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    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Mountain Mania KONG Letters

    Donkey Kong is a crazy and weird game, but this level Mountain Mania is a lot weirder. You will be riding a rhino throughout the level and will fight giant walruses. Anyways, if you want to get all of the KONG letters on your way to the end of this level, then follow the instructions mentioned...
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    architecture macbook 2010

    I am going to grad school for architecture this fall and I will be using primarily rhino and the adobe suite for the next three years. I may want to use auto-cad, sketch-up, and less likely revit..but I may want to dabble around in a year or two. My current laptop is a 2010 macbook pro core 2...
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    Looking for a laptop to run Maya, Rhino and Grasshopper

    I'm looking to purchase a laptop that will suit my needs for a postgrad Architecture program. We will be rendering mostly on Maya, Rhino & Grasshopper. Are there any recommendations for good, compact laptops with long battery lives? I currently own a MacBook Pro that doesn't have the...
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    Lenovo Y70 or W550s?

    I am an architecture student, I use AutoCAD Architecture, Revit, 3DsMax, Rhino, Lumion, Sketchup, and Photoshop. Usually I work on a desktop workstation at school, however, I also like working on the go. So I need a laptop that has the capacity to do intensive rendering with ray trace and mental...
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    Picking a Laptop for 3D modeling (Architecture)

    Hello there, I am looking to get a laptop for architectural modeling since I'm an aspiring architect, however I am not to familiar with computer hardware, and so could you please help me with picking a laptop which can run 3DMax, CAD, Rhino, etc. with really fast performance as well as a good...
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    Laptop for engineering student

    I am looking for a laptop in order to used it in personal projects. I normally work with solidWorks, rhino and AutoCad. I wanted to know if this laptop http://www.bestbuy.com/site/dell-refurbished-15-6-latitude-notebook-8-gb-memory-320-gb-hard-drive/1309868735.p?id=mp1309868735&skuId=1309868735...
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    laptop specs for 3D Studio Max. AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit Architecture, catia v6

    I intend to buy a laptop for myself which would fulfil my needs, Kindly advice me which laptop is best and what specifications should be for 3D Studio Max. AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit Architecture, Catia v6, Corel Draw, Photoshop, SolidWorks.
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    capable of 3d rendering, auto cad, rhino, 3ds max, revit architecture

    which laptop would be the best for these and last a long time?
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    Best Laptop for Rhino VRay ArchiCad Revit Atlantis AutoCad

    Please help with choosing a Laptop for an Architecture/Sculpture/Endering use. Thank you!
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    Solved! New Dell Studio XPS 1645, but lags in Rhino 3d Modelling

    Dear all, I have just got my Dell Studio XPS 1645 (Intel Core i7 720QM 500GB/4GB), but it is slow when I rotate/ move/ orbit my model in Rhino 3d. The screen blacks out for 1-2 seconds before it performs the task. My laptop’s specs are: Installed Video Memory: 1 GB Video Chipset: ATI...
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    Spiderman Jaks TV Game - streets of the city, how to defea..

    Archived from groups: rec.games.video.classic (More info?) My 5 yr son is addicated to this excellent video game from Jaks, the spiderman tv plug in and play game / joystick. I like it to. At the end of the game called "Streets of the City" spiderman ends up at a bank where he has to run from...