Checking Compatibility and Device Specifications for Fire TV

Fire TV is a 3rd generation type of device. It is compatible with Wi-Fi networks as well as an Ethernet (wired) network, and can only access wired connection through the use of an Ethernet adapter (sold separately). The remote that comes with a Fire TV is a 2nd generation voice remote. The Fire TV has amazing storage capacity, further augmented by 2GB memory. It also has an 8 GB memory, of which 4.5 GB can be used for internal storage.

Audio output
Dolby ATMOS supports HDMI audio for Fire TV. Note that Dolby ATMOS gives support for various features such as Dolby Digital plus. This includes a user’s ability to move the sound focus in a 3 dimensional space.

USB devices compatible with Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV is compatible with Flirc USB dongles, mouse and keyboard devices, and various third party game controllers and USB remotes.

Bluetooth devices compatible with Fire TV
Your Amazon Fire TV is accessible by Bluetooth 4.1. You can listen to your favorite audio through Bluetooth headphones or play games using Bluetooth controllers for games. The Fire TV is also compatible with an array of third party remotes, keyboards, and various mouse devices.

Your Fire TV supports 4K HDR-10 and HD video, and it is compatible with a UHD TV.

Voice interaction
You can use the voice search to look for various devices capable of interacting with your device.

Games and apps
The Fire TV works with the games found on the Amazon App Store and other compatible apps. Note that you will need to look for the details page of a game or app to check whether it is compatible with your 3rd edition Fire TV.
Discovery and Launch (DIAL) is a supported system in your Fire TV. However, the Fire TV apps need some changes on your Android manifest to make it discoverable. The Fire TV supports Amazon Game Circle which gives you great options for gaming. It also supports the Amazon Device Messaging platform for push messages.
However, it does not support Amazon mobile ads, which is a good thing since your screen could be bombarded with new advertisements every time you are in the middle of an interesting feature. Your Fire TV is compatible with an array of languages since it is shipped to numerous destinations across the world.
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