Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Horn Top Hop KONG Letters

The level has a lot of horns and fiery pigs. But the best thing is its soothing music. Listen to the music and make your way to the end of this level. If you want to collect all the KONG letters on your way then follow the instructions below:
Kong Letter #1:
Getting this first KONG letter is a piece of cake. As the level starts, go to the right side and you will come across a Kong barrel, grab a Kong buddy of your preference, although it is recommended that you select Dixie buddy for this level. As soon as you pick you Kong buddy, the first KONG letter that is a “K” will appear. It will be floating above a huge horn. All you need to do to grab this KONG letter is to go near that horn and time your jump to reach it.

Kong Letter #2:
Once you have collected the first KONG letter, you will come across a pig that will be spitting flame. Take out that pig and go a bit forward, you will come across the first checkpoint pig. Past that checkpoint, you will be faced with another fire spitting pig. Take him out and continue forward, you will discover another Kong barrel, get the Kong buddy if you have lost the first one and go to the right side. Soon, you will see an owl of flame and there will be the second KONG letter above that owl. To collect the letter, you can either use the Dixie Kong or you bounce off the head of that owl.

Kong Letter #3:
Keep going to the right side and you will see a giant owl, past that own on a Cliffside you will come across a leaf, hop on it to make it to the cliff above. Now you need to roll through the penguins wearing a helmet and dodge the big walrus. You will soon come across the second checkpoint. Past that checkpoint, you will come across some enemies that will come out of the horns maneuver through them. Use the music and time your rolls. Soon you will reach an area that will have a grassy ceiling. Grab that ceiling and continue moving towards the right side. You will soon spot the “N” that is the third KONG letter. It will be above an owl wearing a helmet. Bounce on the head of that own until you nab the letter.

Kong Letter #4:
After getting the third letter, keep moving to the right and you will soon come across a pig that will be sending fiery bullets your way. Dodge them and stomp on the pit. Now keep moving and you will soon reach the third checkpoint. Just after the third checkpoint, you will see the last KONG letter. The letter will be above three horns. Time your jump to get it.

Follow all the instructions mentioned above and you will be able to get all of the KONG letters before the end of this level.