.
Facebook has been around for years with new improvements each year. -The new features of "Video Calling, Audio Calls, LiveStreams being the worst"

Phones don't know any better, so when they see Wi-Fi, they feel the need to go and update everything on them.

If you are lucky enough, your router/modem should be able to support "Packet Filtering" which would be able to drop any data packets that go to a specific IP address or range.
PLEASE BE ADVISED, blocking such IP's inhibit access to some services and webpages that pass through such servers.

Starting with the major ones:
Snapchat (Works on Android and iOS): - Blocks Stories - Blocks Call Audio
**While blocking those IP addresses has worked for preventing stories from being sent or received. Simple messages and chats come from various different servers of Google, blocking these listed below inhibits the ability to use many of the other Google Services.
These common IP addresses ranged drastically, all would switch constantly. :??:

Facebook (Works on Android and iOS): (Blocks Facebook Entirely) - Push Notifications/Games come through here - *Optional

PlayStore (Works on Android): - New - New
(Blocking these also inhibits the ability to access YouTube)

Apple Products: - Wipes access to all the Apple services - Downloads.
**iMessage and the App Store remained browsable but not able to download by testing.
***iMessage according to a client with an iPhone was reporting issues with sending iMessages back.

If blocking these ranges start working over time, please do comment here so I can update this Tutorial.I am on North America so the IP range may be different from where I am.

Looking to block another item?
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