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  1. B

    Im unable to login facebook because im not getting authentication code to my mobile

    Im unable to login my facebook account bcz im nt getting the code for my mobile
  2. L

    Solved! Fire 7 tablet authentication problems

    I cannot connect to the Wi-Fi I keep getting authentication problems. I’m trying to connect to my other phones hotspot and it doesn’t connect at all. I know the password I’ve started a reboot it still doesn’t work
  3. 7

    iPhone Password Authentication

    I switch to Sprint recently, I cannot Authenticate a password change on my iPhone. It reads Authentication Failure. A server error occurred! And I’m thinking it has something to do with the MSID which is not my phone number. And I’m lead to believe it is getting rerouted and that is why I...
  4. B

    Solved! Factory reset WiFi problem

    I did a reset and then got the authentication problem message. I've tried everything I've read here, still won't work. I'm using my old tablet right now, connection is fine.
  5. S

    system #7qrgty1-1d3b password authentication

    having so much turble
  6. M

    Permanent fix for wifi authentication errors on Android.

    Hello, I know this question has been asked before but I could not find a good solution and it is becomming very irritating. Why do I get wifi authentications errors seemingly at random? The tablets connects for days and suddenly I get the wifi autication problem. I have managed to...
  7. S

    Not able to login into Facebook

    I was using facebook on my smartphone. suddenly it log out from that device. now when I try to login it from same phone but it asking me authentication code to login. Now I do not get any code from facebook . I have already contacted to facebook but not got any help . I am frustrated now that...
  8. M

    I get authentication error on my cell phone at home that I share with others. What do I do?

    I use a wifi network at home but now I am getting authentication error everytime I try to connect. I don't have this problem with any other networks in the city. Help! How do I fix it?
  9. A

    Bought an Acer tablet. Cannot connect to my Wi-Fi, it says Authentication problem. Please help!

    Bought an Acer tablet. Cannot connect to my Wi-Fi, it says Authentication Problem! Does anybody know what to do!
  10. M

    WiFi authentication problem

    Authentication problem on zte warp elite. I have put in password correctly and caps are correct . When I try to connect it gives me authentication problem message
  11. T

    I have an authentication issue on Amazon Fire HD 10. I have restarted my Wi-Fi router and tablet

    Authentication Fire 10
  12. D

    what can i do ,,when i turn lg phone on it keep on showing authentication 9 official

    i turn my phone lg shows authentication 9 official...
  13. S

    authentiction problem coming

    jio wifi is asking authentication to my smart tv asking for password but afterthat its asking for authetication
  14. M


    Whan i connect my devise with WIFI It does not connect and gives an authentication error
  15. M

    i cant connect my phone to the school wifi it keeps saying authentication problem

    how do I connect my phone to the school wifi nothing is working
  16. D

    Authentication error occurred

    I recently purchased TL-WR940N wireless router and have successfully connected my desktop to the internet but when I try to connect my android tablet, I get an authentication error. How do I resolve this? I have done the modem and router reset but still get the error
  17. G

    how to connect 2 tablets although one has authentication problem

    i have two rca tablets but one is having authentication problem . im unsure as to what type of usb cable will help to transfer information or do i have to get closer to the router to accomplish this. also one tablet will not accept my password which works on my second tablet..also i did a...
  18. R

    Authentication problem on Acer tablet

    I was in the middle of watching Netflix on my Acer tablet, which I do a lot, when the Internet went out on it. When I tried to restart the wifi, it keeps saying "authentication error". All the other devices in the house are working fine, but i still rebooted the router. The others are working...
  19. V

    Webworkings or akshay dhamhale4687 said get se

    Said to get security key for authentication problem, but then what? Thank you
  20. A

    My phone won't connect to WiFi keeps saying authentication problem but 3 other devices connect OK and phone Connect's to other

    Phone won't connect to house WiFi but will connected to other wifi. But three other devices will connect to house wifi what would problem be? Keeps saying authentication problem.
  21. B

    My wifi hooks up to laptop but won't hookup to phones. I get a authentication error

