Disable Control Center Access On the Lock Screen In iOS 11

By default your iOS 11 device allows you to access Control Center even from the Lock screen. While this configuration makes it easy for you to use your iDevice, it also makes your iPhone or iPad vulnerable to data theft or various security breaches at the same time.
If you use your iOS device to exchange sensitive information with your colleagues, friends, and/or family members, it is a good idea to disable access to Control Center from the Lock screen.
However, before it can be done, you are required to set a passcode for your device, if it hasn’t been set up earlier.
Here’s how you can set a passcode and disable access to Control Center in an iDevice running iOS 11:
    Get to the Touch ID & Passcode window
    Tap Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. This opens the Touch ID & Passcode window that lets you set up and configure the security of your iOS device.


    Set up a passcode
    Tap Turn Passcode On, and type and re-type a strong 6-digit passcode. This secures your iDevice, and also enables the other options on the window that rely on the passcode.



    Disable Control Center access from the Lock screen

Tap the Control Center toggle button from under the ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED section. This turns off the feature (if enabled), thus keeping you and other users from accessing Control Center from the Lock screen.