Connect Samsung Smart TV to laptop or PC


With technology advancing, it has now become very easy to watch all your movies and shows on a bigger screen. You can even display your presentations by connecting your laptop or PC to your smart TV. Technology has certainly advanced with the invention of smart TVs and Smart remotes that can work wonders. Here are the instructions that will help you to connect your Samsung Smart TV to your laptop or PC:

PC/ laptop Setup
1. Check network
Check your network connections. Make sure that your Samsung TV and your PC or laptop are connected to the same network.

2. Select Search and Type 'Windows media player'
Select Search by swiping in from the right. This takes you to the search bar where you can input a keyword to search for any particular thing.
Put your cursor in the search bar and type 'windows media player' in the search box. This directs you to a tab where you have to select 'apps’ and then select 'windows media player’. The Windows Media Player will open up.

3. Select ‘Turn on media streaming’
Go to the stream menu and from there click on the ‘Turn on media streaming button’. It will display a list of devices available nearby.

4. Locate your Samsung Smart TV
Find 'Samsung smart TV' in the list of devices that are displayed on the screen after 'turn on the media streaming’ is switched on.

5. Place content in the libraries and click on finish
Use the file explorer at the top left corner to place your files in libraries on your computer. Select a library, and then right click on it. Choose 'new’ and 'shortcut’ and then navigate back to the folder which has the file you want to view on your TV. Click finish to share the content.

Smart hub setup

1. Turn on Samsung smart TV and press ‘Menu’
Switch on your smart TV from the power source by using the remote. The TV will display a screen. Locate and press ‘Menu’ on your remote. This will give you a set of options.

2. Select ‘Network’. And then locate your PC
From the set of options displayed on the screen, select network. This directs you to the ‘ALL share settings’ and ‘content sharing’ options. From the list of devices, locate your PC and select the device using your remote.

3. Play media
Use the remote control from your PC to play media on your TV. Select ‘Photos, Videos and Music’ from your smart hub screen which is displayed after the hub button on the remote.

4. Select the media type and then proceed with screen mirroring
Select media such as videos and locate it in the folders on your PC.

With these simple instructions, you can easily connect your TV to your laptop or PC. This will provide you with the benefit of watching content on the bigger screen with high resolution.