Edit Sent Messages in Skype

Everyone makes mistakes while typing. While conversing with any of your friends in Skype, if you ever make any mistake in the text and the text is sent to the recipient, you can resend the message after you fix it.

In other words, Skype allows you to make modifications to an already sent message, and resend the message after the amendments have been made.

Note: Although you can resend an already sent text messages after modifying it, the text message that has been already sent to the recipient remains unchanged, and the recipient receives the modified text as a new message in his/her message window.

Here is how you can edit an already sent text message in Skype, and resend it to the target recipient:

    ■Open Skype by double-clicking its icon.
    ■Sign-in to your Skype account by either using Microsoft account or your Skype Name.

    ■Assuming that you are singing in to Skype using your Skype Name, provide your login credentials in the appropriate fields, and click the Sign in button.

    ■Once the Skype’s interface comes up, assuming that you are already conversing with the desired contact (E.g. Peter Frank in this demonstration), right-click the target message that you have sent to the recipient and want to edit.
    ■From the displayed list, click the Edit Message option.

    ■In the Send a message field that appears, make the modifications to the selected message as desired.
    ■Once the modifications are done, click the Send button from the bottom to resend the edited message to the recipient.