Delete Full Albums from the Music App In iOS 11

There might be instances when you want to remove multiple music tracks from your iDevice either because you are no longer interested in them, or you want to free some space on your device’s internal storage in order to make room for something more important.
That said, the quickest and easiest solution to this can be to delete the full album(s) from your device instead of removing each track individually. Here’s how:
    Launch the Music app
    Tap Music from the Dock of your iDevice running iOS 11. This launches the Music app from where you can manage your music tracks and albums.

    Get to the Library window (If not already there)
    Tap Library from the bottom-left corner. This takes you to the Library window. This step is not necessary if you’re already on the Library window, and is only required if the Music app launches on a different interface.

    Get to the Albums window
    Tap Albums from the Library window. This opens the Albums window. This window contains all the music albums that you synched with iTunes, where each album may contain several songs according to its artist name, genre, etc.

    Delete an album

Hard-press the album you want to remove (Chants in this demonstration), tap Delete from Library, and tap Delete Album from the menu that pops up at the bottom. This removes the entire album from your device’s storage, and makes room for the new stuff that you may want to store.