Find Your Authentication Code on Pebble

After you have configured two-step verification for your Google account, every time you try to sign-in to the account, you can receive the authentication code right on your Pebble smartwatch instead of getting it on your mobile phone.

You can configure your Pebble smartwatch to receive authentication codes by following the process described below:

    ■On your iPhone, search and add the PebbleAuth app from the Pebble App Store by going through Pebble > GET APPS.
    ■Assuming that you have already enabled two-step verification for your Gmail account, go to the link using any web browser on your PC.
    ■Once there, click the Switch to app button available next to Get codes via our mobile app instead.

    ■On the Switch to Google Authenticator app box, click to select the iPhone radio button and click Continue.

    Note: You can also select any other device that is connected to your Pebble smartwatch.
    ■When you are on the Set up Google Authenticator box, click the Can’t scan the barcode link.

    ■After this, copy the secret key that is generated in the pink box and paste the key in any text file to save it.

    ■Go to the MY PEBBLE window on the iPhone, and tap Settings below the PebbleAuth icon.

    ■On the opened PEBBLE AUTH window, provide the account name in the Name field for which you have generated the secret key. (E.g. Gmail account in this case.)
    ■In the Key field, provide the secret key that you saved in step 6.

    ■On the same window, scroll down to the bottom and tap Save.

    ■Once the process is completed, whenever you will sign-in to your Gmail account, you will receive the authentication code on your Pebble smartwatch.