Clear Cookies and Data Stored in the Safari Browser

If you want to clear your personal information from your browser, or if device is running slowly, you may want to remove the cookies and data stored in Safari on your iPhone.

Here are the steps with which you can clear cookies and data stored in the Safari browser of your iPhone:

    ■Long press the Power button to switch on your device.
    ■Swipe your finger from left to right to unlock.

    ■Tap Settings from the displayed icons on the home screen.

    ■Once you enter the Settings interface, locate and tap the Safari option.

    ■In the Safari interface, tap Clear Cookies and Data.

    ■Tap the Clear Cookies and Data in the opened window.

    ■Finally press the Home button, open Safari from the home screen, and try to browse the Internet to check if the browsing history has been successfully cleared.

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