    My wifi won't hook up to phones. I get a authentication error
  22. B

    i changed my password on my email address and it keeps telling me authenticaion failed

    authentication failed after changing password for email
  23. E

    How to fix authentication problem with tablet

    Have a perfectly working Samsung Galaxy Tablet which has always connected to Huawei V399QEXA. We have had internet connection problems, the modum had to be "connected" to the laptop again. How do I do this with the tablet?
  24. viveknayyar007

    What to Do If Face ID Fails in iPhone X

    At times your iPhone X may fail to recognize your face and would not unlock with your Face ID profile. If something like this happens to you, typing your passcode is an alternate method to unlock your device. If you’ve forgotten your passcode, and iPhone X can’t even recognize your face, you’re...
  25. viveknayyar007

    How to Set Up Face ID in iPhone X

    Instead of traditional Touch ID, iPhone X now lets you configure Face ID as your authentication method. When properly set up, Face ID detects your face, and unlocks your iPhone without having you to type any passcode or giving your fingerprint. Not only this, your Face ID can also be used to...
  26. T

    To bypass system authentication pass word on a dell b130 laptop

    i can't open the laptop I got at a storage auction , I need to some how bypass the system authentication password on a dell Inspiron b130
  27. M

    My wifi shows I'm connected,but my Alcatel onetouch says authentication failed

    My phone connects to a wifi hotspot but authentication failed sign still pops up on screen
  28. E

    Wifi won't connect

    I have MXQ Android Box which picks up my wifi but won't connect. Keeps saying authentication problem though I punch in the correct password. Can someone assist.
  29. I

    M8s box not connecting to internet

    My m8s box says authentication problem when I try to connect to wifi. All my other device work no problem just this dang box. Any ideas
  30. A

    Is my laptop battery legit?

    Hi, I ordered a new battery for my Toshiba L50-B-1NX. I ordered from and I wanted to make sure it is legit. The problem is that it is from Hong Kong.:( . Please help.
  31. S

    I can not connect to wifi on my Huawei ascend y550 keeps saying authentication problem

    Authentication problem when trying to connect to wifi on my Huawei ascend y550 mobile
  32. M

    Where is a good place to store 2FA recovery codes?

    I use a password manager and two factor authentication, via an authenticator app, for all sites that support it. Where is a good place to store recovery codes for each site? Is the password manager considered a good place? Thanks!
  33. M

    Authentication Error With WiFi

    I have an Android X6 Plus, it was able to connect to the WiFi just fine before I did a factory reset on it. I've restarted the router, forgot the WiFi, put it on airplane mode and reset the phone once again. I really don't know what else to do. It starts to authenticate and stops. I've also...
  34. R

    I have input my password for WiFi connection but it's showing authentication problem. please help

    My device is not got authenticate by WiFi router even after inputting correct password
  35. K

    Cannot access my facebook

    I am unable to log on to my Facebook page because i recently had my phone number changed and i set my account up with a 2 step authentication process so they are sending me one code to my email address but the other code is obviously being sent to my old phone #. Please help.
  36. M

    My box automatically picked up my wifi but when I put in password ,it says authentication problem? Any suggestions?

    I have a MX Q pro. 4K android.. Aotomatically picked up my wifi but will not accept password. Authentication problem it says.
  37. C


    i had two phones, both the phones had same problem. One of it started working properly but in other the technique of changing the security protocol to WPA2 did not work. PLZZZZ SOMEONE HELP!!!!
  38. S

    Solved! enter correct password wifi authentication problem

    enter correct password wifi authentication problem
  39. L

    I want to download hike but this is showing authentication required

    I want to download hike app , but this is showing authentication is required. Why to do ?
  40. G

    How do I bypass the hard drive authentication password on my hard drive after I performed a low level format to avoid a virus/

  41. A

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 wifi error, "Authentication error occurred"

    Hi, I would like to know the solution of the wifi connectivity problem on Samsung galaxy note 10.1 called "Authentication error occurred." This problem came into the tablet after factory resetting applies using from setting option and manually using physical buttons. I tried all given...
  42. R

