Change the Primary Email Address Associated with a Skype Account

While creating a new Skype account, you are required to associate an email address which is used to retrieve your Skype password in case it is lost, or to perform other activities related to your profile.

In case you plan to change your email address, or you no longer have access to your account, it is important that you change the primary email address that is associated with a Skype account instantaneously.

When you change your email account on Skype, you are notified about the changes via email.
Note: This tutorial focuses on changing the associated email address for your Skype name only. If you sign-in to Skype using your Microsoft account, the process of changing the Microsoft email address is different.

Here’s how you can change the email address associated with your Skype name (account):

    ■Log on to your computer system.
    ■Initialize the Skype application by double-clicking its icon.
    ■If prompted, provide your credentials in the appropriate fields, and click the Sign in button.

    ■Once the Skype interface opens up, from the menu bar, click the Skype menu at the top-left corner.

    ■From the displayed list, click the Account option.

    ■On the My account web page that opens up, click Account settings under the Settings and preferences section.
    Note: As soon as the Account option is clicked from the Skype menu, the next interface that opens up will be a web page that will be displayed on your default web browser. In this demonstration, Mozilla Firefox web browser is set to default.

    ■On the Account settings page, under the Notification settings section, click the Change email address link representing the Primary email address.

    ■Once the Profile interface opens up, click the Edit button at the top-right corner of the Contact details section.

    ■Once done, replacing the old email address and type the new one in the Email address field.

10. Finally, click the Save button from the bottom-right corner to apply the changes.