Connect Alexa to LG Smart TV

Amazon Alexa is an artificial intelligence device which aids you in performing various kinds of daily functions. You can connect this device to various smart devices, including your smart TVs. However, it must be noted that you need to know if the Alexa device is supported by your TV or not. If you do not know how to connect your Alexa device to your Smart TV, here is a guide to help you with it.

1. Download the Amazon Alexa App
Go to your App store or Google Play Store and search for Amazon Alexa app. When you find it, download the app and install it. This app will allow you to control your device.

2. Add Skills
Once you download the application, locate the application on your phone and launch it. On the left-hand you will find a search button or bar. Type and hit enter. If you already have the app, your application will take you to a menu where you can enable it. If you do not have it, download it and enable it. Enabling will allow you to take control of your Smart TV.

3. Choosing your Device
After downloading and enabling , use the menu in the app to jump to device type and add your TV.
When you do this, you will find that the application will show up on your TV’s list.

4. Connect to the Amazon Device
Once you have established a connection with your TV, you can continue to connect your Amazon Alexa device. On the navigation menu on the side, you will find your Amazon Device listed.
By clicking on it, you will be able to connect to your device. The device will light up when a connection is established.

5. Ask Alexa to Discover device/devices
Once you have set up your devices and established a connection, ask Alexa to “discover devices.” Alexa will discover your TV by running a scan, there you have it. Follow the on-screen instructions and click yes, your Alexa device will be connected!

Amazon Alexa is an artificial intelligence (AI) device, that allows you to connect to various smart devices, including lights and TVs. You can easily command the Alexa device to do things and get them done without any problems.
Setting up the device is simple, and most devices have on-screen instructions which do not leave room for any kind of confusion.
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