Easy Virtual Reality Set Up Guide for Samsung Gear

Easy Virtual Reality Set Up Guide for Samsung Gear
When you unbox the Samsung Gear first take off the front cap that protects the VR headset and take off the plastic from the cap. Adjust the straps so they can fit comfortably on your head. Take off the screen protector from the lenses so your view can be perfectly clear. Connect the phone with the headset by connecting it with the USB portal placed on the right side of the space for mobile phone.


1. Gear VR Software Installation

  • -When you put your phone into the headset you will get notification from the app of Samsung Gear VR to install the proper software for your headset.
    -Take out your phone from your headset and the installation process will start, you just need to follow the required steps to complete it successfully.


2. Sign in with Oculus account

  • -After the installation you will need to sign in with your Oculus account, if you don't have one you can just click sign up.
    -After the signing in process download some VR applications so you can start your VR experience.
    -When you are ready you can put the phone back in the headset and then put the headset back on your head


3. Adjust the focus

  • -To adjust the focus use the adjustment wheel that is placed on the top of the headset
    -You can move the wheel in your wanted direction until you feel your focus Is right adjusted for you


Also you need to know that on the right side of the device is a touchpad that gives you touch based functionalities when you use your headset and the applications.
This is all you need to know when you first put your headset on.
Good luck and Enjoy!
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