Converting Rear Surround Sound Speakers to Wireless

If you bought or received a set of surround sound speakers recently and hate the thought of running a bunch of speaker wire through your house, think about converting them to wireless. Yes, you can take the rear speakers and convert them to wireless speakers. You will need a wireless transmitter speaker kit to do so, but the procedure is a simple one. Follow these steps to make the conversion.

Step 1:
Take your home theater receiver and make sure it is unplugged.

Step 2:
You will need to cut four lengths of speaker wire to connect to the wireless transmitter. Strip
away the insulation
from the speaker wire about ½-inch from both ends.

Step 3:
Connect the speaker wires to the appropriate posts on the home theater receiver. Make sure
the black wire is connected to the black post, and the red wire to the red post.

Step 4:
Take the wireless transmitter from your kit. Connect the other ends of the speaker wire that you just connected to the home theater receiver to the transmitter.

Step 5:
Now, take the remaining two speaker wires and connect them to the wireless receiver boxes.

Step 6:
Your wireless receivers will need to be plugged in so that you can test them. Place your speakers
where you want them.

Step 7:
Turn on the home theater receiver, select Surround Sound and enjoy your new wireless

Following the above steps will create wireless surround sound for your entertainment room. The whole process should take you less than an hour.