Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Frozen Frenzy KONG Letters

Frozen Frenzy is one of those levels of Donkey Kong that is filled with deadly traps like electrified platforms and difficult obstacles like crumbling platforms. All you need is to be quick and a little bit of sharp vision to spot the electrified platforms and to jump quickly before the icy platforms crumble. And between all of that, if you are looking forward to getting the KONG letters, then you will need some guidance and that guidance is available here:
Kong Letter #1:
As the level starts you will come across a golden plate, keep on moving and after going to the right side for a while, you will see the first KONG letter that is the “K.” Now the problem is that the letter is floating in the air at a height and you cannot reach there by just jumping. But the good thing is that there is an owl before the first letter. So what you can do is to bounce off the owl and go towards the first letter and then grab it as soon as you reach near it.

Kong Letter #2:
After getting the first KONG letter keep moving towards the right side. But keep one thing in mind and that is to be careful of the electrified platform or else poor Donkey Kong will turn into a crispy critter. So continue to the right and you will come across a helmeted owl, defeat him and then keep on moving and soon you will see a tilting platform with three electric cages and at its right side you will find an inclined icy platform that will begin to crumble as soon as you put weight on it. You will find the second letter at the far end.

Kong Letter #3:
Once you have collected the second letter just keep on moving to the right and soon you will come across a checkpoint pig. Keep moving past that checkpoint pig and after a while; you will find another checkpoint pig. You will see that there is a walrus on the other side of checkpoint pig and the third letter is floating above the walrus. To get the third letter, bounce of the owl that is flying nearby to reach the “N.”

Kong Letter #4:
Just keep on moving to the right and you will come across some spiky platforms to the right of the two hanging vines. Now just continue moving to the right side and soon you will see the last KONG letter floating above. Now you just need to get it by jumping from the platform beneath it. But be quick in jumping as the platform beneath the last letter will crumble as soon as you land on it.

Now that you know how you can get the KONG letters, just follow these steps and soon you will be able to get all the KONG letters without facing any difficulties.