    WiFi authentication problem

    Just bought 3 nextbook tablets from walmart for my kids for Christmas. 1 of them keep saying authentication problem even after I have repeatedly entered correct password. I have also reset my router and still nothing.
  43. E

    wifi authentication problem

    O have a new laptop but my wifi won't connect it's says authentication problem how do I fix this..
  44. J

    Fix authentication password systems

    My boss bought computer at pawn store than gave it to me so I never knew the password and why is it asking for it now it never asked before
  45. M

    My Samsung tablet does not recognise my password, I have not changed it ever

    My old Samsung tablet has all of a sudden does not recognise my password that I have never had to use, just says authentication error occurred, I need help big time
  46. N

    authentication problem while connecting wifi

    i m having problem in connecting wifi. i had restart wifi almost 5-6 time , with that restart my moblile too.Then too not able to connect wifi it say authentication problem. Sometimes it gets connected then again same problem
  47. J

    My LG Trubite 5 is stuck in security error authentication fail #9

    My LG Trubite 5 is stuck in security error authentication fail #9 what do I do?
  48. I

    Lg G4 security error authentication fail #9

    I also deleted a couple Google apps after rooting my phone with king root and when I shut down my phone as I usually do at night and tried to reboot in the morning the authentication fail #9 screen with the Lg logo is all that came up. I can still get into recovery mode of course the available...
  49. S

    remove system authentication password prompt

    Hi, I have a Dell inspiron 5520 on which I set up a system password which I now want to remove/ disable. But I cannot find where to disable/remove this feature in the setup? Under security tab it shows in "black" admin password-not installed, system password-installed, (this is the one I set...
  50. J

    authentication problem of my mobile

    my mobile is showing authentication problem when my friends mobiles are connecting to the same wifi
  51. G

    Amazon Fire 7 not connecting to my wi-fi

    Just got my Amazon fire 7... I try and connect to my Wi-Fi and it keeps telling me that there is a authentication problem. My i-pad is working so I know there isn't a problem . I have tried everything to resolve the problem... Please help!
  52. D

    Security concerns.. Please help

    Hi all... I am developing a website for a beauty store and I have to include online shopping on the website. I want to encrypt all the data that the customers use during the transaction. The thing is that I am not much aware about the security part. One of my friends suggested cyber security...
  53. M

    enter correct password of wifi but authentication problem

    enter correct password of wifi but authentication problem
  54. F

    I have two android tablets and they both have authentication failed problems. How can I fix this?

    Authentications problems on two tablets. :??: Do I need to buy a new tablet or will this problem carry over to a new one? How do I conquer this authentication problem. It seemed to just pop up over night. I have WIFI and have talked to my ISP provider and they were no help. Will you please...
  55. S

    I have got an android tablet icer iconia and it says my wi fi is available and put my password but it will not connect.

    Authentication problem will not connect to the hub.
  56. I

    authentication error problems

    If I try to connect to a wifi hotspot, I keep on getting "authentication error" and "incorrect password" even though I have checked it about 5 times, or even though it's an open wifi, it still says the same things. I have already tried going airplane mode, clearing the datas, resetting my phone...
  57. B

    system boots to main screen requesting password authentication

    Unable to system using f2 or f12 is there another way to get the system to boot up
  58. S

    when i connect my tablet to wi fi it has an authentication problem

    I go to settings, turn wi fi on, pick my wi fi, put in the password, and I get a message saying authentication problem
  59. Muhammad Asim Jawaid Uppal

    Wifi Authentication error

    I have Samsung Galaxy SII T989 T Mobile. Its not connecting on wifi as Its showing Authentication error. I have restart and even reset device but showing same error on wifi connection all other devices are working fine on this wifi connection.
  60. S

    authentication problem with wifi

    Everytime i type in my password and try to connect it says "Authentication Problem". I have tried many things to fix this including rebooting my wifi. restarting my phone. putting my phone on air plane mode. and clearing all data in my google services. and i tried in other phones also but...