Easy Virtual Reality Set Up Guide for Oculus Rift

Easy Virtual Reality Set Up Guide for Oculus Rift

Before starting please read if your computer meets the System Specifications recommended by Oculus.


1. Installing the Oculus Software

· Go to https://www.oculus.com/setup and click Start Download.
· Once downloaded run the OculusSetup.exe wizard.
· That will install all the needed software for running the Rift.

2. Hardware Setup

· Oculus Rift uses 3 cables to communicate to your computer ( 1 x HDMI & 2 x USB 3.0 ).
· Connect the Rifts HDMI cable to the HDMI port of your Graphic card and the 2 USB cables from Oculus into your USB 3.0 ports located on your mother board.
· The Oculus software that you previously downloaded in step 1 will help you in this process by clearly indicating if your cables are connected successfully.
· Below is a screenshot indicating that both the sensor and the headset card are connected and working ( green OK ).
· Red or Yellow icon indicate that there is some issue with the connection status .


3. Connecting Oculus remote

· To connect the remote to your computer , press and hold the Select Button ( A Button ).
· On the screen you will get a notification that your remote is successfully connected.
· The complete list of commands is displayed on the below image.


4. Oculus sensor setup

· Finding a good place for the Oculus sensor is critical.
· Ideally it will be on a stable surface, 1 to 3 m distance from your sitting / standing point of view.
· It should not have anything standing in its way.


5. Adjusting the Rift to fit you personally .

· To best fit the Oculus use the top and side tabs for adjusting the headset until you feel that it sits centrally in front of your eyes.


· By sliding the underside lens slider you are controlling the lens spacing inside the headset.
· Use this slider to sharpen the image to the best of your view.


6. Oculus Home

Oculus Home will be your first destination once you are finished with your setup.


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