Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Mountain Mania KONG Letters

Donkey Kong is a crazy and weird game, but this level Mountain Mania is a lot weirder. You will be riding a rhino throughout the level and will fight giant walruses. Anyways, if you want to get all of the KONG letters on your way to the end of this level, then follow the instructions mentioned below:
Kong Letter #1:
It is a piece of cake to get the first KONG letter in this level. As the level starts, continue going to the right and you will come across a familiar crate. Smash that crate to get your old friend Rambi the Rhino. You can now ride on the rhino your way to the end of the level. So keep going to the right side and you will see a big enemy before four Rambi blocks. Do not break the blocks yet. Instead, jump on top of those blocks, and you will be able to grab the first KONG letter that is the “K”.

Kong Letter #2:
Once you have collected the first KONG letter, keep moving to the right side and you will come across the wooden pillars. As you will jump on the pillar, they will start to sink. Anyways, go to the right side from there and you will come across the barrel cannon. Hop in it and it will launch you to the first checkpoint. Past that checkpoint, follow the path and you will see the second KONG letter. The time you jump to grab that KONG letter and then continue to the right.

Kong Letter #3:
After getting the second KONG letter, continue towards the right side and defeat all foes that come in your way. Make it to the top and then you will come across the second checkpoint pig. Past that checkpoint, there will be a cymbal on the ground. Slam that cymbal three times and you will be launched into the background. Everything will start falling apart so you will need to move quickly. Soon you will come across two big walrus enemies and if you look above them, you will see the third KONG letter. Keep running along and grab that third KONG letter.

Kong Letter #4:
Now that you have the third KONG letter with you all you need is the last KONG letter. Keep moving and platforming your way towards the right as you will not get the last letter for a while. And when you reach the end of the level, you will be able to spot the last KONG letter that is “G” pretty easily. Now, all that you need to do is to go ahead and jump up and you will be able to grab that letter.

If you follow all of the instructions that are mentioned above then you will be able to get all of the KONG letters in this level. Just make sure to avoid falling down in the crumbling platforms.